Max Payne 3 Review

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Hello everybody and welcome to, today I will be reviewing a game that we were waiting for since 2012:

Max Payne 3

When I am reviewing a game I like to break down the cons and the pros so you can understand my rating of the game, but first I want to talk about my opinion of the game.

When Max Payne 3 was first announced I said okay that’s cool and then it hit me that this is Max Payne we’re talking about and not some game that comes out every year. Max Payne 3 is Rockstar’s first game to ever have the most realistic shooting I’ve ever played in a game, by that I mean when you shoot a guy in the throat he drops his gun and tries to hold the spot you shot him in but he dies in about 2 seconds. It also allows bullets to exit the back of enemies. This is a feature I think all shooters should be using considering we’re going into next generation graphics and consoles. Max Payne 3 has a good story and takes the average gamer a day to beat (that is if you do other things besides playing the game), but for me I can beat this game on old school in a half a day. The cool part of this game is that Rockstar stuck to their roots unlike GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, this game still feels like a Max Payne game plus new graphics. I also enjoyed the fact that you’re wearing something different every level you pass instead of wearing that overcoat through the whole game (we all love the overcoat, I’m not going to lie). The only reason Rockstar fans were okay with them releasing a game that wasn’t open world was that Rockstar announced GTA V at that time and we knew that Max Payne 3 would only keep us busy. Seriously though they release Max Payne 3 and now GTA 5.

Wow, you got to love this company.

So let’s start breaking this game down. The game features a wide variety of main characters to watch their story throughout the game, the bad part is that it’s up to Max Payne to decide how to tell their stories. If you think that this game holds on to stars like they do in movies then you’re dead wrong, my friend. People die on every level by your hand, why should your friends in the game be any different. In this game you won’t be able to choose whether or not to kill a man because it’s all scripted, even though this game feels as if you should be able to make minor decisions. We all know that bullet-time will always be in Max Payne games, this time around it’s more fluid and easier to control. Bullet-time can be used is a number of ways. It can be used by diving forwards, backwards, right, and left while shooting at enemies. It can be used by almost dying even though this feature Is called “Last Man Standing Mode” where if a target takes away your last bit of health time slows up and you have to find who shot you. The camera kind of moves you to the guy but not all the way and, when you do find him, the dot on your screen will light up red instead of its normal white standby. You also cannot use Last Man Standing in old school mode.

Mr. Big-Shot, himself.

Golden guns has made a return in Max Payne 3 as collectibles but don’t worry, once you find all the parts to a gun you can turn on this feature and, whatever golden guns you have fully collected, you can now use them by collecting the guns you found every part to. Clues are also featured in this game but Rockstar has made these mini games you participate in worth it because if you find every clue in the game you can now choose what level in story mode you want to play and choose your character. The bad part is that you can only be different Max Payne’s (you get to play as the classic Max Payne).


Guns are not customizable in this game but you are able to find a large variety of guns throughout story mode, but explosive weapons like RPG’S, Grenades and Molotov Cocktails are not available to you but to other enemies they are. Don’t worry about these explosives because Max always seems to be able to shoot Molotov Cocktails, Grenades and Rockets straight from an RPG right out of the sky. Enemies in this game miss shots taken at you unlike Payday 2, but the shots aren’t automatically missed it’s almost like you’re shooting at real people. The whole game is very fluid and makes you feel like the movement is up to you and how you choose to play through a level.

This game released a good amount of DLC but this wasn’t really DLC, it was more like Expansion packs. Rockstar only releases expansion packs for the game and add-on content for your multiplayer character. The multiplayer is more than fair and whether or not you like it, it doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you why it doesn’t matter, no, actually I’ll prove it to you. I want you to turn on Max Payne 1 or 2 and after you watch the intro to the menu of the game I want you to scroll down to multiplayer and tell me which multiplayer is better, Max Payne 3 or Max Payne 2 or 1? See, my point is that this game was never meant for multiplayer and we should be happy for whatever they give us, although a co-op mode would have been nice.

How far we’ve come.

Multiplayer is fun and it gives you many options that should entertain you for quite a while. You can customize your character in too many ways– yes, I said “too many” because this game’s multiplayer has so much customization that you could spend an hour and a half just choosing from everything, I should know because I still regret it. My favorite part about multiplayer is that it plays exactly like story mode would but with customization. You can level up and unlock new upgrades and weapons. When I play multiplayer I only really play team death match and this game has a great variety of modes. There are also two other modes called Score Attack and New York Minute which are just bonuses to this already cool game.


There is one more thing I want to discuss. In story mode, you can use these semi-cheats, so when you complete task like find all clues, completing story mode on hardcore and old school mode, find all golden guns, completing in a new York minute, getting all gold or platinum medals on every score attack level, you get cool things like new character skins, one hit kills, infinite bullet-time, infinite painkillers but in my opinion I don’t think someone should need unlimited health if you can slow up time all together.

So this game has:

  • Fluid gameplay movement.
  • Great A.I. that feels like you’re actually killing people.
  • Realistic Gameplay with blood spatter.
  • A good amount of replay ability but not too much.
  • Spot on bullet time controls with better diving and rolling.
  • Arcade Mode that includes Score Attack and New York Minute.
  • A good storyline with people-like characters.
  • Multiplayer with a variety of multiplayer modes to choose from.

If you noticed I didn’t say much about the downside of this game because there isn’t much I hate about it. The only things I didn’t like was how multiplayer mode is a little hard but since I’m awesome at games that’s not really a problem. One real problem I had was that the story was only good, acceptable for a game that has so much. Maybe if the story was based around Max instead of the Branco Family. And Max was more ruthless. I give this game an 8/10, I swear that the only reason this game didn’t get a 9/10 was that the story does not interest me at all.


Okay that’s it thanks for reading.

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