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My Favorite Bad Games

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I love bad video games. At least that’s what I’m told on a regular basis so I thought it would be a good idea to share my favorite bad games with everyone.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Let’s start this list off with one of the more controversial games to release last year. A good minority of Pokemon fans threw a tantrum over the lack of a national dex and completely ignored the fact that the 400 catchable Pokemon at launch was the third most Pokemon we could catch in a single game. It was right under Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and X/Y. Pokemon Sword & Shield gave us our first glimpse of what an open-world Pokemon game could be like, had fantastic gym battles, and plenty of content. This is a good Pokemon game and I’m fairly certain that more people love the game than hate it. You can read my very positive review of Sword & Shield here.

Lost Planet 3

I remember the outrage when Lost Planet 3 first launched. Many people were upset at the new direction 3 took the series in and I felt like I was the only one that loved it. I never cared about Lost Planet 1 or 2. As a matter of fact, Lost Planet 1 is a terrible game. I really enjoyed the story and gameplay. I thought it was a really good game and the best one in the series. I know I’m in the minority with that opinion, but I don’t care. I love Lost Planet 3 and I’ll defend it to my dying breath.

Two Worlds I & II

I remember sinking countless hours into the first Two Worlds games. It was janky, had a million bugs, but had a lot of potential to be something great and despite all of the issues I had it’s still one of my favorite 360 games and the multiplayer was amazing.

The Two Worlds series is a good punching bag for game journalists and gamers. I personally enjoy them for what they are. Really good B grade RPGs. Two Worlds II took everything they learned from the first game and its failures and added to it. It’s a really good RPG with a very unique spell system. Some serious love went into making this underrated gem and it’s another game I’ll happily defend. Not every open-world RPG needs to hold your hand and fill the map with question marks. Two Worlds II is an excellent game that deserves more attention.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Where do I start with this one? If you listen to Dynasty Warriors fandom this is the worst game in the series and if you go by Steam reviews. In reality, this is one of the better Dynasty Warriors games out there. Omega Force stuck with the game, fixed the bugs, and added to it over time. This just isn’t a good Dynasty Warriors game now. It’s a great one and it has a well designed open world for you to explore too. Is it a good first attempt? Yes. I’m hoping Dynasty Warriors 10 or 9 Empires is also open world. What’s funny to me is that Dynasty Warriors fans were begging Koei Tecmo to do something different with the series and when they do they complained that it was different. You just can’t win… If you want more details on why I like this game click here for my updated review on it.

Resident Evil 6

Everyone’s least favorite Resident Evil game is probably my most played one. It’s a toss-up between this one and 5. Resident Evil 6 does have its fair share of problems, but god damn it’s so much fun to play. And the Mercenaries mode is so good. That’s actually where most of my time went after I finished the campaign. The gameplay in this game is incredible and kept me playing long after I finished the campaign. I even unlocked infinite ammo for every gun before I put it down. Yes, split-screen coop sucked big time when compared to 5, but everything this game lacked when compared to its predecessors was made up by the excellent gameplay. And I’d rather put another 100 hours into this game before I ever touch Resident Evil 7 again…

The Division

I remember the shit people put this game through when it was announced and after it launched. They were mad because it “had no aliens” and you were just “fighting normal people”. How can I forget the “everything is bullet sponges” line that people kept throwing out there. It seemed like everyone ignored the fact that this game was never advertised as a Sci-Fi game and that its an RPG. RPGs are all about bullet sponges and as someone that has over 300 hours of gameplay in the first Division you’re wrong. Enemies are not bullet sponges. Especially not when you get your build the way you want it. Yes, they might start off that way, like in every other RPG under the sun, but they don’t stay that way.

The Division is one of my favorite shooters of all time. It’s also one of my favorite coop games all time. It’s fantastic and it’s much better than The Division 2. Here’s my review of The Division if you’re curious.

Fallout 76

Here’s another game that everyone and their mom shat on when it launched. I never had any of the issues that people did when I played it and I played shortly after launch (about a week later). Fallout 76 is exactly what I wanted it to be. Fallout with co-op and optional pvp. I’ve always wanted to play Fallout with my wife and now we can honestly… this game is really good. Especially since the Wastelanders update dropped and added NPCs to the game. My wife and I play on our own private server and just go crazy. Fallout 76 got a bad rep because it launched in a bad state (for some people anyway. Not for me) and it’s one of those games that people use as a punching bag. Speaking of punching bags…


Anthem is one of my favorite “bad” games to play. The gameplay is by far the most versatile out of all the games on this list and I enjoy playing it more than every other game on this list because of it. Yes, it suffers from a lack of content, but that doesn’t make it a horrible game. Yes, it had a lot of bugs at launch, but, once again, that doesn’t make it a horrible game. Anthem is fun and I play games to have fun. It gave me one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had because it’s so damn fun to play. The controls are tight, the shooting mechanics are top notch, and you feel like freaking Iron Man when you’re flying through the sky and raining death down on oversized insects. I’ve written a lot about Anthem and not all of it has been positive. I’m not blind to the issues this game has, but I can’t call it a bad game when I enjoy it so much. Here’s my old review on it. If you want a more recent opinion click here for my impression after coming back to the game after a year away.

Sacred 2

The Sacred community knows how great this game is. It’s not a bad game to us, but many game journalist shat on the game. Sacred 2 was, and in many ways still is, ahead of it’s time. It’s completely open world, which is rare in this genre, has 7 character classes and depending on which class you choose determines your starting location. You can even choose to be good or evil with every class except the necromancer and seraphim. This game had a big open world to explore, tons of side quests to complete, story missions, and you could even attend a rock concert. You could get character unique mounts to traverse the world in and go out exploring in either local coop (on consoles) or online. This game is fantastic and it’s a damn shame that it’s a dead IP now because of the disaster that was Sacred 3.

Mass Effect Andromeda

If you listen to crazy people Mass Effect Andromeda not only killed the Mass Effect series, but it’s also one of the worst games ever made. Don’t listen to crazy people. Mass Effect Andromeda is a damn good game and worthy of the Mass Effect name. It’s better than the first Mass Effect in every way except one. Andromeda only lacked in its storytelling and even then it wasn’t bad. It still told a good story and had excellent companions for you to get to know. The companions in Andromeda felt more like a family than the companions in any of the previous Mass Effect games. This game got a bad rep because of it’s dated facial animations and many bugs at launch. I personally didn’t experience many bugs in this game and the facial animations were fixed a long time ago. It’s time to stop shitting on Andromeda. It’s not a bad game at all and I can only hope that it gets the sequel it deservers one day.

You can find my very positive review of Mass Effect Andromeda here.

And that wraps up my list of my favorite bad games. What are some “bad” games that you enjoy despite everyone telling you that shouldn’t?

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Share Your Thoughts!