Halloween Scare Fest Movies My Recommendations Top Ten List 9

My Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

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Now we’re getting to the highlight of my Halloween Scare Fest. Did you think I would just write about video games today? Here are my Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time!

10. Alien (1979)

Xenomorphs are still the creepiest aliens ever invented. The first film in the series is the best one. It’s not filled with Xenomorphs. It has a single one stalking and killing the members of Nostromo one by one. What made this movie so terrifying was that you never knew when this thing would strike next. Who was going to die next? Another thing I really loved was that the Xenomorph wasn’t overly exposed. The lighting is excellent and still holds up, the acting was great and still holds up, and the fact that this movie scares me more than the newest one in the series is sad. Alien is a true classic that I’ve watched many, many times. 

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Freddy Krueger is one of the most iconic horror icons of all time and it all started here! A Nightmare on Elm Street ask a simple question… what if your dreams are real? The thing that makes Freddy so terrifying is that he attacks you when you’re at your’re most vulnerable. When you fall asleep at night you don’t expect anything to happen to you. You fall asleep and start dreaming… and you dream of Freddy. If he kills you in your dream you die in reality. That’s some creepy shit and I absolutely love this series. None of them are better than the original though. Not only did this film introduce us to Freddy we were also introduced to Johnny Depp. 

8. The Evil Dead 2 (1987)

This is why this movie is on this list

The Evil Dead 2 is the perfect mix of comedy and horror. It’s a damn good time and I’ve always really loved this series. That scene in particular gets me every single time I watch it. They could have gone the usual route and made your typical haunted house movie, but they didn’t. This is unique and that’s why it’s on my list. 

7. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Anthony Hopkins likes to eat people. That alone is enough for me to add this to my list. Jodie Foster is excellent in this movie, Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lector so well I thought he was really a murdering cannibal locked in a prison somewhere when I was a kid, and this film just does everything right. It’s disturbing, frightening, and ticked all of the boxes that a great horror film should have. It did for me anyway. I love, love, love this movie and it made me a huge Anthony Hopkins fan. 

6. The Ring (2002) 

I know many people would place the original Ringu in this slot. I’m not one of them. Why? Because I felt more connected to The Ring than to Ringu. Ringu is an excellent Japanese horror film. It really is, but The Ring is better and I don’t have to be distracted reading subtitles. The Ring is a genuinely scary movie. There’s a videotape out there that kills you 7 days after you watch it. To make matters worse some creepy girl calls you after you’re done watching it and whispers, “7 days” in your ear. I loved the atmosphere, acting, and overall creep factor that this movie has. There’s never a dull moment here and I still have the faces that saw the creepy TV girl fresh in my mind and I haven’t watched this movie in years. The Ring is just a good time and is the perfect movie to watch on Halloween. 

5. The Shining (1980)

Here’s Johnny! 

This movie should be on everyone’s top 10 horror movies list. Jack Nicholson was fantastic at portraying a down on his luck writer that eventually becomes a homicidal maniac. The acting in that particular scene up above is phenomenal and I really felt for poor ole Wendy in the bathroom with nowhere else to go. The Shining is a masterpiece and I can say the same about the last 4 movies on my list. 

4. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The oldest movie on my list is Night of the Living Dead. I love zombies. Are they overused? You can bet your sweet ass they are, but I can’t help it. I love them! So why not have the OG zombie movie on my list. Night of the Living Dead is a classic and every Halloween I sit back and watch this movie. I’ll be watching it tomorrow with my wife and I can’t wait to see how she reacts to it because she’s never seen it before. Night of the Living Dead is my favorite zombie movie and probably always will be. 

3. IT (2017)

I had a small debate with myself on whether or not I should place the latest version of IT here or the one from 1990. When I sat down and thought about it for a few minutes I realized how much better this version of IT really is than the original one from 1990. Pennywise is absolutely terrifying in this movie and that only made my fear of clowns, yes, I’m scared of clowns, worse. It’s fantastic and horrifying and I consider it a masterpiece. I really do. I’ve always loved Stephen King’s work. He inspired me to write. He’s my favorite author and I usually love his TV/Movie adaptations. This is no different. The thing that surprised me was how good this film is. I didn’t expect it to blow me away the way it did and it’s absolutely worth mentioning alongside these other classic horror movies. 

