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Madden 19 Review (PC)

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I never thought I would be reviewing a Madden game on PC! I love this game, but it does have some pretty major issues right now. Here’s my review for Madden NFL 19! 

The Great:


Madden has always split people down the middle when it comes to its gameplay. It’s fast paced, unrealistic take on football bothers a lot of  people. This year they did something different. EA added a simulation mode that slows the game down so it can be more realistic. It’s my favorite mode to play and it was a challenge for me because I’m not used to my stats mattering in a Madden game. In arcade mode I can let a 60 rank corner cover Antonio Brown and he’ll do just fine. I can’t do that in simulation mode (for the most part) because the game is slowed down and (from what I’m guessing) goes by a player’s stats to determine how good they perform on the field. The animations have been vastly improved on and I love watching my HB (halfback) push the offensive line forward while trying to squeeze through small holes. It’s a visual treat and I love how loose the animations are when compared to previous games in the long-running series.

The new passing system (new for me anyway. I’m not sure if this was in the last three games.) took some getting used to. I’m not used to having to press the right trigger on my controller to throw an overhead pass to my receiver. Once I learned all of the controls I was throwing deep bombs with ease to Josh Gordon.

MUT (Madden Ultimate Team)

MUT is great and addictive. I love playing head to head games against random people and taking my Colts to the Superbowl. Collecting new cards is fun, but can be grindy if you’re a free to play player. Nothing feels pay to win and I like the short, fast paced quarters. If you love football and you love going head to head against friends or strangers then you probably already have played this mode. If you haven’t what are you waiting for?

The Good:


The announcers that are in this game are good. They’re not great, but they’re a major step up from Phil Sims boring ass. They crack jokes and keep up with the game beautifully, but they do repeat the exact same phrases some times and it can get a little distracting. The crowd sounds the way it always has when it works and the players on the field still sound fake as shit. Will it kill EA to actually try and get some legitimate feedback about the shit that’s said on the football field? And the in game music is horrible. It’s the worst I’ve heard all year long. I’m not into that new age hip hop bullshit that plays on the radio today. As soon as I started the game I muted all of the music. That made me see (um… hear) some of the glitches that are present in this game and there are a lot of them, but I’ll get into that later.

Story Mode:

This game continues where the last one left off. The problem is no one cared about this story. I mean it’s told well enough, but the execution leaves much to be desired. I don’t even remember the dude’s name I was playing as in the story. Either one of them. And the animations in this mode are horrible. I would have loved to see some CGI cutscenes with nice lip sync to go along with the story that EA was trying to tell. It’s a huge mixed bag and lets just say that I won’t be buying future Madden games because I care about the story in them. I’ll just stick to Franchise Mode.

Franchise Mode:

EA (once again) gave us the minimum in Franchise Mode. What’s the point of letting us control a single character when there’s no attachment to that player that we’re creating. I can’t do interviews after the game, get to know the media or any of the stuff these athletes do in real life. I don’t care about my created character because you didn’t give me a reason to. Instead of improving Franchise Mode they kept the same layout and had the “analyst” in the game tweet about the different teams accomplishments or failures. Controlling the entire team is the way to play this mode. I like the micromanagement that comes with being a coach or owner. Setting prices, making sure fans buy what I’m selling, and, most importantly, building a good team to win some championships with. It’s fun and football fan in me loves every minute of it even if I am disappointed with the fact that EA is lazy as shit when it comes to Madden.

The Bad:

PC Port:

The controls on PC are fine. That’s not what I’m about bitch about here. What’s not okay is the insane about of bugs in this game. It could have used an extra month or two to bake before release. There are audio bugs, visual bugs, and gameplay bugs. Don’t let your game go to overtime because odds are you won’t ever have a chance to win it. The overtime bug is back and for long time Madden players you should already know what that means. I had to restart my game and play it all over again and hope that I score more than the other team before time was up. Some times the crowd noise just disappears. It’s very sudden and every time it happened it took me out of the game. The announcers frequently repeat themselves, and my game has even crashed a few times.

It’s Still The Same Ole Madden

I was hoping that EA would have had bigger changes than “new animations” this time around. I appreciate the animations. They’re great, but this game doesn’t feel like a huge improvement over the last Madden game that I played 4 years ago. I mean… it’s not really a negative, but I was hoping for… more. Is that too much to ask?

The Verdict

Madden 19 is great. It's super buggy and doesn't have a lot of change, but what's there should satisfy hardcore Madden fans. EA continues to not listen to us, which is nothing new, and do what they want with minimum effort because they have no competition. Playing Madden on PC at 60 fps was a dream for me and even though it's buggy I have no doubt that it'll be patched. I would recommend buying it on PC just to show EA that we do want more Madden games here, but I think you should wait awhile before doing so.

Final Score :

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