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My 10 Favorite Hollow Knight Bosses

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I just completed Hollow Knight on the Switch and decided to share my favorite boss fights with everyone. This will have spoilers for bosses obviously :).

Hollow Knight has some fantastic bosses. This list isn’t a top 10 hardest boss fights. It’s just the bosses I really enjoyed going up against.

10. Soul Master

This boss was probably my first challenge in this game. By this point I was pretty confident because I didn’t die lot. Soul Master changed that. The first time I went up against him (on PC) he obliterated me. It took me a few tries, but I eventually overcame him and walked away with my head held high.

9. The Collector

While searching for that asshole that stole all of my money I came across The Collector. This boss fight is super easy, but I love the way he laughed and the funny sounds he made while trying to kill me. That’s pretty much why he’s on the list. This dude was just fun to fight.

8. Dung Defender

I’m smiling just thinking about this guy. He likes to toss poop around while trying to murder me. The fight actually takes place in a sewer filled with poop. The best part is he just laughs and sounds like he’s having so much fun while throwing giant balls of poop at me. It’s too bad I had to spoil his fun. My kids laughing in the back made the experience that much better for me.

7. Traitor Lord

Fuck this boss. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I hate how this boss fight ended. My mouth dropped, I got really sad, and went on to claim my well earned reward. Traitor Lord doesn’t have a huge movepool when compared to other bosses, but god damn he was difficult for me. I knew what he was going to do and still ended up getting hit by everything. This boss took me more than a few tries to overcome.

6.Mantis Lords

My attempt at these lords didn’t go well at all. I was underpowered and died from the first lord. After I beefed myself up a bit I went back and wiped the floor with all three of them. I love that every other enemy on the stage bowed to me as a sign of respect after I beat their masters. I also unlocked an awesome new area filled with goodies for me to loot.

5. The Radiance

The boss of the game is a bitch. Seriously. Fuck this boss. It threw everything at me the first few times I encountered it. I was considering giving up, but decided to give it one more go and I finally did it. This boss will test your dodging skills because you can’t stay in one place for too long. After I beat it I felt relieved and really good. This is how you should end a game.

4. Lost Kin

I really struggled with this boss. Lost Kin is the dream version of Broken Vessel. Broken Vessel is slow and easy. Lost Kin is neither of those. He did become easy to beat once I equipped a certain charm, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

3. Hornet

No list is complete without Hornet. She’s one of the best bosses in the game (both encounters) and can pack a serious punch if you’re too slow. I really enjoyed both encounters with her and I enjoyed whooping that ass too.

2. Troupe Master Grimm

This is a fantastic boss fight. He’s quick, hits hard, and has a bunch of ways to kill you. I really enjoyed this boss from beginning to end and felt like I accomplished something when I finally beat him. The background music is fantastic during this fight too and so is the arena that we fought in.

1. The Hollow Knight

Before I knew about The Radiance I thought this was the boss of the game. I mean… technically it could be the boss of the game. It depends on what ending you’re going for. The Hollow Knight is designed well, has a great movepool, and is just a fantastic boss. I died repeatable to this boss before I came up with a nice strategy to beat him. Every time I died I immediately ran back in for another try. I didn’t get angry or bored. I was excited every time I went up against this boss. I think this could be one of my favorite boss fights of all time. I enjoyed it that much.

That wraps up my list of favorite Hollow Knight bosses. Have you played Hollow Knight? What are your favorite bosses?

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