Hit Or Miss

Hit Or Miss Part 2

Enslaved just released yesterday for the PC and it’s obvious it’s just another crappy port to the PC. You don’t get to configure the graphical options in game… Continue reading


Borderlands 2 PC Review

After putting more then 70 hours in my first PC playthrough of Borderlands 2 I’m finally ready to review it.


Top 5 Skyrim Mods

I’m about to jump back into Skyrim after a 2 month break and i’m going to start doing a series of articles on my next playthrough. I love… Continue reading

Random Stuff

A Tale About A Boy

September 11th, we all know about that day in American history. We all experienced it in different ways. The story I have is a completely different one, it… Continue reading

Random Stuff

A Topic On Racism

Hey guys… Today is just one of those days. First the thing about booking us a room happened, then while we were out trying to enjoy the rest… Continue reading

Random Stuff

Rodeway Inn

My wife and I decided that we wanted to spend the night in a hotel but we’re on a budget so I figured I could find something nice… Continue reading