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Nier: Automata Review (Updated)

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Everyone has been raving about how great Nier:Automata is. I’ve heard it being praised for its story, characters, world-building, and gameplay. It’s being hailed as one of the greatest games of all time and…so is it? Here’s what I think of Nier Automata!

I updated this review to match my current review style. My goal is to update all of my reviews and I’m slowly going through them while making changes while I play them again. 

The Great:


Nier Automata will most likely win best soundtrack of the year. I haven’t played a game that had a soundtrack this good in a long time. I can count the amount of games that I’ve loved every song to on one hand. The voice acting, music, and overall sound quality in this game is excellent. The voice acting is top notch too. Everyone gave really solid performances. It’s a shame that the rest of the game isn’t this good because I can tell that some serious love went into this. 

The Good:

PC Port:

I didn’t expect much from the PC port of this game, but it’s good. It’s not great, but it is playable with mouse & keyboard. It offers a few options to adjust the graphical settings of the game and even lets me adjust how close (or far) I want the camera from my character to be. This game does need a patch or two for performance though. I didn’t experience some of the nightmares that other people did while playing this game, but we do need a patch. The overall port isn’t terrible though. I’ve played better and I’ve played far worse too. This is a decent port job at best and that’s by no means a bad thing. 


If you’ve played one game from Platinum Games you’ve played them all. What I mean by that is you can expect over the top action, fast movements, and flashy animations. It’s not bad, but it’s not deep. Bayonetta’s gameplay is superior to Nier Automata’s in my opinion. I still enjoyed beating the living crap out of everything though. Chaining up combos reminds me of Dynasty Warriors. You push X a bunch of times and eventually push the Y button to use your heavy attacks. A perfect timed dodge will open up various opportunities for you to unleash brutal counter attacks that can knock enemies back or take knock them up into the air where you can button mash them to death. It’s a simple system and it works beautifully. There are three playable characters in this game. Two of them are pretty identical to each other while the other (9S) doesn’t fight as well and has to depend on hacking to survive. I’ll get more into that later.


The graphics range from really impressive to average. The character models look fantastic while the world is pretty average looking when compared to other open world games. Some areas are really pretty while others are forgettable. The cutscenes are all top notch and watching 2B drive her sword into a naked dude was awesome. I just wish the entire game looked that good. I’m not a fan of the faded out environments or last generation looking locales. The character models look fantastic, but the rest of the game looks average at best. It’s like a mix between current and last gen looks and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that yet. 

The Bad:

Generic Characters:

2B, 9S, and A2 are all generic characters to me. I never really cared about any of them. I enjoyed some segments of their stories, but I never cared about what happened to any of them or felt compelled to see what happened next in the story because I didn’t care about what was going on. 9S is just a whiny, annoying character that’s supposed to make us care, but that never happened to me. This game does have some cool cutscenes and watching them is nice, but that doesn’t mean that I LIKE any of the characters in the game. They range from average to terrible and that’s me being generous here. 


I know some people really love the story in this game. I don’t. I don’t care about the resistance or about what happened to the human race or about 2B, A2, and definitely 9S. 2B had the best story and by best I mean it was average to ME. In Nier Automata you play as three separate characters. 2B, 9S, and A2. A2 is literally thrown in out of nowhere and she plays similarly to 2B. I enjoyed 2B’s story more than both 9S and A2’s combined because of her interesting boss fights. I felt like her story ended when it was just getting started, but me sitting here and typing that I enjoyed her story more than the other character’s doesn’t mean that I LOVED the story. It was just okay and that’s not enough for me to bump it up a section because I think the other two characters stories is incredibly boring and was an absolute chore for me to play through.


Hacking into enemies, and objects is a big part of this game.. and it completely sucks. I appreciate the creativity that went into this game, but I can live without hacking into shit ever again. It’s by the far the most annoying thing about this game. Wiping out a group of enemies with my weapons isn’t good enough because 9S can’t fight for shit and his most effective tool is hacking into enemies and making them explode. The problem is that in boss fights I would have to spam hack until they die. That means I’ll have to hack them over, and over, and over, and over again until their health reaches zero and play through that stupid mini-game again, and again. 

The Open World is Generic…

Why does everything have to be an open world these days? The open world in this game does nothing for it. It’s not designed well, exploring it is a huge waste of time, and there’s nothing to do in it besides running from quest marker to quest marker. That’s assuming I even bothered to do all of that shit. The side quest isn’t any better. You get a bit of dialogue and must run through the barren open world to your objective. I only did the side quest to level up a bit and then skipped a good number of them because they added absolutely nothing to the game for me. 


I’m a huge fan of customization in any game. The only thing you can really do is get different color ribbons, or mask, to put on your 2B until you finish everyone’s story. After you complete the game you unlock two costumes that look worse than what she starts the game off wearing… I bet we’re going to get some nice costume DLC for $5 later this year… 

The Verdict

I couldn't stop playing this game fast enough after I completed it. I have no reason to go back to it and that's a shame because I was really looking forward to this game. I wanted it to be good and I even pushed myself forward because I was hoping that it would eventually get better, but it didn't. I don't hate this game though. It does do some things right. The sound quality itself sets the bar for future games to follow, and the only reason why the gameplay didn't make the great section is because of the hacking. There is fun to be had here, but there's also a lot of bad here too. Nier: Automata is okay. It's not good or bad. It's somewhere in between and that's all I can really say about it.

Final Score:

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  • Reply
    Apr 12, 2017 11:38 pm

    I’ll still give this a play at some point; I always enjoy Platinum’s combat style and take any opportunity to get more (even TMNT wasn’t all bad).
    I like the idea of multiple endings and I hear the harder difficulties are just insane.
    I do get the issue with open worlds though. God knows I’m sick of them!

    • Reply
      Apr 13, 2017 8:23 am

      The combat in their games is always good in my opinion. Even TMNT had solid combat. Everything else sucked about it though :). Nier does have multiple endings, but I got all of the important ones and quit because the story was uninteresting to me. Hopefully you’ll like it more :).

      • Reply
        Oct 28, 2018 2:43 pm

        Thanks for reposting this. I’ve since played it and I loved it! The music was fantastic, and I for one really enjoyed the story. I agree with you on the hacking though, as aside from a few sections where it was genuinely interesting, it was just repeated far too often.

        • Reply
          Oct 28, 2018 2:46 pm

          Most people I know love this game. It’s definitely not for me :). I didn’t enjoy exploring the world or any of the protagonists. I’m glad you enjoyed it .

  • Reply
    Apr 22, 2017 10:47 pm

    Just finished play through 1 zero interest in seeing more, you nailed it just dont care about it, terrible game imo.

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