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My Favorite Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

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I think I’ve waited long enough to start writing more about Pokemon Sword & Shield. There’s still some hate on these games, but I’m not here to write about all that bullshit. I’m here to write about who my favorite Pokemon in the new games are!


I was so disappointed when Hop was the one to catch Zacian because that’s one cool looking dog. It’s a giant dog holding a big ass sword. What’s not to love? When I saw it in action I wanted it and it’s worth buying Sword just to add it to my collection.

Clobbopus & Graploct

Graploct looks like he’ll fuck you up. It’s like a more adorable version of Machamp and its basic form is so freaking cute and I couldn’t just choose one of them.

Grookey, Thwackey, and Rillaboom

Okay, so I’m cheating again. I haven’t trained a Grookey yet, but I really love how it’s designed and its fully evolved form looks like a badass drummer with long hair. What’s not to love?


Grimmsnarl looks terrifying. Like it’s something out of a horror movie and I love it to death. It hits hard and can learn some really neat moves. Its typing is also perfect and I loved watching it play with my baby Toxel. This big dude melted my heart and I can’t ever see myself not training one. Since I bought up Toxel…

Toxel & Toxtricity

It looks you can have a really good time with Toxtricity. It’s a rocker and it’s not afraid to let everyone know it! It also hits like a god damn truck and it’s pretty fast too. You can easily wipe an entire team with this thing. It was love at first sight with both Toxel and Toxtricity. I kicked poor Boltund from my party as soon as my Toxel evolved and it was the best move I ever made in Pokemon Shield.


Hatterene is one of the best designed Pokemon ever. This thing not only looks good, but it also hits really hard. The only downside is its really poor speed. This thing is slow, but it’s bulky enough to take some hits which will give you a fighting chance in some of those tougher battles in the game. It made me really sad when I had to choose between Hatterene and Grimmsnarl for my competitive team because they’re both the same type and I Iove both Pokemon.


Centiskortch is incredible. The only reason why I kicked it from my team is that my starter was a fire type. This Pokemon is a bug/fire type and I think it’s adorable. It also learns Coil and that’s an incredible move and can make it really hard to take down.


First of all, Snom was very hard for me to evolve, but when it did I immediately fell in love with this oversized ice/bug Pokemon. It’s incredible and it’s my baby. I grew incredibly attached to it since I had to go through so much to get Snom to evolve into it. Side note: I really like how diverse the bug Pokemon are in this game. I can write an entire article on why, but I’ll leave it at that.

Scorbunny & Cinderace

Scorbunny is the best starter by far in Sword & Shield. Each of its evolution forms looks incredible and doesn’t change drastically like Grookey and Sobble. Scorbunny also has the best move pool and when it evolved into Cinderace and learned that cool soccer kick move I was sold. It’s awesome and that’s not my Cinderace pic above.


I haven’t loved a flying type Pokemon this much in a really long time. Usually the starting flying type is your typical normal/flying type or just flying. This game changed that by introducing us to a steel/flying type with Corviknight. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first two forms of this gigantic bird, but once I got my own Corviknight I felt really good. This thing is amazing and is designed really well too. D


Drednaw is by far the best new water Pokemon introduced in Sword & Shield. To be honest, there wasn’t a whole lot of new water Pokemon added in the game, but there’s really not a lot of water in the new region so I guess that’s understandable. Drednaw is a water/rock type that looks really dopey and lovable and that’s what attracted me to it. Its basic form is adorable too and only has a single tooth.


My favorite Pokemon in Sword & Shield is Raboot. Scorbunny went through one hell of a teenage phase didn’t she (my Scorbunny is female)? Everything about Raboot is awesome, but what really made this Pokemon my favorite in the game is when she stuck her paws in her pockets. It was so cool! Raboot is awesome in every way and quickly became one of my favorite Pokemon of all time.

Who are your favorite Pokemon in Sword & Shield?

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    Yep, those are pretty cool designs, I agree!

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