Total War Rome 2 Patch 3 Is Up

Since it’s release Total War Rome 2 has been unstable and for many people, including myself, unplayable. Creative Assembly has been working hard to improve the game but it’s still not quite there yet. When they solve a problem, another one takes it’s place and it further proves that this game was rushed out the door by Sega. That being said, here are the patch notes on Rome 2’s newest patch:

  • Significant improvements to multiplayer campaign speed, which is now limited by the slowest players machine.
  • Frame Rate improvements on Campaign map on low spec Core2 Duo cpu’s in windowed mode.
  • Fix for lock-ups reported on loading into battle in DirectX9.
  • Frame Rate improvements on Campaign map across all configurations when setting Effects Quality to Low or High.
  • Fix for minor stutters & terrain rendering glitches on some gpu’s when rendering the terrain.
  • Fixed a bug in the Graphics Benchmark frame rate display that reported the wrong per-frame time.
  • LAN multiplayer modes are now accessible when Steam is in Offline mode.
  • Fix for graphics crash caused by changing the games screen resolution shortly after loading a new Campaign.
  • Fix for a crash when performing an agent action on a wounded/assassinated unit in Campaign modes.
  • Further campaign map optimisations.
  • Optimised fire and smoke effects on the campaign map (improving the frames per second on all graphics setting, especially during the late gameplay where all faction territories are revealed)
  • Fix in Multiplayer Campaign, after Player 1 offers diplomacy to Player 2, Player 2 made a counter offer, then cancelled the offer, which caused the game to lock up for Player 1.
  • Fix to prevent the games user interface from flickering when SLI is enabled.
  • Improved culling on the campaign map to prevent props (e.g. the pyramids) from disappearing when the camera was set to certain angles.
  • Improved the desktop icon for Total War: ROME II to support multiple resolutions.

Gameplay Improvements

  • When the player is attacked whilst in a minor settlement (not provincial capital), a new “Sally Forth” button is available on the pre-battle panel to fight the attackers in an open field battle.
  • All armies that are forced to retreat, and then are attacked, no longer have a *Baggage Train battle. It is a normal open field battle with any campaign generated penalties applied as before.
  • When an army in forced march is attacked on the Campaign Map, an ambush battle is now triggered, rather than a baggage train Victory Point battle .
  • Combined battles where there is no navy in the defending alliance do not have *Victory Points/Baggage Trains.
  • Combined battles where the defender has a navy will retain their Victory Point.
  • Victory Points have had their capture time increased by 3x their previous length.
  • Attacking AI is now more likely to prioritise taking Victory Points in Siege Battles / City Assault Battles.
  • AI controlled Agents are now more likely to act upon the player’s settlements instead of standing around outside of them.
  • Fixed issue in battle AI which prevented siege assault groups from responding to nearby threats.
  • Fixed timing issue in battle AI which could cause the attacking AI in port sieges to stop updating.
  • Substantially reduced free hits from enemies in battles, when moving a unit through enemy units (without attacking them), so units can disengage with less penalty.
  • Smaller and depleted AI controlled forces are now less likely to survive auto-resolved battles in Campaign modes.
  • Cavalry can no longer capture Victory Points in battles while mounted. They can still neutralise the Victory Points if they were previously in enemy control, and capture Victory Points when dismounted.
  • The size / radius of capture points has been increased in Coastal battles.
  • Fix for some instances of passive AI during River Crossing battles, when the AI is defending.
  • Fixed issue which prevented reinforcement artillery ships deploying.
  • Fixed issue in Siege Battles where the AI attempted to use breaches and gates which they could not reach.
  • In Battles, the number of ranks now factor into bracing mass bonus for collision system, i.e. thin lines will make you lose your bracing bonus against cavalry charges from the front
  • Fixed chasing down of routers at the end of battles, so they engage in combat more often and can be killed more easily.
  • Satrapies can no longer sign peace treaties with the enemies of their overlord (but still able to automatically make peace if their overlord signs a peace treaty with the enemy) in Campaign modes.
  • Snow ground type now replaces grass in snow attrition areas of the battle map.
  • Units in Testudo formation will now respond to an order to attack city gates in a City Assault battles.
  • Men throwing torches to ignite gates in battles, now have less chance of failing to throw their torches and hit the gate, if ordered more than once to ignite the same gate.
  • AI houses can no longer secure promotions without first meeting the required age and rank in Campaign modes.
  • Removed old concealed by distance logic, that was incompatible with the newer visibility system. For example, units that are visible at range could look like they were hidden on their user interface, when they could be seen.
  • Pikemen can move out of melee when pike phalanx is active in battles. For example, If only one of the pikeman is attacked, the entire unit will no longer start to be unresponsive to orders.
  • Improved responsiveness of Siege Equipment when dropped and picked back up multiple times.
  • In Campaign modes, the number of siege equipment entries is now capped to be the length of the siege – 1
  • Further improvements to AI collision detection with Deployables in battle.
  • Units that charge while in formation (e.g. block formation) stop sooner on contact with the enemy, to reduce “blobbing” where units converge into a disorganised brawl.
  • Fixed bug with missile units on ships not firing on enemies reliably during battles.
  • Fixed bug with ship artillery not firing on buildings reliably in battles.
  • Fix for ships surviving on the campaign map after sinking on the battle map.
  • Fix missile ships getting stuck when targeting land units just outside of their range.
  • Reduced the chance of AI (enemy) reinforcements and the players reinforcements joining a battle from the same location and therefore engaging in combat instantly in battles from Campaign modes.

