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Marianne Is A Great French Horror Show

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I recently sat down and binge-watched Marianne. Here’s what I think of it!

Marianne ticked a lot of boxes for me. What I liked most about it was the fact that this show let the horror moments breathe. They lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. This show isn’t reliant on jump scares, even though there’s a few of them in here or a lot of horror tropes that we see in movies and shows these days. The scenes in this show were allowed to keep us guessing on when something scary would happen and when it did it wasn’t just a flash on your screen and then gone. It lingered and slowly built up to that scare that we crave so much. It was well done.

The highlight of the show, for me anyway, is Mireille Herbstmeyer as Madam Daugeron. Every scene she was creepy. You know from the get-go that something is wrong with this woman. She doesn’t care about what happened to her daughter or anyone else around her. There’s a scene that plays out in her living room of her peeing on herself in front of Emma (Victoire Du Bois) and Camile (Lucie Boujenah). She then placed Camile’s hand in between her legs and made her feel her piss. It was fucked up and so god damn creepy. From then on I was hooked.

I really liked everyone in this show and when the time came for the big evil to be revealed it did not disappoint. This show even has a creepy children’s song for Marianne that reminded me of A Nightmare on Elm Street. This show never let up. Even when I thought I knew what Marianne was this show did a good job of keeping me guessing and it turned out that I was wrong. That was a nice surprise because I’m usually correct when it comes to horror films because they make themselves too obvious.

Marianne was a damn good time. I won’t go into spoilers territory and spoil for anyone that hasn’t watched it yet, but I really enjoyed it. I more than enjoyed it. I loved it. I really loved it and I can’t wait to see if there’s a season 2 or not because it did end in a bit of a cliffhanger. I don’t usually write about TV shows or movies that often here because I think I suck at it, but I HAD to write about this one. Marianne was a damn good time and what better day to write about it than Halloween?

The Verdict

Marianne is a damn good time. I recommend watching this show in its native language (French) because the English voiceover suck. I fell in love with this show and my god is Madam Daugeron creepy. She was easily my favorite part of the whole show and my only complaint is that she was written off way too soon. I would have kept her on a little longer before advancing the plot. If you're looking for a fun, spooky show to watch this Halloween start with Marianne.

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