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Marvel’s Avengers Next Gen Ports Delayed Into 2021!

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Marvel’s Avengers has been a trainwreck since it launched and now Crystal Dynamics has just announced that the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game have been delayed along with the release of Kate Bishop and Hawkeye.

The bad news just keeps coming for Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengers. 90% of their players (on PC) is gone and there is very little content to keep what little players they have left invested in their game. Crystal Dynamics released a statement today that states that they made the decision to push back their Hawkeye content, Kate Bishop, and their next-gen ports for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

This means that Black Panther and Spider-man (PS4 owners) have been delayed as well. Black Panther was supposed to release in December. Now, we (by we I mean you) might see Kate Bishop before Christmas while Hawkeye has been pushed back to 2021. This is the absolute worst thing that could’ve happened to this game. Marvel’s Avengers is the new Anthem. Avengers, for me anyway, was actually buggier than Anthem and wasn’t nearly as fun. I like both games which you’ll see if you click on my reviews here and here, but the lack of content is what made me leave both games and at this point, I don’t think I’m going to bother going back unless they rework the entire game from scratch and that most likely won’t happen.

A live service superhero game was a big gamble and it didn’t pay off for Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics. If this game was a success Square Enix would’ve been boasting about how many units it sold and encouraging everyone else to get in on the action. Instead, we’ve had nothing. It didn’t even outsell Spider-man and that’s a PS4 exclusive.

Crystal Dynamics is apparently “confident” that players will return to Marvel’s Avengers once new content drops for it. I hope that’s true, but I would much rather see Crystal Dynamics work on another Deus Ex game than continue to watch their latest game fail.

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