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What I Think After 35 Hours Of Temtem

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Temtem is my most played early access game of all time. I usually don’t put this much time into an early access title, but I love games like this and I currently have a love/hate relationship with Temtem. Here’s what I think after 35 hours of gameplay.

Temtem is being called the “Pokemon killer” by popular streamers and YouTubers and there are idiots out there buying into it. I’m not going to bother writing what I think of it since I’ve already covered it in a previous article. If you want my opinion on what I think of Temtem when compared to Pokemon click here.

I’ve played a lot of Temtem this month. I don’t usually sink this much time into early access games because they tend to wipe character progress and change a lot over time. I did put a lot of time into Temtem because I wanted to experience as much of it as possible and make up my own mind on whether or not I think it’s a good game. The conclusion that I’ve come up with is that Temtem needs a lot of work. It’s a decent game right now. It really is, but I wouldn’t call it a good game. At least not yet. There’s actually very little content here even for an early access game.

So how did I get to 35 hours then? Well… a good portion of that was me going AFK and taking a break from luma hunting, which I gave up on because it’s not worth the time sink. I spent 6 hours (of actual playtime not including when I went AFK to take breaks) luma hunting and didn’t find anything. The current luma hunting appearance chance is 1 in every 6,000 encounters. That’s insane and I think it needs to be adjusted a little bit. I don’t have the time to sit in front of my PC and walk back and forth searching for lumas. That’s probably the reason why I never really got into shiny hunting in Pokemon. I don’t see the point of it.

Luma hunting is where the end game of Temtem is though. You can do that or you can try and breed the perfect Temtem for PVP for some reason. People use that as an excuse when someone like me says that there’s not a lot of content in Temtem. Just because YOU can spend hundreds, or thousands, of hours trying to get that one perfect Temtem for your PVP team doesn’t mean the game has a lot of content. That just means you have way too much time on your hands.

So if we take away the 16 hours that I spent luma hunting then I’m under 20 hours total playtime. Which is still really good for an early access game, but I’ll admit that most of that time was spent grinding up my party to a ridiculous level. I’m so overpowered that I’ve had no problem winning any battles that I’ve come across.

I’ve got a bunch of strong Temtem and I’ve gotten really lucky and found some good ones with great stat rolls. Like this one

Finding new Temtem, especially ones with good stats, is a real treat. It’s like finding a good Pokemon out in the wild. Training them up to catch up with the rest of my team… not so much. Leveling up takes too long. That’s why I hate the fact that this is an MMO and not just a game with co-op. I don’t want to invest hundreds of hours into this game to get good. This game being an MMO adds absolutely nothing to it and it’s my least favorite part of it. Yes, I like playing this game with my wife, but even then fatigue starts to set in after a while.

I went from playing this game 3 hours a day to an hour day and I can see myself uninstalling it soon while I wait for more content to be added. What’s here now isn’t that good. The story never got interesting, the customization sucks and is locked behind a ridiculous grind. I’m still wearing the same outfit I started the game in because I can’t afford to buy new clothes.

I could do what everyone else is doing and catch/release Temtem for cash, but that also takes way too long and I’m not about to do that. I play games like this for the journey and laid back experience not to be ultra-competitive. Temtem is not for me. At least it’s not right now. It’s my least favorite monster-catching game out right now. And I know people are going to throw up the fact that it’s in early access. Do you know what other game is in early access and is in a way better shape than Temtem? Nexomon. You can catch over 300 Nexomon and it has way more content than Temtem. It’s also not an MMO.

I can’t help but feel like the developers of this game are going to start selling some form of currency alongside their cosmetic items to make getting rich in Temtem easier. I also don’t like how everything is so expensive which would force us to use the future cash shop to change our appearance. This is one of the reasons why I hate the fact that this game is an MMO and this is coming from someone that LOVES MMOs.

So after all of that, you probably think I hate this game. I don’t. I like it. I just don’t love it. I like the gameplay a lot. I love the two on two battles and how some Temtem have a natural synergy together. I like the designs of most of the Temtem I’ve come across. They’re designed really well and I can’t wait to find more of them. And… that’s honestly all this game has going for it. The world isn’t very interesting to explore. It’s just there and filled with random battles. The battles are nice, but at the end of the day, Temtem isn’t a game I think I would go back to as much as I do games like Pokemon.

Temtem is a decent game and has the potential to be a good one someday. That day isn’t now though. If I had to score Temtem it would be a 6. There’s just not enough here and outside of the good battle system, it has almost nothing else to offer me.

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