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Misery Review

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Misery stars Kathy Bates, and James Caan. Paul Sheldon, James, is a popular writer is on his way home after completing his latest book. Things don’t go as planned and he’s in a life threatening car wreck due to a freaky blizzard that forced his car off the road. He is rescued by former nurse Annie Wilkes, Kathy Bates, his number 1 fan. When she learns that he killed off her favorite character in his book she goes crazy and puts this poor man through hell. Misery was the very first movie I’ve seen Kathy Bates in and even though I was young when I first saw it Kathy’s performance as Annie Wilkes blew me away. Kathy completed stole the show in this movie and actually had me believing that she was the worse nurse on Earth. Paul Sheldon did what he could to survive the nightmare he was living in but it didn’t help. He eventually got both of his feet smashed by a sledgehammer and left to rot in his bed screaming in agony.

misery-kathy-bates  Every time I watch Misery chills go down my spine because this scenario could actually happen. It’s believable and in a way it’s scarier then most horror movies i’ve ever seen. If Paul says one thing wrong he knows there’s going to be severe consequences for him to suffer through and in the end you’re rooting for the guy to escape so you don’t have to endure watching this lady continue to torture the poor man.

misery In the end Paul was left broken but not beaten. Every time he was abused in a way it helped his resolve to escape one day. He never gave up hope watching him pretend to be friends with Annie to prolong his life was a real treat. I think James, and Kathy worked very well together in this movie. They really brought out the best in each other and in the end what we got was a really good film that never let up. You’re always guessing what will happen next and if the next time Annie walked in the room was to finally put Paul out of his Misery [no pun intended].

misery-1990-10-g1Misery is a classic 90’s movie that aged very well and is still as suspenseful now as it was the year it came out. Misery showed us just what a crazy fan is willing to do to have her favorite character bought back to life.

imagesMisery has stood the test of time and watching this again after so many years I can still say without a doubt that this is my all time favorite Kathy Bates Movie. Misery Is a 10/10.

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  • Reply
    Nov 02, 2013 9:17 am

    Great post, yeah it is so chilling and Kathy Bates is outstanding in it.

  • Reply
    Nov 11, 2013 8:22 pm

    Completely agreed. This is one of my favorite book adaptations of all time.

    • Reply
      Nov 11, 2013 9:08 pm

      Thanks for the comment and yes this is one of the few times that a movie is just as good as the book :]

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