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My Pokemon Moon Team

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My team in Pokemon Moon has been switched around a lot, but I think I’ve come up with a pretty good team to help me finish the rest of the game. 

My Team

Sandslash lv37

Charjabug lv37

Marowak lv37

Araquanid lv39

Lycanroc lv40

Decidueye lv41

I just hatched Sandshrew from a egg last night and trained him up to the rest of my team pretty quickly. Took me awhile to figure out that she could only evolve by using a Ice Stone. I love Sandslash’s new movepool, look, and typing and it’s a permanent member of my team.

If someone would have told me that the first bug Pokemon on my team wouldn’t evolve until near the end of the game I wouldn’t have bothered training it. Charjabug is a good bug/electric Pokemon that has a solid movepool, but it’s really slow. I really want to evolve this thing, but I doubt I’ll ever bother training it again unless I fall in love with it’s third form.

Araquanid isn’t the best water/bug Pokemon in the game, but I’m in love with it. It looks awesome, protects weaker Pokemon than itself (Pokedex entry), and has a great ability in water bubble. It’s special defense stat is really high, but it’s about average everywhere else. I still really love this Pokemon though and will probably train it again in my next playthrough.

When I learned that Marowak was a ghost Pokemon in this game I was sold. Cubone/Marowak are two of my all time favorite Pokemon and I was really excited about using a Ghost Marowak in Pokemon Moon. When Cubone evolved it ditched it’s ground typing and switched to a Ghost/Fire type Pokemon. I’m not a huge fan of this and that’s reinforced by it’s weak movepool so far. Marowak hasn’t learned anything really useful yet since it’s evolved and I kind of regret putting so much time into it. Hopefully it’ll get better, but right now I’m considering switching it out for a more useful Pokemon. I stopped training Growlithe for Marowak and I regret that decision so far.

Lycanroc is a awesome rock type Pokemon with pretty good speed for a rock type. This werewolf Pokemon has helped me stomp my foes into dust many times and at times when I thought I would lose a battle it would turn the tides and sweep my opponents. Lycanroc doesn’t have a great movepool, but it does have a great attack stat, good speed for a rock Pokemon, and it learns stealth rock which is great if you’re into competitive battling in Pokemon games. It looks badass too. Who doesn’t want a werewolf Pokemon?

Decidueye is probably my favorite starter Pokemon of all time. It was Feraligatr, and Venusaur, but Decidueye is a fantastic starter in my opinion. I knew who my starter was going to be before I even booted the game up. Rowlet appealed to me more than Litten, and Popplio. Popplio is probably one of my least favorite starting Pokemon. I put it up there with the entire Black/White starting Pokemon lineup.

Decidueye has a nice movepool, great attack, and special attack stats, and it’s a freaking grass/ghost Pokemon. It’s not the first grass/ghost, but it’s the first ghost starter we’ve ever had and I’m in love with the design of it.

What’s your Sun/Moon team? Are you as indecisive as me :)?

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Share Your Thoughts!