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My First 10 Hours of Mad Max

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Mad Max is an interesting game that some people have confused for a movie licensed title. Well… it’s not. Don’t let other reviews you’ve read confuse you on that. Mad Max [so far] is an excellent game. 

At the beginning of the game some bandits jumped me, stole my ride, clothes, beat me up, and left me for dead in the middle of the desert. That’s literally how Mad Max starts. It has a simple story, but that doesn’t matter in this game because of how much fun I had exploring the wasteland around me.

2015-09-01_00072I’ve got a dog, a deformed mechanic that can make repairs to my ride while we’re out exploring, I’ve killed bandits in many different, awesome, ways, and I’ve only done three main story missions because I keep getting distracted by everything else around me. I’ve taken keeps, and I’ve blown shit up. I’m having a blast with this game.

Mad Max is the best day one release I’ve ever played on PC. This game runs flawlessly on my rig. I’m playing with just about everything maxed out. I turned off motion blur because it makes me feel sick. I usually turn off depth of field, but it’s done really well in this game so I kept it on. I’m getting a smooth 60 frames per second and the only bug that I’ve encountered is my pointer not disappearing after I accept, or turn in, a quest. I have to push the esc key to make it disappear, but that’s no big deal to me.

I’m loving the amount of customization in this game. I can upgrade both Max, and his ride. I’m rocking a really long beard with a jacket right now. My ride is turning out very nicely. I just got some new tires that took my handling up so I can make those sharp turns a lot easier. I love the customization in this game. For some reason though my preorder dlc never showed up in game at all. I’m hoping that gets fixed soon.

2015-09-01_00059If you’ve ever played Batman or Shadow of Mordor you’ll be right at home in Mad Max. It’s setup the same way, but different. Max isn’t Batman. He can’t flip around the room beating the crap out of people. He also doesn’t teleport around the place assassinating people. What he does do is beat you to death with his fist, and he can slam you with some pretty awesome grapple attacks.

The wasteland is huge and there’s a ton of stuff for me to do. None of it ever got tiring to me or made me want to skip ahead to the next main mission. If I’m not trying to take a stronghold, or looking for my next maggot dinner, I’m always on the lookout for more scrap. Scrap is needed to upgrade both  Max, and his ride.

I’m still on the first portion of the map. I have a really, really long way to go and I’m excited about what lies ahead for me. Mad Max is a lot better than I thought it would be and I honestly can’t wait to jump back in and start exploring. This post apocalyptic world that Avalanche Studios have built is beautifully done and it’ll keep me occupied until Fallout 4 comes out later this year. I have no idea when my review will up for this game, but I am working on some pretty awesome screenshots to share with everyone later today.

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