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My 5 Favorite Games Announced on the Nintendo Direct

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Here are my favorite games that were announced at the Nintendo Direct!

Honorable Mentions:

Yoshi’s Crafted World

I really wanted this game to make my list, but if I can only choose five this one is on the outside looking in. I love Yoshi and I love his games. And my kids love Yoshi. That means he’ll be making his way to our home on release day. 

Link’s Awakening

The pricing of this game depends on whether or not I’ll buy it. This game shouldn’t be $60, but, knowing Nintendo, it will be and if it is I won’t be picking it up. I always tell people that Link’s Awakening is one of, if not the, best Zelda games ever made. I’m not a huge fan of the art style, but if this game launches at $30 I’ll happily add it to my Switch library. 


If it was any other developer making this game I would be super excited about this. I haven’t played a great game from this developer yet. Both I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear are good games, but they’re not great. And, in my opinion, they both suffer from pacing and overly long dialogue. I like what I saw yesterday, but I need to see more before I’m willing to throw at least $50 at my screen. 

5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are some of the best co-op games ever made. I’m really looking forward to playing this game with my brother, wife, and kids. It looks like a load of fun and, hopefully, we’ll get a roster reveal soon because from what I’ve seen it looks kind of small. That’s literally the only thing I’m worried about. Everything else looks perfect. 

4. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

I’ve been wanting this game since it was announced 100 years ago and we’re finally nearing its release date. This game looks incredible and I’m very excited to play it. It looks like the prettiest Castlevania ever made and I really want it. This is also one of my most anticipated games of the year. 

3. Astral Chain

I haven’t played a good game from Platinum Games since Bayonetta 2. This game, so far, looks right up my alley and I’m pretty excited for it. I’m also surprised that it’s releasing this year and that it’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive! I loved what I saw of the gameplay and those flashy double team moves. And at least we know Bayonetta 3 is still being worked on so that’s a plus too. 

2. Rune Factory 4 & 5

This was one of the two announcements that made my day. Well… technically three announcements since part 5 were announced too :). Rune Factory is one of my favorite 3DS titles and I’m glad it’s going to be launching on the Switch. It’s a mixture of farming (Harvest Moon) and action-adventure with a slice of romance thrown in. I can’t wait to get my hands on these. 

1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Summer is going to be stacked for Nintendo! Fire Emblem: Three Houses looks incredible and I want it. Must I say more? This game is the reason I bought a Switch almost two years ago. I’ve been waiting patiently for this game and I only have to wait for a few more months before I finally get to play it. Take my money now!

And that wraps up my 5 favorite games announced at the Nintendo Direct yesterday. What were your favorite games announced? Did you like the direct? Was the game you wanted to be mentioned?

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  • Reply
    The Shameful Narcissist
    Mar 01, 2019 7:50 pm

    Nintendo needs to knock that shit off with the $60 retro releases. It’s really irritating. I want to pick up FFIX and I see there going to have FFVII, too, which I’ll need to grab as well. I *think* they’re under $50, but the Big N really loves doing that. I’m on a big Zelda kick lately, though I’ve been watching the old King’s Quest games because I found a YouTuber who’s played them all.

    • Omar Jackson
      Mar 01, 2019 8:05 pm

      I agree. Games are too expensive on the Switch. Old ass games like FF shouldn’t be priced higher than $20 imo. I’ve been wanting to play Zelda lately. I might play some of the classics on my Snes mini

      • Reply
        The Shameful Narcissist
        Mar 02, 2019 7:10 pm

        Exactly. It’s a port. I mean I’m going to buy them anyway on principle, but I’m gonna complain about it.

        • Omar Jackson
          Mar 02, 2019 7:22 pm

          Lol. You sound like me when I’m talking to my wife about Switch games . I’m buying them too. That reminds me… I really need to pay for Switch online so we can play a game some time

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Mar 02, 2019 8:05 pm

            YES. I have Mario Kart 8 and I’m TERRIBLE at it, but I have fun 😀

          • Omar Jackson
            Mar 02, 2019 8:08 pm

            I have Mario Kart, Smash, Pokken Tournament, and I’m thinking of getting Diablo too. All fun games imo :).

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