My Return To Skyrim

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I took a long break from Skyrim. I stopped writing about it, modding it, and playing it in general because of all of the other games that have come out this year. Since we’re not getting The Elder Scrolls VI any time soon I decided to jump back in Skyrim and have some fun. 

I hope you like the screenshots here. I’m a little rusty so they’re not as good as previous screenshots in my opinion. I’m also showing off some new mods I installed the other day. I have the Nord armor set from ESO, some really nice looking Tribunal Robes, and some Argonian Porn :].

2015-10-24_00002 2015-10-24_00005 2015-10-24_00006 2015-10-24_00010 2015-10-28_00001 2015-10-28_00003 2015-10-28_00005 2015-10-28_00007 2015-10-28_00008 2015-10-28_00010

Skyrim is one of those games that I’ll never get tired of. Every Elder Scrolls game is like that to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to post The Elder Scrolls VI screenshots soon, but that’s just me hoping.

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Share Your Thoughts!