Balancing Changes

  • Hit points for all units have been increased in combat.
  • Melee defence has been reduced for most melee cavalry units and for some elite infantry units.
  • Reduced melee weapon damage in battles, and increased melee defence from shields.
  • Various trait effects are now working as intended.
  • Improved pike weapon damage balancing in battles.
  • Fatigue for running and being in combat has been increased in battles.
  • Further tweaks and rebalancing has been made to unit morale in battles.
  • Elite infantry morale has been reduced slightly during battles.
  • Experience level thresholds have been increased for units.
  • Special ability cool down times have been re-balanced in battles.
  • Building costs have been updated to reflect the changes in building effects in Campaign modes.
  • Morale bonuses from training and religious building chains have been reduced in Campaign modes. Instead, these buildings now give more varied bonuses to the units.
  • Cost of experience bonuses for Custom and Multiplayer battles have been reduced.
  • Squalor and food consumption have been rebalanced (reduction for higher-level buildings) in Campaign modes.
  • The Headhunt ability has been re-balanced in battles.
  • The charge bonus for Celtic, Briton and Germanic units have been reduced.
  • The masses of horses and men on the battlefield have been made more reasonable.
  • Reduced the mass of camel units in battle.

Usability Improvements

  • The Balance Of Power bar on the Diplomacy screen now shows the correct ratio, rather than just 50/50.
  • Improved the desynchronisation detection in Multiplayer Campaign mode, and players are now given a popup message when a desynchronisation has occurred, with the options to resynchronise the game to continue, or quit the game.
  • When the host leaves the team lobby in Quick Battle multiplayer mode, a new host is found.
  • Improved multiplayer compatibility between players who own the Greek States DLC and those who don’t.
  • In Multiplayer Ambush Battles, if Player 1 clicks the “Start Battle” button, and the Player 2 waits for the timer to run out for the battle to start, Player 2 will no longer be locked into Cinematic Mode with limited user interface controls.
  • All battles now end 5 seconds after the victory is decided (This used to be 10 seconds).
  • In Multiplayer Land Battles, when deployment is over, enemy armies will no longer be visible, when they are supposed to be hidden, for a couple of seconds before fading out.
  • In Multiplayer battles, a player who has conceded defeat will now turn into a spectator. They can then exit the battle if they want to.
  • Fix for battle music getting paused while in slow battle speed.
  • When on the campaign map, if an agent is placed close to the edge of an enemy settlement as it expands (builds a building in a construction slot) the agent is now teleported out of the way of the expansion, so they do not become stuck within the settlement. If the agent was already stuck in an expanded settlement before this update, they will remain stuck, and have to be disbanded. This update will prevent this situation from happening in the future.
  • Slightly improve combat responsiveness and animations for formation attacks in battles.
  • Fixed bug with ship artillery not firing at all after using first-person mode in battles.
  • The Attacking Testudo can no longer be activated in melee during battles.
  • Battering rams moves out the way correctly after battering a gate down in battles.
  • The Tortoise battering ram animation has been tweaked slightly so it collides with walls better, at the point of impact when a wall is destroyed.
  • Multiple waypoints displayed for units in siege equipment, as previously only 1 was displayed.
  • Selecting Dismount on mounted units continuously during deployment in battles will move the units towards their last ordered position less after dismounting.
  • During battles, if a cavalry unit is ordered to move to a location, and then ordered to dismount, the men will now dismount but not continue to move to the previously ordered location.
  • The number of arrows is now correctly depleted when units fire whilst moving during battles.
  • Correct bonuses are now being applied to units from Workshop buildings.
  • Fixed bug with pike phalanx not getting back into pike stance after running.
  • Charge bonuses are now correctly applied to units recruited in certain provinces.
  • Projectile impact effects hitting units and buildings are now positioned more accurately.
  • Improved fire effects for buildings, siege vehicles and deployables during battles.
  • Improved some visual effects for during battles. Better burnt version of buildings with burning embers, and running water down roofs and vertical surfaces in rain.
  • Damaged visual effects have been improved on the campaign.
  • Fixed Briton Chariot unit attributes.
  • Fix for Scythian horse unit variation.
  • The achievements “Noble Master”, “Spymaster” and “Champion of the Gods” now unlock sooner after their requirements have been met.
  • Fix for the Campaign map terrain disappearing when repeatedly toggling between the Campaign Map and Campaign Tactical Map.
  • Province level bonuses (such as edicts with food bonuses) are now taken into account in the food level displayed in a province overview in Campaign modes.
  • Settlement labels on the campaign map are now positioned more accurately and no longer get offset from the settlements.
