Halloween Scare Fest 2

My Favorite Ghost Pokemon

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We all have a list of our favorite Pokemon and our list will no doubt be different than each other. Here’s my 5 favorite ghost Pokemon as my Halloween Scare Fest continues.

Honorable Mentions:


Palossand almost made my list. The only reason why it’s not on it is that I haven’t spent enough time with it yet. I’ve only trained a single Palossand, but I love the design and Pokedex entry because it’s basically a murderer.


I LOVE this Pokemon. Its Pokedex entry is kind of funny (it traps grave robbers in itself) and it’s always one of my go-to ghost Pokemon in Black & White. Black & White had so many great ghost types it was hard to choose between them all. 


Sableye will steal your soul if you look it in the eyes. Think about that for a second. Who would want to train one of these things? In all seriousness, though the only reason why Sableye isn’t on my list is because I’ve never used one before. I’ve always loved the design and lore surrounding this Pokemon. I’ve just never got around to actually training one and that’s mostly because it doesn’t evolve.

5. Trevenant

Trevenant is like a forest protector. If anyone harms the forest it resides in it will pretty much kill them. Or at least that what the Pokedex entry implies by stating that they’ll never leave the forest. Trevenant looks cool, has an awesome Pokedex entree, and I usually go with it as my main ghost type Pokemon in X & Y.

4 Banette

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire had so many great ghost Pokemon. Banette is my second favorite one from those games. This Pokemon was once a doll that was thrown away. It eventually became a vengeful Pokemon that sticks pins itself to curse its enemies. Moral of the story? Treat your toys nice kids you never know when they’ll come to life and start cursing people. Banette may not have the best stats, but it’s designed really well and I’ve always enjoyed training it.

3. Rotom

Yes, Rotom is my third favorite ghost Pokemon of all time. This cheerful-looking ghost Pokemon likes to possess household appliances like a washing machine. Later on in Sun & Moon it’s your new Pokedex that serves both as a map and your main menu. Rotom is awesome and is no slouch in battle either.

2. Chandelure

Chandelure burns a bright blue. The fire that touches its foes does not burn their bodies. It burns their souls. Chandelure is a beast of a Pokemon that’s a bit on the slower side. I’ve always enjoyed training one of these and it’s creepy Pokedex entries made it a no brainer on this list.

1. Gengar

There was only one right answer when I started making this list. Who is my favorite ghost Pokemon of all time? I already knew the answer before I made the list. It’s easily Gengar. Not only did he, Hunter, and Gastly make me laugh as a kid on in the Pokemon cartoon. It’s also an awesome battler and is creepy as shit. Both the design, lore and Pokedex entry of Gengar is scary. Gengar is the OG ghost Pokedex and is still to this very day the best ghost Pokemon.

Who are your favorite ghost Pokemon?

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    "Lightning" Ellen
    Nov 01, 2019 7:56 pm

    Yes!! Gengar is my favourite ghost Pokemon too 🙂 I’ve actually never heard of the other ones you mentioned, haha. I stopped paying attention to the series after the first 250-ish.

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 02, 2019 10:43 am

      Gengar is obviously the best ghost Pokemon :). I’ve played every Pokemon game ever made (including the spinoffs) and if I’m not mistaken there was only one new ghost Pokemon added in Gold/Silver which would be the one you played last if you stopped after 250 :). But yeah, ghost Pokemon are neat and I can’t wait to see what new ones they add in Sword & Shield.

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