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My Top 10 Dragon Age Companions

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I think my favorite thing about Dragon Age has always been the companions we meet along the way. As I was playing through Inquisition [again] I couldn’t help, but think of all of the companions I miss playing as and talking to. I thought of Shale murdering every bird in the game, and Zevran making a witty remark about something I’ve done in the past. This is my list of favorite Dragon Age characters. 

10. Oghren


Who doesn’t love Oghren? This dude is more likely to rush into battle butt naked because he was too drunk to remember to put his armor on. He’s vulgar, drinks too much, and loves having funny conversations with the Warden. Oghren was our comical release in Dragon Age Origins, and Awakening and I was really hoping to see him again in Inquisition, but that didn’t happen.


9. Anders


Anders went from being a funny mage that liked burning templars to a psycho that started the mage rebellion. What’s not to like about that. I really wanted to put Anders higher on this list, but I didn’t like what Bioware did to him in Dragon Age II. I loved that he was possessed by a spirit of justice, but I didn’t like how gloomy he was all the time and how he always wanted to get in my dude Hawke’s pants…

8. LelianaLeliana_SA

Leliana is probably the character that got the most backstory out of every Dragon Age companion. She’s tough, believes in the maker, was in love with the Warden, but didn’t get mine. He was reserved for Morrigan :].

Leliana was so sweet in Dragon Age Origins and while she still does have some charm in Inquisition you can tell that events has made her a lot colder. It was awesome that we could influence her in Inquisition though.

7. Sten


Sten is a Qunari warrior that can, and most likely, will slaughter everything in his path and he has a soft spot for cookies. As I got to know Sten and his weakness for sweets I couldn’t help, but love the big guy. He challenged my Grey Warden to a duel and thankfully we weren’t too strong when it happened because he probably would have killed my poor warden. Sten is one of the characters that was always present in my party. I never removed him because I loved the banter he would have with other party members.

Earning his respect was awesome and I still wonder if we’ll ever see him in another Dragon Age game.

6.  Blackwall


Blackwall surprised me. I really thought he was a Grey Warden. I never imagined that he would made it up to cover up for his past crimes. I felt betrayed when I learned the truth about him and if a character can actually make me feel a certain way about them I think they would deserve a spot on my list of top 10 characters.


5. Iron Bull

Iron Bull

Iron Bull is a badass that loves redheads and he always has something witty to say. The banter between Iron Bull and Varric is hilarious. .I also love how blunt he his. He straight up asked my Inquisitor if she wanted to “ride the bull”. For that line alone he’s worth being in my top 10.

4. Varric


Varric is smooth, cool, and a loyal friend. He didn’t care about Cassandra’s threats. He protected Hawke and even though he likes to act like nothing bothers him he has a good heart and would do anything for his friends. Varric has the best dialogue in both Dragon Age II and Inquisition and I make sure he’s always a part of my party so I can laugh while I kick some demon ass.

3. Zevran


Zevran is the clumsiest assassin I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in any game. If you didn’t kill him in Origins he’s one of the best characters you can have the pleasure of knowing. Once you get to know him enough he’ll tell you about some of his “grand” adventures. Zevran is funny as hell that cares about elves a lot more then he lets on. I honestly would have preferred Zevran being my spymaster over Leliana.

2. Morrigan


Morrigan was always my romance of choice in Dragon Age Origins. Leliana just couldn’t compete with her at all. Everything about Morrigan was memorable. I can still recall just about every line of dialogue that she has from Dragon Age Origins. Seeing her in Inquisition was awesome even if it was a bit forced. I think it would have made more sense to have Merrill take her place, but I’m not complaining.

1. Shale


From the moment that I met Shale in Origins she was my favorite character. I love how she murdered all of the birds around her and I love it when she says, “pigeon crap” all the time. Shale is highly curious about her past and helping her uncover more information about herself was a fantastic experience. It’s too bad Bioware doesn’t do companion dlcs anymore. I would love to meet another character as interesting, and funny as Shale.

This was a hard list for me make. I originally had Alistair at number 10, but decided to replace him with Oghren at the last minute. Dragon Age has some fantastic characters in it’s universe and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this franchise.

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