My Second Run Of Pokemon Shield Is Even Better Than The First One

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It’s no mystery that I loved Pokemon Sword & Shield. I never bought into that bullshit controversy or made a vow to boycott the latest games because there wasn’t enough Pokemon in it (even though this game is only behind TWO other Pokemon games in catchable Pokemon).

Since Isle of Armor was fast approaching (it’s already out now) I decided it would be a good idea to revisit Pokemon Shield and start completely over from scratch. I also promised myself that I would not use Scorbunny as my starter again and that I would try my best to have my party consist of Pokemon that I’ve never used before. It was an interesting challenge and one I’m glad I took because I’ve trained some Pokemon that are quickly becoming some of my favorite of all time. I also ended up loving this game more than I did before. I even bought my brother a copy and he hasn’t played a Pokemon game since Gold & Silver on the GBA.

It was a fun challenge deciding on what Pokemon to add to my party since I promised myself I would only train Pokemon I had never used before so I originally was going to have Sobble as my starter, but it’s honestly so bad I ended up storing it around level 18 and never looked back. I ended up with Litten as my starter and Bulbasuar and built my party around them. I eventually settle with a Goomy (which is fantastic), Snorunt (which I turned into Froslass), Trapinch, and Gothita.

I have never used any of those Pokemon below Bulbasuar and Litten. My party with through a lot of changes because I’m never happy with my setup. I originally had Gallade (whose fantastic btw), Gardevoir, Exadril, and I even gave Sobble another chance to impress me. I even evolved it into Inteleon and while I do like its design it’s also the most useless starter out of them all. It’s hidden ability even sucks because it doesn’t crit that often. So I stored it again and eventually settle on Trapinch as my last Pokemon and I’ve got to tell you that Flygon is amazing. It hits hard, it’s fast, and it’s bulky too! I love it and I’m probably going to train it a bunch more times in the near future.

But none of that has anything to do with the title of this article. Why am I enjoying Pokemon Shield more the second time around than the first? The truth is that I’m not really sure why. I just am. I love fishing for new Pokemon, exploring the Wild Area, listening to the beautiful tunes in the background, and winning gym badges with my new team. I like trading and battling Pokemon with my wife and brother. I like experimenting with my team to see what works best for me. And I Fucking hate Sobble. There is so much better water Pokemon in the game than it and it doesn’t really stick out in any major way when compared to the other two starters.

I’m about 10 minutes away from the Pokemon League and starting the end game events that lead to catching my first legendary Pokemon. I’m not even sure I answered why I’m enjoying my second run of this game more than I did last year. I just am. I’ve found myself spending more time than I should dressing up my character and getting nice haircuts and I’m really, really looking forward to catching some new Pokemon in the Isle of Armor DLC. As I type this my game is currently updating and I plan on playing the shit out of it today.

I think the reason why I’m enjoying it so much is because of the added challenge of only using new Pokemon instead of falling back on what I’m used to. I’m not using Arcanine or Charizard. I’m not using Lucario, etc. I’m using new Pokemon and it’s a refreshing experience. I’m already thinking about doing an all bug type run. There’s enough variety in that type to get me through the base game and even do some pvp if I plan my strategies correctly.

Does Pokemon Shield have some flaws? Yes, but what game doesn’t have them. What Pokemon game doesn’t have them? That doesn’t make gen 8 horrible. It’s honestly one of the better generations out there and has quickly moved up my list of all-time favorite Pokemon games. So… I’m really looking forward to trying the expansion and catching some more new Pokemon. If you already have it in your mind to hate Pokemon Sword & Shield or you played it and disliked it there’s nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. Just know that you’re in the minority and you can’t expect everyone to feel the same way you do. In short, keep your negative shit to yourself because it’s falling on deaf ears here.

And that’s it. That’s my updated opinion on Pokemon Sword & Shield. What do you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!