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My Top 10 Games of 2018 So Far

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Here are the best games of 2018 so far!

I haven’t played a lot of games this year, but I did play enough to make a top 10 best of list. Here are my top 10 games of 2018 right now.

10. Battle Chasers Nightwar (Switch)

Battle Chasers Nightwar is a solid JRPG that doesn’t take 100 hours to complete. It has a great visual style, likable characters, and pretty good gameplay. I don’t expect this game to remain on this list in December, but I really enjoyed my time in this game and I think it’s worth the $40 asking price.

9. Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor


The last time I played this game was when it was still in beta. I heard the final game bought a lot of neat changes and haven’t had a chance to test them out yet. I’m sure this will be placed a few spots higher when I do get around to it though. Inquisitor is the first ARPG Warhammer game and it’s pretty damn good too. The only complaint I had was the movement. It just felt off. Everything else was great and I recommend checking this game out if you’re looking for a new ARPG to get into.

8. Monster Hunter World


I only had a chance to play Monster Hunter World for a few short hours before I got rid of my Xbox One (again) and Monster Hunter World along with it. I expect this game to be bumped up a few spots too once I put some more time in it. What I did play was great and Monster Hunter has never looked (or played) better.

7. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Fatal Bullet is just a good time. I regret that I never finished the game, but I plan on going back to it at some point this year. This game reminds me of Phantasy Star Online. It just has better gameplay and (so far) a better story than the one on the old Dreamcast did. My favorite new feature is that I can actually create my own character that’s not Kirito with a different name. I created myself and companion and started the game. Exploring the different open zones is fun and being able to switch between being a madman with a rocket launcher to a warrior with a lightsaber is pretty awesome. It’s been so long since I’ve played it last I don’t even remember what build my character was :(.

6. Returners

Returners is a neat little phone game (Yes, I said phone game) that lets us play as famous people (and fables) from way back in the day. You can speed up your progression by buying them directly with gems or grind up enough adventure stars/pvp wins and unlock them with gold. Unlocking new characters is not hard at all, but getting new gear is. I always recommend new players spend their gems on gear instead of characters because you’ll need that gear later on. I love this game. The fact that I team Aladdin up with Guan Yu is something I never thought I would see. The 5v5 battles takes a bit of strategy to get through. Especially league battles. You never know what another person has up their sleeve until the match starts and by then it’s too late to counter it. Returners isn’t a perfect game, but it’s really fucking good and I applaud Nexon for the work that they’ve put into it so far.

5. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Here’s a game that’s more addictive than crack. It’s like Left4Dead, but with giant fucking rats instead of zombies. I love just about everything about this game. There was some balancing issues, but I’m sure they’ve been worked out since I last played like a million years ago. Playing in a full team of 4 and working together is what this game is about. It’s playable solo too, but not on any of the higher difficulties unless you’re one of those super gamers out there.

4. Subnautica

Subnautica is amazing. Survival games are one of my least favorite genres to play. Subnautica is the best survival game I’ve ever played and is one of the best crafted open world games I’ve ever played. I can spend hours just building myself an underwater base to live in. I love exploring the spooky ocean floor at night and avoiding predators that would love to have me for dinner. At first I didn’t dare go out adventuring at night because I didn’t have the proper tools and because I’m a big bitch and didn’t want to see what was down there waiting for me.

3. Hollow Knight (Switch)

Hollow Knight is one of the best games that released last year and it’s one of the best games that’s released this year on the Switch. It is the best game that’s released on the Switch this year so far. The further I made it the better this game got. I was flying through the air like Goku and beating the shit out of cuddly looking bugs that like to explode after they die. This game is fucking brutal too. Who needs Dark Souls when you’ve got Hollow Knight right?

2. Dynasty Warriors 9 

Dynasty Warriors 9 is probably my favorite game in the series right now. I love the open world, roster, and massive fucking battles that take an hour to complete. I think the blueprint is there for Dynasty Warriors 10 to be the Dynasty Warriors game that we all want, but that doesn’t mean part 9 sucks. I really enjoyed putting 70+ hours into this game and when I get another controller I plan on putting at least 70 more.

1. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition 

Who would’ve thought that a Final Fantasy game would top my list of best of games this year? I didn’t, but I fell in love with this game after only 20 hours of gameplay. I’m slowly making my way through the game, but probably won’t put any hardcore hours into it until I a new controller to play with since the PC port isn’t anything to write home about. I love the characters, the story is interesting, and gameplay is great too. I hope that it continues to be this good as I continue to play the game.

That’s my top 10 games of 2018 so far. What are yours?

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  • Reply
    The Night Owl
    Jul 12, 2018 12:17 am

    Nice selection of games! IIthink I’m going to give Vermintide 2 a go soon so I’m glad it sounds like a great game. I really do miss games like Left4Dead.

    I suppose mine on Xbox are PUBG (though it did launch in Dec) and State of Decay 2 which have both consumed more of my time than anything. Forza Horizon 4 though will likely win me over and come out on top when it arrives later in the year as it’s about the only racing game I’m crazy about. 🙂

    • Omar Jackson
      Jul 18, 2018 1:05 pm

      I love the Forza Horizon games. I haven’t played since Horizon 2 though. I never got into the PUBG craze. I was all over Original Sin 2 last year and ignored a lot of other game releases :).

      Vermintide 2 is great. It’s probably better now. It’s been a few months since I last played it and I’m sure it’s been updated and tweaked by now.

      I’m sorry for taking forever to respond. I didn’t see the notification until today.

  • Reply
    The Shameful Narcissist
    Jul 20, 2018 2:26 pm

    I was NOT expecting to see Final Fantasy XV on any Top list from you. Well that solidifies my desire to play it. I do own it, but that means nothing to my backlog.

    • Omar Jackson
      Jul 20, 2018 4:46 pm

      I love the open world, the story is good so far, the characters are likable, and the combat is good. I haven’t finished it yet, but as soon as I’m done with Dragon Age: Inquisition and Assassin’s Creed: Origins I’ll be back into Final Fantasy XV :).

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