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My Top 5 Favorite Warframes

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I’ve been playing a whole lot of Warframe lately. Grinding, looting, and killing has never been more fun and I can literally play this game for hours before I put it down. These are my top 5 favorite Warframes at the moment. 

5. Volt Prime

Website_Warframe_PrimeAccessVolt_Ending_AS_002_640x300Volt was always one of my favorite Warframes. When Volt Prime was announced I knew I had to have it and so far he has not disappointed. One shock can clear a group of enemies, and I like spamming haste to get a quick boost of speed in tight situations. Volt Prime is one awesome dude.

4. Mag Prime

AX1ID8kgqIkI only have two things to write down to make Mag justified in my top 5. Shield Polarize, and Pull. Those two moves make Mag Prime a God in any situation. All I have to do is walk into any room, use Shield Polarize, and watch as everyone around me dies. It’s that easy.

3. Frost Prime

frost_prime_by_mrrumbles-d69d07cFrost Prime is a bulky Warframe that can excel in any situation if he’s used right. I love using my big ass ice bubbles, and spamming avalanche whenever I’m surrounded by enemies. Frost has enough energy to stay useful and I really love his design.

2. Nyx Prime

15081642448_791b4a9a83_b maxresdefaultI’ve had Nyx Prime for about a month now, but I just started using her a few days ago. Before that I had a maxed out Nyx that I used way too much. Nyx Prime is a beast. I love her Absorb, and Chaos moves. They can easily turn the tide in a tough fight if used correctly and her design is probably my favorite of all the prime Warframes.

  1. Nova Prime 

339796_immaboreddude_nova-primeThis was a no brainer for me. I use Nova Prime all the time and she just wrecks everything that’s placed in front her. Molecular Prime slows everything in the room and makes them explode if they take damage. I like to use Molecular Prime and then Antimatter Drop. The combination of the two moves makes everything in the vicinity explode. Nova can also take a hit because of her boosted shields. She’s one awesome Warframe and is my uncontested number 1.

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Share Your Thoughts!