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My Top 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Looter Shooter Games!

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This list was surprisingly tricky for me to make. I had to go through every looter shooter I’ve ever played and separate the good ones from the bad ones. I’ve chosen my 5 best/worse looter shooter games I’ve ever played!

5. Destiny (Least Favorite) 

I’ve gone on record and stated that I’ve never been a fan of Destiny. In a genre that I love to death I should love Destiny. I played the first game for 120 hours (mostly because it was the only game I had to play with friends on the Xbox One) before I quit. I never bothered to check out any of the expansions because I was done by that point. Nothing Bungie could’ve added to the game would have convinced me to give it another chance. The worst part of it all was the loot. The Destiny series has always lacked the most important part of this genre. Sweet, sweet, loot. 

5. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (Favorite) 

I had almost forgot that this game was a looter shooter. And it’s a pretty damn good one too. Fatal Bullet is an anime styled looter shooter that tells a solid story, has a good cast of characters, and good gameplay too. Every time I turned around I was getting a new gun or sword to fight my enemies with. I really enjoyed building the perfect character for myself. Allocating my attribute points, learning new skills, and mastering my chosen gun was a real treat. 

4. Defiance (Least Favorite) 

Defiance isn’t a “bad” game. It’s just had some questionable design decisions that turned it into a pay to win game by taking a vital resource and locking it behind a paywall. Now… I haven’t played this game in awhile so I’m not sure if that has changed, but it left a really sour taste in my mouth and was ran by some of the worst people in the MMO industry (Trion). 

4. Shadow Warrior 2(Favorite) 

When I hear people talking about, or writing, their favorite looter shooter games Shadow Warrior 2 is never mentioned and that’s a real shame because this game is fantastic. It has amazing gameplay, great loot, a funny protagonist, and average story. Shadow Warrior 2 predated most of the looter shooters on this list and did a lot really well. The fast paced gameplay, awesome visuals, and melee combat being among the best in an FPS game to this day. 

3. Anthem (Least Favorite)

I like Anthem. I really do, but it’s not only Bioware’s weakest game it’s also one of the weakest loot based games out there and this is coming from a company that’s made some really good loot based games. Anthem has no future and is on life support right now. The only thing that could possibly save it is going free to play like Destiny 2 did. 

3. The Division (Favorite)

I’ve always preferred Ubisoft’s Division to Bungie’s Destiny. The lore, story, characters, and, most importantly, loot are all superior to Destiny. I fell in love with this series and even though I feel like the sequel is a worst game than this one I still love it. The Division gave me some of my favorite moments I’ve ever had in gaming and I have a huge soft spot for this game. The underground, classified gear sets, and constant support (both good and bad if we’re being honest here) from the developers made this game what it is today. 

2. Shadowgun (Least Favorite) 

Shadowgun is a mobile game and that right there should tell you all you need to know. In games like this it’ll fool you into thinking you can progress easily… until you eventually hit a wall that only opening up your wallet will solve. Shadowgun is that kind of game. It doesn’t play well, doesn’t have a lot of content, and has a pay to win cash shop and even with all of that I still enjoyed it more than the number 1 worse game on this list. 

2. Borderlands 2 (Favorite)

I’ve been calling Borderlands 2 the best looter shooter since it released… until today. When I sat down and really thought about what my favorite looter shooters were this game fell short. That doesn’t take away from the excellence that is Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 was ahead of its time. We just didn’t know it then. To this day looter shooters are still trying to take it’s crown. Not even Borderlands 3 could do it. That’s how good this game was and still is. 

1. Destiny 2 (Least Favorite) 

I recently called Destiny 2 the worst looter shooter of them all and I meant it. Even when going through all of these other games I still had something good to say about each of them. Don’t get me wrong the one thing Destiny 2 did right is gameplay… well… the shooting. Everything else is average at best. And Bungie making this game free to play and changing the way everything works was an incredibly stupid idea. I don’t hate that it’s free to play. It should have always been free to play in my opinion. The problem is the lack of loot drops, uninteresting loot, story, and how it forces you into the end game as soon as you start the game. There is no zero to hero here and I did not enjoy a single moment I spent in this “new” version of Destiny 2. 

1. Warframe (Favorite)

When I sat down and starting making this list there was only one game that deserved the number one spot to me. There was only one game that I had sunk over 1,000 hours of my life into and still play regularly to this day and that game is Warframe. You want to talk about a grind? You haven’t grinded until you’ve played Warframe and tried to get that one item you need to finish building that blueprint you have locked away on your ship. This game has grown so much since it released back in 2013. There’s so much to do and the developers are still supporting the game with new content and Warframes for us to play as. 

Warframe is my most played game of all time and it unquestionably the best looter shooter I’ve ever played. There was no other game I could see topping it because of the amount of time I’ve invested into this incredibly game that Digital Extremes has created for us to enjoy. 

And that’s my list. That’s my list of my favorite and least favorite looter shooter games of all time. I didn’t want to include every Borderlands game ever made on this so I just chose my favorite game of the series to represent it. What are your favorite looter shooters? 

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  • Reply
    The Night Owl
    Oct 17, 2019 4:46 pm

    Great list! I can’t say much for Warframe yet (working on it!) as I’m just starting but I’d say Borderlands 1/2 would probably rank high up there. A lot of games now throw out the guns constantly but Borderlands always seemed like a real lucky dip where you could be surprised with what crazy items come out of the loot drop. Other games I’ve played are way more conservative … like they’re afraid of you giving some kind of game busting gun. 😉

    • Omar Jackson
      Oct 17, 2019 10:56 pm

      Borderlands is definitely number 1 in terms of the crazy amount of loot you get. I love that Gearbox wasn’t afraid to break their games with crazy-ass fireball shooting shotguns. I think other games (Division and Destiny) are afraid to do this because of their pvp. If it was purely pve like Borderlands I think we would have crazier loot drops. I wanted my list to be unique so I only included 1 game from a series to help flesh the list out more. I could have easily put Borderlands 1 on the list.

      Warframe is incredible. I hope you’re enjoying it :).

      • Reply
        The Night Owl
        Oct 17, 2019 11:26 pm

        Thanks for recommending Warframe – you really did help convince me to take a look at it. 🙂

        • Omar Jackson
          Oct 18, 2019 9:35 am

          No problem, my friend! Especially if you’re enjoying it :).

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