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Monster Hunter 4 First Impression

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I’ve spent about 6 hours in Monster Hunter 4 and so far it’s not bad. I’ve gotten raped by a big ass monster, stole some eggs, and even got myself some nice beginner gear. I think this Monster Hunter game is a lot more noob friendly than the previous ones. 

Monster Hunter 4 is a pretty good game, but it’s still plagued by some issues that’s been in the game since it’s start. I think the combat is better, but it still needs work. I can’t lock on to my enemies while fighting unless it’s a boss monster. The gameplay is still slow, but it’s honestly not that bad. Once I learned the fighting style of whatever weapon I chose I actually started to have some fun with the gameplay.

Graphically, this game looks really good. Especially in 3D, I can’t believe I just wrote that, but it’s true. The environments on the new 3DS just pop out of the screen at me and it looked really good. It didn’t hurt my eyes or make me gag and that’s saying something because I usually hate 3D in everything.

Fighting big ass monsters is a lot of fun. I haven’t managed to kill one  yet because I don’t have the right gear for it right now, but the two failed attempts had me wanting to craft myself some better gear and challenge those beasts to a rematch.

Monster Hunter is all about crafting yourself better and better gear, but in order to do so you’ll need the materials for it. I’m not very far into the game yet, but I’m really excited to see where I can go and what I’ll experience in my new 3DS game.

I did manage to acquire some cuddly pets to help me out whenever I go outside the city. I’m still trying to figure out how to craft the little guys some decent armor, but I guess I’ll learn that a little later.

I haven’t touched the multiplayer yet. I want to know what I’m doing before I attempt to play with other people, but I can’t wait to go around questing with friends in this game.

I’ve decided to go ahead and review this game once I finish it and I haven’t forgotten about Pillars of Eternity. That game is longer than I thought it would be so it’s going to take a few more days before I’m ready to write about it.

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