Odell Beckham Jr Is A Dirty Player And Should Have Been Kicked From The Game

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a receiver throw a tantrum quite like Odell Beckham did today. 

At the beginning of the game Eli Manning threw a bomb to Odell Beckham that he dropped. After that happened it’s like a screw went lose in his head or something. He was being shut out by Josh Norman, and company, and he started throwing blows.

It’s amazing to me that he didn’t get kicked out of the game. He punched Norman in the face, pulled his mouth guard out of his mouth, tried to yank his helmet off, and charged him and hit him in the head while he was trying to make a play on someone else.

Norman was defenseless when it happened and if it was any other player they would’ve been kicked out the game. I’m surprised the coach didn’t bench him for the way he was behaving. He wasn’t just starting fights he was disrupting the game. After he caught a pass he tried to trip Norman by grabbing his foot and throwing it.

Is Odell 5 years old? That kind of shit happens in the pee wee league not the NFL. I was very surprised to see him acting the way he was. Then again maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. The Panthers aren’t the only team that’s complained about Odell Beckham. The Bills, and Redskins have similar stories and it’s led me to believe that he has an attitude problem when he’s being pressed by defensive backs.

There is no excuse for the referees to not have kicked him from the game. This dude rammed into a defenseless player and everyone wanted to act like it was okay. Hopefully he’ll get suspended or fined.

That’s just my opinion on the subject. Did you watch the Panthers game? If you did what do you think of the situation that happened?

There’s a poll that ask people who won the match up today. Odell Beckham Jr or Josh Norman. Josh Norman won in my opinion.

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Share Your Thoughts!