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Mafia III Gameplay Trailer and Thoughts

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A new trailer for Mafia III recently released and I have mixed feelings on it. 

I’m not sure what I feel about Mafia III after watching that demo. The gameplay looks good, but bad in some areas too. The stealth looks really stiff to me. Maybe I’m overanalyzing it because I’m used to playing games like Splinter Cell, but I wasn’t really impressed by it.

The A.I. is all kinds of bad. When I saw how long it took for the npcs to acknowledge that the car was being stolen right next to them I cringed a little. The driving mechanics look solid, but I won’t really know until I play the game for myself. That most likely won’t happen any time soon because I kind of lost interest in the game after watching this demo in action.

This doesn’t look like a Mafia game. Instead of us being in the mob we have to take them out in a revenge quest. That’s one of the most unoriginal ideas out there and that’s the story for Mafia III. The gunplay looks okay. It’s responsive enough for me to have some fun with the game. I can probably even get used to the average stealth mechanics, but I know that A.I. will bother me.

Mafia III is still a good looking game, but it’s not one that’s on my radar anymore.

Are you interested in Mafia III?

After my next two or three reviews I’ll be taking a break from PC reviews for awhile. I’m not burnt out or anything like that, but I do want to focus more on my 3DS collection and start writing about that because there are some pretty good looking handheld games releasing over the next few months and I’ll have the chance to work on my 3DS backlog while collecting new games for it. I’ll still have the occasional PC first impression, and mod articles, but they won’t be my main focus for a little while.

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