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Mafia III First Impression

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Mafia III has gotten a mixed reaction from the PC crowd. Here’s my opinion on my first 5 hours of gameplay. 

I didn’t know what to expect when I booted up Mafia III. I wasn’t particularly excited about jumping into the game, but since I liked the first two games I knew I was going to eventually play this one. Mafia III is a fantastic game so far. The storytelling in this game is by far the best I’ve played this year. The first three hours was a slow build up to what turned out to be a revenge quest for Lincoln Clay, but it’s so much more than that.


The acting in this game is spectacular and can only be compared to some of Naughty Dogs, and Rockstar’s work. Lincoln Clay is not a good dude and I found that out early on. One thing that I applaud Hangar 13 for is how real this game is. They really nailed the atmosphere of 1968 perfectly in this game. Some games have tried to do things like this in the past, but none of them have done it like this.

I thought I was watching a good movie that I can take part in by controlling the main protagonist. The tone of this game is really dark and I had to make sure my kids were in bed before I started playing it again today. Npcs openly called me a nigger and the black npcs, along with some White ones, openly used the word cracker. It’s all very real and even though it’ll most likely offend some people it’s how things were back then and I’m glad it’s in the game.

The gameplay is your basic third person action gameplay. It’s a step up for the series, but is about average when compared to games like Tomb Raider, and The Division. The story is what carries this game and it’s damn good so far.


The soundtrack is also really good. I couldn’t help, but bop my head when Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, and Aretha Franklin, and Roy Orbison played. I haven’t heard nearly every song in this game, but so far it has the best soundtrack of any open world modern game that I’ve ever heard. That’s easily because I prefer older music over the crap that releases today. I usually mute the music in the background in most games like this, but the music in this game is fantastic.

The graphics are about average for 2016, but in certain areas the game is absolutely beautiful. I’m also getting a solid 45-60 fps in every area. During cutscenes it jumps up to 75fps. I think once the game is patched a little more I’ll easily be able to maintain a solid 60, but I’m not having any of the bugs that I’ve seen other people complaining about.

Mafia III is surprisingly good and I can’t wait to jump back in and play some more. I’ll admit that I was on the fence about this game, but that’s not because of the reviews. It’s because I wasn’t sure if I would like the story or not because of what I had knew about the game at the time.

Do you have Mafia 3? What do you think of it?

I wrote about Mafia III previously here.

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    Oct 10, 2016 7:42 pm

    I played it for about 3 hours before returning it. Really loved the characters and storytelling, and I feel it’s definitely some of the best this year. Gameplay was passable, but fairly generic. What killed it for me was its performance (I played on PS4, btw).

    Within 3 hours (after downloading the most recent patch, might I add) I had experienced.3 freezes, 1 crash back to the home screen, one kill-target NPC that was bugged to be unkillable — I’m talking 8 shotgun blasts, a full pistol clip, and multiple melee combos, yet the guy just stood there unphased — and a quest objective that didn’t spawn (the gumbo right in the beginning at the soup kitchen took a restart to actually spawn).

    I really want to get back to it once the performance issues are ironed out. Glad to hear you had a much better experience.

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      Oct 10, 2016 9:11 pm

      Wow. That sucks dude. You’re missing out on a really great story. Hopefully the PS4 version gets fixed soon.

      The gameplay hasn’t ever been great in any Mafia game. They’ve always been about the story. Mafia III compared to parts 1, and 2 plays pretty damn good, but is only average when compared to games like GTA that does it a lot better, but doesn’t tell a good story.

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    Oct 11, 2016 12:27 am

    I’m so keen to play this. Loved the first two. A pity about all the bugs and thank god CheapBossAttack mentioned he played it on the PS4. I was going to run out today to buy. Guess, I’ll have to wait until more updates come. Glad you enjoying though Drak.

    • Reply
      Oct 11, 2016 8:12 am

      It’s too bad that this game performs so poorly on consoles. It performs pretty poor on PC when consider the fact that I should be getting 75fps instead of 45, but at least I can play it. I’ll everyone updated if future updates fix the FPS on consoles.

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