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Mod Showcase – Fallout 4 Nora Companion

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What if Nora never died at the beginning of Fallout 4? What if she helped your player character look for Shawn together and had her own dialogue, quests, and personality? This mod answers those questions and more. Here’s what I think of the Nora Spouse Companion on Nexus mods.

I never knew how much dialogue the spoken protagonist had until I downloaded this mod. First of all, I love Courtenay Taylor. She’s done some incredible work as the female protagonist in this game and voiced popular characters such as Ada Wong (Resident Evil) and Jack from Mass Effect. So having her follow me around the wasteland in Fallout 4 has been a real treat and I’ve heard some lines I never knew were in the game. This mod is excellent and adds so much to Fallout 4.

When you start the game you’ll see the usual Nora death. The big difference this time is that instead of your character opening Nora’s pod and seeing her dead body you see an empty pod and your player character says, “she’s alive”. That’s when your quest to find Nora begins. You’ll follow your usual footsteps by meeting Codsworth, going home, blah, blah, blah. Or you can travel straight to Abernathy Farm and you’ll see her standing outside of it as if she was waiting for you to wake up the entire time. This mod even gives you a reason for how she survived the gunshot wound and it’s honestly very immersive.

Nora felt like she was a regular companion the entire time I played and I always wondered what the game would have been like if you had the chance to save her and make her your companion. The mod author did a great job of inserting her into the game world. She inserts herself into conversations that you’re having, will talk about the current quest that you’re doing, and so much more. It’s worth mentioning that the excellent Companion Infinite Ammo mod works with Nora so you don’t have to worry about giving away your hard-earned ammo to her.

I should also mention that Nora would look like whatever you created her to look like at the beginning of the game. This gave me a reason to actually customize her appearance (okay… I always customized her) because I knew I would see her again at some point. The biggest negative I have about this mod is her AI. It’s terrible. She’ll rarely be useful during a firefight she often got lost while we were out traveling together. There’s also no DLC support for her right now, but the mod author recently stated that DLC support is being implemented in this mod, and with the excellent work that has already been done here I’m honestly very excited to see what more could be added here.

If you download this mod it will alter Fallout 4’s dialogue by quite a bit. Since Nora is alive and well we can’t have Nate telling everyone that she’s dead… because she’s not. It also really altered Piper’s interview of Nate and it’s really, really short now compared to the vanilla experience. Those are small prices to pay for what is honestly an excellent mod. It’s worth downloading just to hear all of Courtenay’s lines because half of what I heard she never said in the base game at all. It’s like Nora was always meant to be a companion and was scratched at the last minute.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed experiencing Fallout 4 again with this mod. It made it feel fresh and I can't wait to see what's next for the future of this mod. If you haven't played Fallout 4 in a while and want to experience something different I highly recommend going to Nexus mods and downloading Fallout 4 Nora Companion.

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