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My 12 Most Anticipated Games of 2019!

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Here are my most anticipated games of 2019!

12. Witchfire

Do you remember a game called Witchfire? It was shown off a year ago and then nothing. It made my top 20 most anticipated games of 2018 and it’s on this list too. This game looks really interesting and until I hear otherwise I’m assuming that it’ll be releasing some time this year. 

11. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

This game was much higher on my top 20 most anticipated games of 2018. I’m a bit apprehensive of this game because of how bad Death’s Gambit turned out to be. Yes, I know a completely different developer is making this game, but I can’t help how I feel. That… I’m a little burned out of this genre too. Maybe by the time this, finally, releases I’ll be in a more welcoming mood for it. Still… I am looking forward to it.

10. Metro Exodus

I’m a huge fan of the Metro series. I can’t wait for what should be the final game in this series. It looks incredible and I want to see the end of Artyom’s story. I’m not sure how I feel about this game abandoning the underground metro sections from previous games, but I’m excited to see what surprises this game has waiting to be discovered. 

9. The Surge 2

The Surge isn’t a bad game. When it launched I had a bunch of issues ranging from low fps to crashing to desktop about 50 times before I found a fix. I hope the second game doesn’t release as buggy. I’m really excited for this game though. It took what made Dark Souls so good and added to it. It’s the best Souls clone out there in my opinion. Ripping the limbs off of enemies in order to make new weapons is an interesting mechanic that I would love to see added to. Will this game be another solo experience though? Or will we get some co op? 

8. Resident Evil 2

I haven’t played a great Resident Evil game since Revelations 2. I’m very excited to get my hands on this later this month. This game looks fantastic. This is how you remake a game! 

7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster

Talk about a blast from the past! The Gamecube was the shit back in the day. I never got on the PS2 bandwagon. I was all about the Xbox and Gamecube back then. Final Fantasty Crystal Chronicles is one of the best games on the Gamecube and I can’t wait to re-experience this awesome game again. All that needs to happen now is an announcement for a Lost Kingdom remaster and I’ll die a happy man.

6. Pokemon

I’m really concerned about the future of Pokemon after playing Let’s Go. I’m worried that the success of that game will convince the Pokemon Company that this is how we want all Pokemon games to be moving forward and ignore all of the valid criticisms that the core fans have with Let’s Go. I’m still excited for the next Pokemon game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to shove more Go mechanics down our throats in the next game. 

5. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

I haven’t played a real Fire Emblem game in a long time. I’m ready for some more Fire Emblem in my life and this game can’t get here fast enough. I really hope it’s not pushed back and that it blows everyone away when more of the game is finally revealed. 

4. Cyberpunk 2077

I think Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing this year. My friend called me crazy and said it’s a 2020 title at the earliest, but I just have a feeling in my gut that we’ll be playing this game before the year is up and it would be a fantastic way to end the year in my opinion. This game looks great and I trust CD Projekt Red to knock it out of the park like they did The Witcher 3. Yes, Thronebreaker was horrible, but that doesn’t mean their next AAA game will be. 

3. The Division 2

Now we’re getting to the games I’m super excited for. I love the first game and I’m pretty sure I’ll love the second one too. Yes, the first game had some problems at launch, but the game is fantastic now. Massive has learned from the mistakes they made with the first game and I’m hoping this game will keep me invested in it for years to come. 

2. Total War: Three Kingdoms

When I found out this game was pushed back to 2019 I was disappointed, but then I remembered the broken state that Rome II launched in and I applauded the decision. Take all the time you want to work on your game and give us something playable on launch day. The Three Kingdoms period of China is probably my favorite period of history ever so I’m super excited to have a Total War game take place in that era. It should be glorious and it’s obviously a day one buy for me. 

1. Anthem

Yes, a game from EA and Bioware is my number 1 game this year. Why isn’t it Dragon Age? Because I don’t think Dragon Age is releasing this year. I think we’ll get a fancy trailer at E3 this year and 2020 will pop up at the end. Anthem looks incredible. I’ve been super interested in this game since it was revealed last year and the more I saw of this game in action the more I wanted to own it. I’ll be there day one to buy two copies of this game and I’m going to put a few hundred hours into this game. It looks like Warframe and Diablo had a baby and this game was born. I need it and it releases next month! 

And that wraps up my 12 most anticipated games of 2019. What games are you looking forward to playing this year?

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    The Shameful Narcissist
    Jan 11, 2019 6:12 pm

    I’ve never played Crystal Chronicles, but if they’re re-releasing it this year then I’ll definitely pick it up!

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 12, 2019 4:02 pm

      Crystal Chronicles is SO good. It’s one of the best games on the Gamecube and I’m beyond excited that it’s getting the remaster treatment and that it’s heading to the Switch this year! I love the multiplayer. You HAVE to work as a team or the mission won’t succeed because someone has to carry that crystal around to prevent the miasma from harming the party. It’s a really neat game and I’m hoping that it still has local co op because that was a game that my brother and I loved to play together.

      • Reply
        The Shameful Narcissist
        Jan 19, 2019 9:36 pm

        I’ll more than likely pick it up on the Switch. I’m so happy I bought that. It’s been my go to console since I did. If I wasn’t playing To the Moon on mobile, I’d keep to this lol.

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