  • In the Province panel in Campaign modes, provinces can now be sorted by their level of food production.
  • Several Eastern buildings now correctly consume food (instead of either not consuming anything or giving contradicting public order effects) in Campaign modes.
  • The Qanat building (in the Eastern agricultural chain) now produces a small amount of food in campaign mode.
  • The warning message that informs the player that they are not researching any technology when they press the “End Turn” button in Single Player Campaigns is now also displayed in Multiplayer Campaigns.
  • The players armies in Ambush stance will no longer move by themselves in Campaign modes, which happened on rare occasions.
  • Fix for user interface bug showing the wrong tax level on the Province Details panel when the “Tax province” button was ticked in Campaign modes.
  • Culture conversion coming from some characters now correctly shows up as “character” in the culture tooltip, no longer as “building”.
  • In Campaign modes, the culture that Consecrated Grounds belong to is now displayed in their title, to make it clearer why they need to be converted.
  • The “Reduces slave population decline” icon in the information panel when placing the mouse over the “Slave Trader” in the Commons buildings section in Campaign modes is now displayed as green instead of red (as it’s a positive affect).
  • The first building in the equipment chain (E.g. Workshop for Hellenic, Quartermaster for Eastern etc.) can no longer be bypassed by converting from another faction’s equipment chain without researching.
  • Technologies are now required to create the Level 4 Jewelsmith building, to prevent an exploit.
  • Improved ship melee/ramming target selection in battles.
  • Fixed boarding mode button state issues when attempting to board a ship in battle.
  • In battles, men who have already boarded an enemy ship no longer jump into the sea once their ship has started to sink or back onto their sinking ship. (Men who remain on the sinking ship still jump into the water.)
  • Improved Advisor lip sync in various pieces of advice in Campaign modes.
  • Clicking the “Square” special ability as a unit is attempting to man a siege tower will no longer stick the siege tower to that unit in battles.
  • When an agent is selected in Campaign mode, and the player right clicks on a settlement to sabotage the enemy, the menu will no longer act erratically.
  • When the player had a subject to deal with in the politics screen and the subject had an infamy effect, this effect once seen persisted in being shown for all other characters even if the subject is dismissed. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for some misaligned text on a tooltip displayed when a settlement with a port is blockaded by an enemy, and the player selects the enemy and places the mouse over the settlement.
  • Improved small glitches with Campaign selection markers and Forced March visual effects sometimes being displayed in the wrong positions when units move.
  • Fixed some inconsistent ability names for General Skill Types.
  • In Campaign mode, Roman “Basilica of X” temples have now been renamed to “Precinct of X”.
  • Tooltip regarding the “Armoured Siege Units” technology bonus effects on pre-siege vehicles (all variants of Galleries, Siege Towers, Ladders and Battering Rams) is now clearer.
  • Fixed the tooltip when placing the mouse over the Columns I, II and III for War Exercises, Warrior Code, Tribal Economy and Druidic Council technology trees in the Technology Panel in Campaign modes.
  • Two pieces of advice from the Battlefield Advisor relating to flanking were mixed up in Italian and Spanish. These have now been corrected.
  • Fixed a couple of instances where what the Battlefield Advisors was saying did not match the text displayed in Spanish.
  • Some steep terrain in a Greek Minor Port battle map has been levelled out, to stop ships from going under the beach when they disembark.
  • Improvements to the wall connectivity in a Greek Port battle map.
  • Boiling oil poured from gate houses in battles will look better where it intersects with the ground.
  • Improved impact animations when pig carcasses hit the ground when fired as poison rounds form artillery in battles.
  • While crossing rivers in battles, units footsteps now default to mud sounds instead of water sounds.
  • Fix for a small hole in the terrain in a Greek Minor Port battle map.
  • When the player is defending in a siege battle from Campaign mode, and the enemy partially capture a Victory Point on the battle map, then the player re-gains control of the Victory Point, the
  • Battlefield Advisor will no longer say “Our enemy have lost a victory point”. 
  • Fix for the Battlefield Advisor sometimes referring to the players own reinforcements as “Enemy Reinforcements” during battles.
  • Added some localisation text and audio fixes for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish and Turkish.
  • Added Stonehenge back to the custom battle map at these coordinates 0.137, 0238 (Iska).
  • Fixed typo on ‘Conscription’ edict in English.
  • Improved culling of certain rocks on the battlefield.
  • Added French, Italian, German and Spanish localisation to the word “Settlement” in the Agent Action Panel in Campaign modes.
  • Various text and grammar fixes for the Campaign user interface.

