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My Favorite Announcements At The Tokyo Game Show

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The Tokyo Game Show technically isn’t over yet, but I’ve already seen everything I
was interested in and decided to make a list of my favorite announcements.

There wasn’t a whole lot that I was interested in that was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show. There’s a Nier remake that I don’t really care about (but I’m curious about at the same time). I enjoyed the show and how laid back it was compared to what I’m used to seeing here in America and I think I’ll be a regular viewer moving forward. So let’s get to my list, shall we?

Monster Hunter Rise:

This was the highlight of the whole show in my opinion. I love Monster Hunter (even though it took me a long time to get into the series) and this game looks like it took the best of Monster Hunter World and mixed it with the best of the older Monster Hunter games. It’s also a damn pretty game for a Switch title. I just wish the team that Handles these Monster Hunter games was more creative with the visual design of the game. I would’ve loved a Monster Hunter Stories kind of art style and that style could really show off what the Switch can do instead of going for such a bland color palette. Monster Hunter World was the same way (until I modded it).

Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo hasn’t given up on Dynasty Warriors 9 and Empires proves it. They stuck with Dynasty Warriors 9 and made it a pretty good open-world game with the action we expect from a Dynasty Warriors game. Empires should be more of that with our own created character. I’m really looking forward to this.


Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires will not be open world. This is honestly incredibly disappointing to me since most people didn’t bother to play the game after their initial negative reactions to it even though the game improved a lot over time. I was hoping this new game would continue the open-world trend, but, as usual, people whined and complained about it so Koei Tecmo is going to play it safe.

Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne

This wasn’t shown off, but we know there’s some sort of easy mode coming as DLC. Hopefully, as free DLC. I’m sure game “journalist” will love this one though. Jokes aside, I think having more accessibility options is always a good thing. Not everyone likes difficult games. I’ve always loved Shin Megami Tensei. I played that long before my first Persona game and I’m literally counting down the days until I get the chance to play this and part 5.

Scarlet Nexus:

I wasn’t that interested in Scarlet Nexus when it first announced because I didn’t know enough about it. I saw some gameplay recently and changed my mind. This game looks like it’s right up my alley and the fact that it’s going to have two campaign modes with different characters is a major plus for me. The gameplay looks really smooth too and the fact that it’s coming to Xbox means I’ll have a good-looking JRPG to look forward to.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity:

This game is most likely going to sell like shit if it’s not pushed back. It’s launching a day after Cyberpunk 2077 and a few days after Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The smart thing to do would be to push it back to December. I’m interested in this because of Koei Tecmo. The gameplay looks good, it’s pretty, and it’s not like Breath of the Wild. That’s all I need. That being said, I won’t be buying it because I’m getting Cyberpunk and Valhalla.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

This honestly looks like one of the best phone games out there. I love Ni No Kuni and I can see myself playing this on my phone. My only gripe is I wish it was also coming to other platforms. Genshin Impact is launching on both mobile devices, PC, and PS4. I think this game looks really good and hopefully, it’s not pay to win like most phone games are these days.

And that’s it. I’ll update this list if think of anything else that interested me. I didn’t add Medium because it was just developers talking about shit and not much gameplay. Other games like Kingdom Hearts didn’t interest me at all so it’s not on the list. What games interested you from the Tokyo Game Show?

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Share Your Thoughts!