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My First Bad Experience With Ebay

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I’m officially back from my little Christmas vacation away from here and I have a really interesting story to share with everyone today. 

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m really glad Christmas is over with because I can start saving my money again. Seeing my kids smile as they opened their presents is the best feeling in the world so it was totally worth going broke. On December 2nd I ordered the Mario Party with Princess Peach Amibo bundle on Ebay.

Whenever I have a problem with something on Ebay I usually get a response from the seller and we work things out. A company on Ebay named Blow it outta here never bothered to respond to any of my questions regarding where my kids Christmas gift was. I was supposed to receive the item on December 16th and it was December 18th when I decided to send them a friendly message.

When they didn’t respond I sent them a rude one the next day and got a answer. After waiting a few more days I realized it was December 21st already and I still didn’t receive my item so I asked Ebay to step in and help me out. Imagine my surprise when I got home and saw my item sitting in my mailbox. This company did not bother replying to any of my messages so I reported them because I believed that I had been ripped off.

It made me look stupid because they gave Ebay the tracking information to prove that I had the item instead of just sending me the tracking info so I could see where my item was. They could have simply told me that the package was delayed instead of giving me the cold shoulder and ignoring me. This is a horrible Ebay buyer and if you see them don’t buy from them. There are a ton of negative reviews on them already for late shipments, wrong items, and even refusing to give refunds to their customers.

Blowitouttahere is not a good seller on Ebay. The reason why I’m writing this here is because they removed my feedback on their page because it was a one star review. Why don’t you guys try and remove this too :). Lets see how that works out for you.

At the end of the day my kids got their gift and I’m happy, but a little professionalism would have been great from these guys. Just answer my questions about something that I paid for and everything would be good.

How was your Christmas?

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Share Your Thoughts!