As you can see Creative Assembly has been working really hard on this game. I’ll have to play the game to see for myself if the game has been improved. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.


Among The Sleep- Impressions, and News

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Very little information has been released on Among The Sleep, one thing can be said about the game though, it looks freaking creepy. In Among The Sleep you play as a baby, that’s right a baby, something is haunting you while you were asleep in your crib and now you must find out exactly what that “thing” is. The first person gameplay here looks great, you can see your hands while you crawl around the floor solving puzzles, and getting scared shitless. There is an extensive demo of the game out but it’s terrible guys, all you here are the two idiots from IGN joking around, being much too loud while they’re playing the game but it is the only gameplay I could find on the game so far.

Among The Sleep has a lot of potential and I really hope that this game gets released this year like it was promised. For an Indie title the graphics are nice, the sound effects are great, and when the two guys actually shut up you can even hear the baby you’re playing as scream, and just talk in gibberish when nothing scary is happening. I do have a few questions about the game itself, where are the parents for one? What happened to them? Did the thing in the house kill them or take them captive? Is the baby in an alternate world? Is the baby dreaming? I think it’s great that I have so many questions about this game. I’m really excited to see what the finished product will be like and i’ll stay on top of this game as more news is released.

Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for more news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon. Here’s a link to the video is you’re curious about the game, I couldn’t finish watching it, these guys ruined the whole experience for me:

Top 5 Horror Games

We all have our list of favorite horror games and even though they’re all different we do however have one thing in common, they scared the shit out of us! So join me as I count down my top 5 horror games of all time.


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The first Fear scared the shit out of me. I could randomly be walking down a dark hallway, and Alma would appear and… well lets just say I played this with all the lights on for a reason.


