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Magic Duels Origins Review

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I really wanted to love this game because of how much I love Magic The Gathering, but this game does everything it can to make me want to virtually slap it. 

Magic The Gathering Duels of The Planeswalkers are some pretty excellent games with the exception of 2015. I thought that maybe the developers would have learned their lesson from the last game, but I was wrong. Instead of giving us a quality Magic game we’re given a game that I think I can call pay to win without feeling bad about it.

The Great:


2015-08-08_00005This game plays just like Magic is supposed to be played. You have your land cards, monster cards artifact cards, and magic cards. It’s up to you how to use them. Duels are fun, but I don’t remember the last time I had so much trouble connecting to a server just so I could play with my wife and friends, but I’ll get more into that later.

Magic fans will be happy with the gameplay that’s presented to them here, but I don’t know if hardcore Magic players will want to stick with this game in the long run.


The soundtrack in every Magic game is fantastic and that continues to the be the case in Magic Duels. The main menu song is beautiful. I had a chance to listen to the whole song while I was building my deck of cards. During battle you’ll be treated to some nice tunes. Magic is a very relaxing game when it works.

The Good: 

The Cards:

The cards that are available to us are actually the weakest in the series. They’re just not very good when compared to previous entries. Building a deck is difficult because of the grind that I had to go through to get enough gold to buy a single booster pack. You only 15 gold for winning a match in offline mode. Good luck connecting to the server if you want to make more gold. It’s not like you get much gold for winning online. You only get 20 per match.

The Bad:

It’s Pay To Win:

This game is pay to win. The quickest way to get gold is buying it with real cash so you won’t have to grind for hours just to buy a single booster pack.

The Console Version Of This Game Can’t Connect To Servers

2015-08-08_00002There’s bad connectivity on all ports of this game, but at least I can connect from time to time on the PC version of the game. The console port will  not let me connect at all. There’s no point in even trying because I know I’ll fail.

No Replay Value:

I can usually play Magic games for months before I put them down permanently, but all I want to do with this game is forget it exist. The Magic games have fallen pretty far from what they used to be and I can’t recommend this game to anyone in it’s current state. Just go play with real Magic The Gathering cards. It’s more fun than this game.

Missing Features That Previous Magic Games Had:

There is no chat system in this game at all. In previous games we could communicate with each other. We could plan a strategy and execute it if everything went according to plan. In order to do that in this game you’ll have to shift and tab out of your game and send your partner a message through Steam. It eventually got really tiring and I stopped playing with teammates altogether because of it.

I’ll list everything that missing down below:

You can no longer build your own campaign deck like you could in previous games.

And finally all of the extra game modes outside of the main campaign are gone. You can’t even select the difficulty of the campaign anymore.


The Verdict:

Magic Duels Origins is a fun game to play when it lets you. The low amount of gold you get for each duel you win forces players to buy it with real life money. It’s a pay to win formula that will end up killing this game in the longrun.


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