Marvel Heroes Review

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When I heard about Marvel Heroes I was excited. I love Marvel and I was hoping it would be better than DC Universe. Well… it is and it isn’t. Let me explain… The gameplay in Marvel Heroes I actually really like. It reminds me of Marvel Ultimate Alliance but instead of everyone generally attacking the exact same way they each have their own fighting style.

 For example the black widow would unleash a fury of bullets from her guns as your normal basic attack, and Scarlet Witch will shoot energy rays at you. I really like this because it makes me want to see how every character in the games plays. Leveling up is quite easy. I went through the whole game with Scarlet Witch and I didn’t die until I fought Magneto. My second death came at the hands of Doctor Doom himself. After you level up you’ll have a choice to choose from three different skill trees. I personally mix and match them all and i’m happy to say my Scarlet Witch is a badass.

There are also a lot of other players around and it’s easy to form a group and go questing together. Everyone also gets their own loot so it’s not a race to pick up rare items that drop because only you can see them. I love this mechanic and I wish more mmo’s would do this. Now let’s get to what’s bad about Marvel Heroes. Shopping in this game is completely useless.

I have so much money and nothing to spend it on. If you want something useful for your character you have to spend real life cash on. I hate it when games do this. If you want a new character you can either grind for days at a time and collect eternity splinters for the character that you want or you can spend up to twenty dollars on a SINGLE character.

To use someone like Spiderman is expensive. I flat out refuse to buy characters because I feel I shouldn’t have to. Collecting eternity splinters is a cool aspect of the game but the characters are way to expensive to get in any reasonable amount of time. You’ll get tired of this game rather quickly because of this and I can’t recommend it for everyone. Only hardcore Marvel fans would go through the grind of getting new characters.

My final verdict for Marvel Heroes is a 7/10. I thought about giving this a 6 but I loved my playthrough of this game. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!