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The Resident Evil remake for Gamecube had me too scared to walk down the hallways in that creepy mansion. I never knew if the corpse I had just walked passed would jump up to try and kill me or if it was really dead. Resident Evil is a true classic.




Condemned Criminal Origins is one of the creepiest games i’ve ever played. You’re an FBI agent that’s tasked with solving this grisly murder that happened. The environment, sound effects, and creepy ass homeless dudes earns Condemned a spot on my list.


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Fear 2 had me to scared to sleep for days after I beat the first time. I kept all my lights on, and ended up playing through the game 2 more times because I was hooked. Fear 2 is by far the best game in the Fear trilogy.

#1 images (3)


Alan Wake, while technically didn’t actually scare me in the way Fear 2 did, it is on it’s own a very creepy game. Alan Wake’s book, that he doesn’t remember writing, is trying to kill him. As a writer I can totally relate to that and see the creepiness behind everything that’s happening. Staying out of the dark armed with a flashlight and pistol was intense, and the creativity in this world is amazing to me. Alan Wake deserves the top spot on my list.

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Red Cliff 1 And 2 Review

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Red Cliff takes place in Ancient China, the first of the two movies is pretty much a build up to the battle known historically as Red Cliff. Liu Bei is fleeing south from a massive Cao Cao army with the hopes that Sun Quan, the leader of the Wu Kingdom, will aid him in defeating Cao Cao, the Leader of the Wei Kingdom. Red Cliff builds up to what would be known as the Three Kingdoms era in Chinese history and it’s one hell of a movie. Red Cliff cliff begins with Cao Cao trying to seek permission from the Han dynasty Emperor to organize a strike against his two main rivals. Sun Quan, of Wu, and Liu Bei of Xu {it’s pronounced shoe}, Cao Cao’s forces complete crushed Liu Bei forces and forced him to retreat south. Zhuge Liang, known throughout history as the sleeping dragon, knew that they wouldn’t stand a chance against Cao Cao’s massive army. Zhuge Liang reached to Zhou Yu and convinced him that there only hope of stopping Cao Cao would be by working together.

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Red Cliff is action packed, there are thousands of people on the screen kicking each others asses and it’s beautiful. This movie isn’t just an action flick though, it’s also political, and very well acted. Seeing Wu, and Xu disagree with each other was a lot of fun. John Woo proved that he can make a great Drama/Action movie here. Red Cliff is a really long movie, that’s why there are two parts. It’s a five hour movie, and the most expensive movie in China history but in the end it all paid off. The first half of Red Cliff is amazing and I highly recommend this movie if you’re a fan movies that take place in this era. I personally would’ve loved to see more of Guan Yu in this movie but that’s a different story for another time.



Red Cliff was just the build up to the upcoming war, Red Cliff 2 is the actual war! Red Cliff 2 starts off with Cao Cao’s men playing some Cuju before the big war. On the other side of things Sun Quan is mobilizing his men, making battle plans, and sending his sister, Sun Shiang Xiang, out in disguise as an enemy to send updates to Zhuge Liang. They are extremely outnumbered, the combined forces of Wu, and Xu made up about 50,000 men. Cao Cao had a little over 1 million troops sailing towards Wu, so yeah i’d say they were pretty outnumbered here. The battle of Red Cliff 2 kept me on the edge of my seat. I already knew how the movie would end because I’ve studied Ancient Chinese History extensively but that didn’t make the experience any weaker for me. Seeing it in action instead of just in my head was a real treat for me. I’m not going to spoil how the battle ended but I highly recommend watching this movie.

It’s very well written, the actors are amazing, and the action is non stop. This battle in many ways set the foundation of the Three Kingdoms and will always be remembered as one of the greatest battles in Chinese History and this movie literally brings it to life once again for the world to see. My final verdict for Red Cliff 1 and 2 is a full 10/10. Watch this movie! It’s by far the best work John Woo has ever done.

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Fantastic 4 Review

The worst heroes in Marvel Comics has a movie and guess what? It sucks too!