2. Halloween (1978)

My favorite horror antagonist is Michael Myers. My favorite horror protagonist is Lauri Strode. The fact that they’re both from the same movie amazes me. Halloween has the best soundtrack in the horror genre and one of the best movie soundtracks of all time. I love Michael Myers to death and the Halloween series is my favorite horror movie series of all time and one of, if not the, best movie series of all time. I love this movie that much. It was narrowly edged out by my number 1 pick though. 

1. The Exorcist (1973)

My favorite horror movies are slashers, haunted houses, and, of course, possession. Before I watched the original Exorcist I had never seen anything like it. It’s fantastic and it’s terrifying at the same time. It’s a story about a little girl that gets possessed by a demon that does terrible things to the people around her. This movie was ahead of its time and I loved every minute of it. Many movies like this have tried to mimic the original Exorcist, but none of them succeeded. There are a lot of unforgettable moments in this movie and when I sat down and put some thought into my favorite horror movie of all time this one slightly edged out the one below it.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your candy and your scares and I’ll see you guys next year for another Scare Fest! Before I wrap things up I have one question for you. What is your favorite horror movies of all time?

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  • Reply
    Oct 31, 2018 2:34 pm

    Great list. Love all these films.

  • Reply
    Oct 31, 2018 3:55 pm

    These are all great movies, but Elm Street will be forever my favourite series. There’s just so much creativity in it!

    • Omar Jackson
      Oct 31, 2018 4:00 pm

      You can’t go wrong with Elm Street being your favorite! And yes, the creativity in those films are amazing.

  • Reply
    Oct 31, 2018 4:20 pm

    Some great choices. We actually watched The Exorcist earlier today. It’s my partner’s favourite movie of all time.

  • Reply
    The Shameful Narcissist
    Nov 10, 2018 8:41 pm

    The Ring is the movie that made me realize I was not made for horror. That movie scared the shit out of me and was the scariest thing I’d seen as an adult to date. I saw it in college at the university’s movie theater with friends and we all slept in the same room after that, but I was fucked up for over a week. I think it was the part where the one girl was in the closet with that look of horror on her face that made me realize this was no mere Nightmare on Elm Street type of deal. Then the realization of what The Ring itself was and I was done. I’m afraid of the dark and the idea of being buried alive is one of my primal fears. I haven’t looked at horror the same way ever again.

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 10, 2018 10:04 pm

      I agree with all of that. The Ring was a genuinely scare movie and I can still recall every moment of it all these years later. I slept with my lights on for about a week after I saw that film and I had those faces burned in my mind for at least a month. The Ring was special and doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. It’s much better than Ringu.

      • Reply
        The Shameful Narcissist
        Nov 11, 2018 12:58 pm

        There were people in my dorm who swore they saw the Ring girl for weeks. That movie changed the way I looked at horror and I think was forefront in changing the genre. Most horror movies before that were slasher ones rather than psychological. Don’t get me wrong, the whole Freddie will kill you in your dreams is creepy, but Freddie also made silly jokes/puns and that took some of the scare off of it. Dying sucks of course, but vengeful ghosts opens up a whole new world of horror. I think after the ring we got The Grudge and Paranormal Activity. It really revived the genre.

        I never saw Ringu because I heard THAT was even more fucked up lol.

        • Omar Jackson
          Nov 11, 2018 1:11 pm

          Ringu is pretty fucked up lol. I just prefer The Ring. The Ring helped revitalize a dying genre. Horror films were all slashers and gory until The Ring came along. I like the comparison you did with Nightmare on Elm Street. If Freddie never cracked jokes he would have been scary to me. Instead he became a joke in later movies. The first 2 in the series were fantastic though. Part 3 had the best song :).

          The Grudge and Paranormal Activity (the first one) were also really great movies that didn’t need gore to be scary.

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