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Mafia III Review

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Mafia III has gotten mixed reviews since it’s release and for good reason. It’s a flawed game that tells a great story. 

The Great:


The way the story is told in this game is amazing. The acting is excellent, the facial expressions that every actor does in the cutscenes are unreal some times, and the characters that we’re introduced during the 30+ hours campaign are all excellent.

Mafia III is about a man named Lincoln Clay. He just got home from the war, but it’s made clear early on that he’s not a good dude. He’s not even a decent man. Lincoln is a bad man and he doesn’t hide it either. His family is murdered early in the game and he goes on a quest for revenge. That’s the story in Mafia III. It’s simple, but it’s really good. This is easily the best story told this year in gaming and I was absorbed in the story of this game from the opening cutscene. Not many games can do that to me. Unfortunately the rest of the game isn’t as great as the story.



The sounds is another part of the game that was near perfect in this game. The soundtrack is amazing. There’s a lot of licensed music from the 60’s in this game. Classics like Respect (Aretha Franklin), Piece of my Heart (Janis Joplin), and Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones) are among my favorite songs in this game. I can go on all day about how great the soundtrack is in this game. The voice acting is also top notch. Everyone gave brought their A game and brought these characters to life.

The guns have the right amount of oomph and the brutality of this game adds to it. I have complaints whatsoever with the sounds in this game.

The Good:


Whether or not you’ll like the gameplay in this game depends on you. I played the first two Mafia games and this one plays great in comparison to those. The Mafia series has never been about having good gameplay. It’s always been about the story, but Mafia III’s gameplay is good enough to compliment the story in my opinion. If I don’t want to go in guns blazing I can sneak around and assassinate everyone. I can be lethal or non lethal and both playstyles work for me.

If you’re going in expecting GTA’s quality with the gameplay you’ll most likely leave disappointed. That doesn’t mean that what we have isn’t good though.



Mafia III is a okay looking game. Some parts look fantastic at a certain time of day when the sun is shining on water, but there are some really bad looking parts too. I’ve seen better looking games on the Xbox 360 and that’s just unacceptable now. The graphics are mostly a mixed bag, but the game doesn’t look horrible. It’s just okay and that’s good enough for me.

The Bad:

It’s Really Repetitive:

Mafia III takes repetitiveness to a whole new level. In games like Saints Row, and GTA you have other things to do besides missions to keep you entertained. You can have fun just with the ridiculous rag dolls alone in Saints Row. There’s not much to do in Mafia III besides rush to your next main quest mission because all of the side missions are the exact same. If I’m not stealing a boat filled with drugs I’m stealing a truck filled with contraband. It’s the same shit over and over and it wore on me after awhile.



The enemy A.I. in this game is horrible on all difficulties in this game. I can stand right in front of the guy I’m supposed to kill and he won’t notice me for a few seconds. Npcs repeatably walk into walls, and each other without moving, cops can come across someone that I’ve killed and not react. They won’t even radio it in :). This is easily the biggest issue with Mafia III because the game isn’t challenging at all because of this.

The Verdict:

Mafia III is a good game despite it’s flaws. It doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, but it’s fantastic story should be experienced at least one and that’s enough for me to recommend this game if you can find it on sale because it’s worth playing through. The racial elements in this game are strong and that makes this game feel more real than any other game that’s tried to do something like this.

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Share Your Thoughts!