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My Top 10 Dragon Age Companions

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Today is Dragon Age Day and I just had to do something for one of my favorite game series of all time! What better way to start than by releasing my top 10 Dragon Age companions of all time?

I’ve decided to drop some honorable mentions that were close to making my top 10, but were cut at the last minute.

Honorable Mentions

Carver & Bethany

Two of the most hated Dragon Age characters were so close to being added to my list. Most people think Carver and Bethany are annoying. Well… how do you think younger siblings act? They’re rebellious and annoying. Carver made me think of my younger brother and Bethany was the sister that I was overprotective of. So… I really like both of them and I felt like they should at least get an honorable mention here.


I LOVE Sten and his love for sweets. He’s also one of the most underrated characters in the entire series. Earning his trust, finding his trusty blade and figuring out why he did what he did in the first game was great. He has some layers in his personality if you bother to talk with him enough. He eventually became like a bodyguard to my warden and after my warden’s death, he went back and told his people that I was the only person worthy of respect. What’s not to like about that shit?

10. Iron Bull (Inquisition)

If Iron Bull was real I would love to grab a drink with him and listen to him tell tales of all of his battles. What I love is that he’s not really what he seems. Depending on your actions depends on whether or not he’ll stay faithful to you in Inquisition when the Qunari invade. I enjoyed his banter with my party members and getting to know him. I was a little upset with myself for choosing to play as a warrior in my last playthrough because that meant not having Iron Bull in my party.

9. Varric (Dragon Age II & Inquisition)

Varric is Hawke’s best bud. He’s been there for Hawke through everything and seeing how killing Hawke made Varric, and me, feel afterward was enough for me to play through the entire game again just to see him smile. Varric is an awesome dude and if you ever need a friend he’ll be there for both the Inquisitor and his best bud Hawke.

8. Zevran (Origins)

Zevran is an assassin with incredibly good luck or bad luck depending on how you look at it. Hearing tales of his “exploits” not only made me laugh it also made me fall in love with his character. You wouldn’t believe some of the crap that’s happened to him in stories and I was happy to see him again in Dragon Age II.

Once I got to know him I realized how much he cared for his fellow elves even if he didn’t always show it and deep down he had a good heart on him. I also love how he started off as your enemy and after you defeat him in battle you can choose to spare his life in return for his service to you. At first, I was expecting a stab in my gut while I slept, but if you really got to know him or romanced him you’ll notice that he did have some pretty deep layers. I really enjoyed getting to know Zevran and the only problem I had when making this list was where I would place him.

7. Blackwall (Inquisition)

Blackwall is an incredibly interesting character. You were led to believe that he was a Grey Warden for like half the game in Inquisition until it was revealed that he lied about the whole thing! That didn’t make him a bad person though because he did pledge himself to you despite not being what he claimed he was. Blackwall also has a great beard and that’s enough of a reason for me to have him on my list.

6. Isabella (Dragon Age II)

It was kind of love at first sight with Isabella. Not only was she incredibly sexy, and she knew it, she eventually opened up to Hawke if you were nice to her and turned down her advances towards you. She eventually does something noble in Dragon Age 2 and it’s such a shame that she wasn’t present in Inquisition at all. I always had Isabella in my party and she had some hilarious banter with Varric. There’s never a dull moment with Isabella.

5. Dorian (Inquisition)

Dorian is probably the coolest mage in the entire series. He’s Tervinter and proud and he’s also gay, but being gay doesn’t define his character and that’s the way it should be in my opinion. Dorian has so many layers that I can write a full 1,000+ worded article on why I love him. Instead of doing that, I’ll simply state that he’s my second favorite character in Inquisition and I loved getting to know him and I loved helping him fix his relationship with his parents because they didn’t understand his sexuality which is something real people go through.

4. Anders (Dragon Age II)

Depending on who you ask, Anders is either an incredibly interesting character or a total dipshit. The fact that he’s on my list should tell you that I obviously love him, but I also think he’s a total dipshit too and that’s what made him so interesting to me. I think he went about the whole mage freedom thing the wrong way, but I understand why he did what he did. I also feel really bad for Justice because Anders warped him into something he wasn’t. So in a way, this spot goes to both Anders and Justice for being two incredible characters in one.

3. Cole (Inquisition)

Cole is the most interesting spirit companion we’ve ever had in a Dragon Age game. We went from Justice in Awakening to Anders/Justice in II and now Cole in Inquisition and they’re all very interesting characters. Cole is a notch above them to me because depending on how you solve his companion quest depends on how his personality will be for the rest of the game. You can either make Cole more humanlike or Spirit and the ramifications of that can be huge for your game. If you paid close attention to Cole when he rambles he’s actually making a lot of sense. I love this dude and I refuse to play as a rogue because I want him in my party at all times.

2. Morrigan

Morrigan was my favorite character until I played the DLC for Origins. She’s a smartass and I loved getting under her skin, but there were those rare moments where you could see genuine feelings coming from her towards the Warden. I also love how she never really tells you what her end goals are and gave her a mysterious vibe that I love in my characters. She’s awesome in Inquisition too and offers more depth to the story.

1. Shale

“Pigeon crap” are the words Shale would use often in Dragon Age Origins and why wouldn’t she? She was trapped for who knows how long and all the pigeons did was crap all over her. Yes, she’s a bit of a homicidal maniac towards birds, but if I had been stuck in stone for as long as she was and was pooped on as much as she was I would be too. Shale is funny, has a fantastic backstory, and went from calling me it to addressing me with respect once I earned it. She’s awesome and was the first name I jotted down when I started coming up with this list.

And that’s it. That’s my list. I know mine will undoubtedly be different than yours and that’s fine. Who are your favorite Dragon Age companions?

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Share Your Thoughts!