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Metallica: Through The Never by thecursedson

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Hey guys, let’s just jump right into this.

Metallica: Through The Never was a very great concert, but to be completely honest it only feels like a concert. Now just to be clear I don’t mean that it’s anything like something that is just trying to sell, like the Justin Bieber never say never movie for example. That movie was garbage but this new Metallica movie has something to it, almost as if it was a whole new type of movie in itself.


Dane DeHaan is a great young actor with years of work ahead of him; Metallica is a great band and definitely one of my favorites. Both the band and the actor were great in this movie, but it’s just a simple fact that this was pointless to make in the first place. To prove to you that I am not lying I loved “Enter Sandman” so much in this movie that I would even go as far as to say it was the best they ever preformed that song(one of their best performances yet), it was so well played that I’d argue that it’s even better than the studio version. Dane Dehaan never disappoints with his serious well played stagger and his undeniable charm, he gives a great performance for someone who doesn’t have many lines in the movie; in fact Metallica are the only ones who really speak throughout this whole entire movie.

When I watch movies it has to be one of two reasons:

  1. An actor I like has to be in it, and I must really have to enjoy this person.
  2. The movie has to be so interesting that way I’m always sitting there craving it until I am able to watch it.

Otherwise I’m just forcing myself to watch a movie. In this case it was for both reasons and shockingly it did not disappoint me. Some people might say “well it is a concert what did you expect” or Tell me some weird meaning to it that would actually make sense. This movie does have a meaning to it. IMBD says and I quote “Trip, a young roadie for Metallica, is sent on an urgent mission during the band’s show. But what seems like a simple assignment turns into a surreal adventure.” This is what the movie is about but if you’re like me you can make up your own meanings throughout the film.

Yes this is a concert movie but the only way to actually enjoy it is to put all expectations aside and negativity, so you can just think of it as one big music video. Normal people might not want to see this film, Kirk Hammett said and I quote “Our fans definitely went to movie theaters and saw the film, but the people that we were counting on to buy movie tickets – which was your casual moviegoer – they weren’t as motivated to buy a ticket as our fans. For us, that was a big question mark. Why? We couldn’t figure it out.” Like I said before the only way to enjoy this is to not expect a departed or an Elysium story to it, just watch it for it and not because you think it should be better. Fortunately I took my own advice and I loved this film for what it was, I give it a 9/10.

Thanks for reading as always, I left a trailer at the bottom and don’t forget to comment if you felt differently and to subscribe if you want more.


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