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Nightbanes Review

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Nightbanes is a browser/MMO card game that is set to be released on Steam later today. During my brief time spent in Nightbanes I noticed two things. 

1. This game relies heavily on it’s cash shop. As I leveled up I noticed that a lot of rewards could only be brought with gems instead of in game currency. This is not the way to run your game. Especially not a card game.

2.  There are no animations with the cards like in Magic The Gathering Duels of The Planeswalker. I could make the argument that there very little strategy required to win a match. It all comes down to who can hit who first. Having cards that don’t require much blood is the key to victory in most cases.

THE Good:


Nightbanes is a nice looking game. All of the cards are beautiful to look at and the artwork is fantastic. The battles are nice and smooth, but I did experience some unstable framerates during battles. I randomly drop from 60 fps to about 25 during battles.


The soundtrack is actually really good. I found myself not wanting to duel until the song I was currently listening to was finished. This is one area of the game that the devs nailed.

The Bad:


1597The gameplay would have been fun if it played slower than what it does. Everything is lightning fast. There are no animations in the game at all. All of your cards are constantly in attack mode. There is nothing you can do about this.

In Magic The Gathering I have an option to attack or defend on each of my turns, but this game just has your cards dry humping other cards until they die. It’s not fun at all and I found myself playing more Magic the Gathering than Nightbanes because it is the better card game by a longshot.

One neat feature that Nightbanes does have is leveling up your cards or upgrading them. It requires a lot of in game currency, but you can do it with enough grinding. In order to buy a new card deck or new card in general it cost gems and you can only get gems by using real cash. This defeats the purchase of playing this game because I can’t acquire new cards easily. I have to put $20 in the game just buy a deck or two.

Lack of Replayability: 

This game has no replay value for me. After I’m done writing this review I doubt I’ll ever play it again. The lack of animations really bothered me the entire time I was playing. The lighting fast pace also really bugged me because card games are supposed to be slow paced and this game isn’t.

The Verdict: 

Nightbanes is an interesting idea that was executed poorly. It’s over reliance on it’s cash shop really killed the game and it’s fast paced gameplay bored me to death. If you’re looking for a good card game to play go somewhere else.  I recommend the excellent Magic the Gathering games.

I think Nightbanes has potential, but for now it’s just your average card game.


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