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My Four In February Results!

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I attempted my first four in February last month and I’m here to post my results! 

I’m willing to admit that I probably bit off more then I could chew last month. I failed my first four in February. It’s not because I couldn’t complete four games in 28 days though. It’s because I completely ignored Agents of Mayhem when I got my hands on Dynasty Warriors 9 and instead of taking a break from that game to focus on Agents of Mayhem I put 70 hours in it and watched in horror as I ran out of time to complete Agents of Mayhem. I still had a lot of fun attempting it and next year will be the year that I complete it. Mark my words!

Oxenfree was an amazing experience from beginning to end. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone, solving the various puzzles around the island, and trying to escape the horrors that were around me at every corner. It’s a great game and I think I want to own it on the Switch. I got the game for free on GOG so I don’t mind throwing some cash at it to support the developers.

Dynasty Warriors 9 so underrated. It’s really good but has some performance issues on PC. I didn’t experience any game-breaking bugs and I only crashed a single time in 70 hours. The story is really long and I like the open world. It’s not bad for a first attempt and I hope Koei builds on this instead of scrapping it because there are some interesting ideas here. I love how people asked for things to change in this series and when they got the change they did nothing but bitch and complain about them. If the year ended right now this would be my game of the year.

Xenoblade 2’s latest patch is here and it brought some good changes to the game. There’s still no patch to improve the performance and the DLC fucking sucks, but at least I can change my lead blade from Pyra to someone else if I want to. And there’s an easy mode for those of you that couldn’t play the game in normal mode. I might try out new game plus, but not right now. I want to get through Fatal Bullet and the next game on this list before I jump into Final Fantasy 15.

Agents of Mayhem… The game that defeated me last month. I’m sorry I didn’t complete you. I really am, but Dynasty Warriors 9 was so much fun that I couldn’t stop playing it. Please forgive me :(. Agents of Mayhem is a fun game. Once I stopped looking at this game as Saints Row I started to really enjoy it. It’s not the best game to play, but it’s fun for what it is. I doubt we’ll ever get a sequel though. It’s worth the $10 I spent on it.

Did you attempt four in February? Were you successful or are you a loser like me?

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    Mar 03, 2018 3:44 pm

    Sorry you didn’t complete this this year. Hopefully next year! I might even attempt it next year (hadn’t heard of it until a few bloggers said they were doing it).

    Player 2 picked up Agents of Mayhem for a fiver the other day. I hadn’t really thought about it before but it looks good fun from what I have seen. I hope you can get back to it.

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      Mar 04, 2018 12:34 pm

      I’ll get back to Agents of Mayhem eventually. I’ve been focusing on Dynasty Warriors 9 and I just got back into The Division again for the global events. I did enjoy what little time I put into the game though :).

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