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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Is Looking Good

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I was a huge fan of the first Mirror’s Edge game. I was one of many people hoping for a sequel, but I knew the odds of that happening were slim. Thankfully someone heard our cries and made Mirror’s Edge Catalyst happen and today we saw some gameplay of the upcoming game. 

The best thing about this video was the lack of guns. I like that they’re keeping to the original style of Mirror’s Edge by not giving Faith weapons. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst looks stunning. The graphics are really nice and I’m going to love kicking people out of windows. This must be a regular feature in games from now on in my opinion.

The free running brought back some good memories of me playing the first game. No game does it quite like Mirror’s Edge and while many have tried none has managed to make me feel as cool as I did while I was running around the city as Faith.

Are you looking forward to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst?

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