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Monthly Recap- January 2014

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monthly recapThis month has been the most productive month that I’ve had since I started writing almost 6 months ago. I know I usually do my monthly recaps at the very end of this month but I  reason for doing it now and i’ll get into it later on in the post. This month I actually read some really good articles that stood out to me and i’m going to list them and give a brief summary about each of them. Over at theverbalspew V wrote a very nice article about Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. She pretty much summed up exactly how I feel about each movie and we even had a conversation about Frozen in the comments section. It’s a really good read and if you haven’t read it then I recommend that you do. Caragale has been filled with a lot of talent this month. She, as well as other writers [including myself] has had the honor to post on her movie blog and it’s been great.

I love reading everything that everyone has to say about their favorite, and not so favorite movies. Caragale always has something good to say about everything and I recommend checking out her awesome blog. I’ve also done quite a bit of writing this month. I’ve written a total of 49 article this month. This one makes 50 and that’s only on I’ve also been regularly posting over at Gamers Sphere. Gamers Sphere is our brand new website that John Heatz turned his old blog into and it’s all about gaming. The latest gaming news, reviews, and much more can be found over there and if you haven’t checked it out yet i’ll have a link available to you down below. I’ve also been working really hard on Gamers Sphere’s official youtube channel. John and I talked quite a bit about this and we decided that having videos to go along with our written reviews would be a good idea so that’s when I volunteered to run youtube while he runs the website.

It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work but things are coming together very nicely and I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve come up with. I also received quite a lot of hate from Final Fantasy Fans because of an article that I wrote about it’s latest game Final Fantasy 13-3. Here are the articles that got the most attention from everyone this month.

Top Ten Movies Of 2013– I’m not really a movie watcher. I spend what little free time I have gaming or writing articles but I did manage to watch enough movies last year to make a top ten list and I want to thank everyone that read/liked/ and commented on it.

My Elder Scrolls Online Experience– I was finally able to talk about my experience of ESO. It’s no mystery that this game left a sour taste in my mouth after both beta test and I want to thank Zenimax for allowing me to write about this game even though I gave nothing but negative feedback on it.

Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods– My top 5 weekly Skyrim mods has been going on for quite awhile and I love writing them. I’m thinking about doing something similar with other games but I haven’t decided which game it should be just yet. If you have a suggestion let me know in the comments and i’ll look into it.

Final Fantasy Lightning Returns- Does Anyone Care?– This article got a lot of hate. It got so bad that I had to delete a few comments because they were just down right disgusting and would probably offend a lot of women that visits my site because it was directed at my wife. Final Fantasy has been in decline for quite some time now and in this article I gave my honest opinion on it.

Pokemon Flora Sky- My Team So Far– This is actually a pretty old article but it got a lot of attention this month. The search terms for this one made me laugh though and then I scratched my head in confusion because who would want to watch Pokemon Porn? And I don’t even want to know why my site popped up when that was searched for…

Broncos VS Patriots Predictions– My very first sports article was a huge success and I got such positive feedback that I decided to make sports a regular thing here on I love football. I grew up playing it and I was even a wide receiver then switched to quarterback as I got older. So far my predictions has been spot on this post season and I want to thank everyone for reading them. It means a lot.

Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods- December– My top 5 weekly Skyrim mods from December makes another appearance on my monthly recap. This is the first article to be featured twice in a row. There are some pretty good mods featured on this one.

Skyrim Mod Review- Realistic Needs and Disease– Here’s another mod that seems to love popping up on my monthly recaps. I reviewed realistic needs and disease a while ago and went into great details on what exactly this mod does for Skyrim and why I think everyone should have it. I think I might start reviewing more mods in the future.

Is Skyrim Too Easy For You? Here’s How To Make It Harder– In this article I listed a bunch of mods that not only makes Skyrim a harder game but adds gameplay mechanics to the game that I think should have been in it to begin with.

NFL Predictions- Seahawks VS 49ers– My 49ers/Seahawks article dominated everything else this month and I got some awesome feedback from everyone. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it and thanks for the kind comments and emails. I can’t wait to write a post after the Superbowl and if i’m correct then the Denver Broncos will be champions and I can come here and brag about it.

Now on to why this monthly recap is so early and not at the end of the month. I’m taking some time off. I don’t know how long i’m going to be gone but I really need a break. My life has gotten really busy and I simply don’t have the time to sit down and write anymore. I’m also mentally tired. It’s hard for me to think and I just need to take some time to refresh my batteries. I’ll see you guys soon.

Here are those links:

Monsters University vs Despicable Me 2-

UPDATE: I am no longer writing for Gamers Sphere. Eric made promises he couldn’t keep and I couldn’t keep working for free. All of my work will be exclusive right here on

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  • Reply
    Jan 28, 2014 7:34 pm

    Thanks for the shoutout, buddy! Always appreciate some blog love. 🙂 And 49 articles?! Dang! You’ve been busy! Keep up the awesome work! 😀

  • Reply
    Jan 28, 2014 9:09 pm

    With the rate you’re knocking out posts here and Gamers Sphere, not to mention all of the extra work you took on in organising the Youtube channel, I’m not surprised you’re mentally drained. You know, sometimes I think this regular blogging malarkey could be a fulltime job. And that’s coming from someone who thinks three posts a week is an achievement! No doubt you’re up to your eyes with family and home commitments too, so I hope you get the time off you need to recharge the batteries. Thanks for the shout-out, as always it’s much appreciated coming from your good self.

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 28, 2014 9:46 pm

      Thanks for the kind comment. I agree with you. Blogging [especially at the rate that I do] feels like a full time job and i’ll be honest. It’s a lot of work. I don’t just want to post anything. I want to do it right and lately i’ve had no desire to write anything. I had to make myself write my last review and it took me almost 4 hours to write the monthly recap. Right now i’m just going to focus on home stuff and relax for a while. I’ve actually written close to 450 articles since i’ve started this and while it is a lot of fun to read/write everything it’s also very tiring.
      And no problem about the shout-out. I love your blog and i’ll be taking advantage of this break to catch up on some things I know I missed from you :].

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