I’ve never been a fan of the Fantastic 4, in my honest opinion they were always too boring to get into but I did watch this movie hoping that it could make me a fan of them. The short answer is it made me hate them even more, one Jessica Alba is in the movie and she really can’t act at all. Her performances are always laughably bad, Chris Evans used to be on my shit list but I started to like a little after Captain America, the dude kicked some serious ass in that movie. Then we have Ioan Gruffudd as Mister Fantastic, and Micheal Chiklis as the Thing, really? Out of all the people to play the Thing, Micheal Chiklis? The saving grace for this movie at least in my opinion is Julian McMahon. The dude is a great actor and I love seeing him play a villain.

That being said this movie is just laughably bad, it was poorly written, and it feels like a cheesy comedy instead of a superhero film. They’re always cracking lame jokes or acting like teenagers in love for the first time. This was not catering to Fantastic 4 fans so who was it catering too? Julian McMahon saved this movie for me, he played a great Doctor Victor Von Doom. Every scene he was in he made it his own and I enjoyed them. Everything else was an utter failure at an attempt to create a decent superhero movie. Instead what we got was a drawn out soap opera with average acting from everyone and some of the worst fight scenes i’ve ever seen in a movie. The best they can come up with is having the Human Torch fight Thing? The end fight against Doctor Doom was average at best and Mister Fantastic, and Invisible Woman’s romance was terribly done.

If you’re a fan of super hero movies, or the Fantastic 4 in general then do yourself a favor and skip this one if you’ve never seen it. You’re not missing out on much. This movie is almost as bad as Dragonball, don’t even get me started on that one. My final verdict for Fantastic 4 is a 5/10. Julian McMahon makes this an average movie at best. Maybe one day we’ll see a real Fantastic 4 movie, until then I guess we’ll have to settle with this shit.

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My Book Info

A few years ago I started writing a book, circumstances came up and I gave up writing for a few years. I just recently found my old manuscript, I wrote the entire prologue, and I just posted it up on my other blog. I figured I should attempt to finish the book. Check it out if you like reading and let me know what you think.

Here’s the link:

Shadowrun Returns Review




     Shadowrun returns is a unique game, you’re in a world that magic, and science coexists with each other. It’s a mixture of cyberpunk, and fantasy and for the most part it works really well. The game starts with you in your apartment doing random things and you get a call from one of your old friends, or not, it’s really your choice on whether or not you consider this guy your friend but I chose to go the friend route in my playthrough so that’s what i’m going to call him. One thing I really love about this game is the fact that there’s no voice acting at all. You have to read walls of text, if you don’t like reading then this game isn’t for you because there is a lot to read in this game, but it isn’t boring, I was engaged from the very first paragraph that I read and it really intrigued me. Your goal in Shadowrun returns is to find the person that murdered your friend and bring him to justice, street justice anyway, you have to go around town gathering clues, evidence, and witnessing while piecing together this sadistic killer’s motive. 

   The ripper, the killers name, cuts his victims open and takes out parts of their body. I’m not going to spoil anything for you but in the end the story really does come together quite well. Shadowrun returns is a dark game, it’s not for kids, every piece of dialogue is excellently written but I did notice some basic mistakes in some lines that read. I don’t think the game was proof read before they published it but it’s only minor and it didn’t really take away from the experience of the game itself. I love this dark, fantasy world in Shadowrun, exploring it’s twisted citizens and getting to know everyone was great. Everyone has a backstory and something to hide. Some people are just really fucked up in the head while others are forced to do disgusting things just to get by in this world. It felt very real at times because of this and it made the game more immersive.

    The biggest problem with Shadowrun is the gameplay, it’s very stale, stiff, and sloppy at times. You can tell they wanted to make the gameplay like Xcom but the end result wasn’t as good as Enemy Unknown and it shows. Moving into cover is tedious, and the actual combat animations themselves are lackluster. Another thing I didn’t like was my partners, they never stayed with me for an extended period of time. They’ll join for a single mission, then leave as soon as it’s over and i’m stuck wondering the city alone 90% of the time. To get new partners you have to hire them, which is awesome, but if you don’t have the cash then you’re in a tough spot because you’ll have to make due with what you got and some of the fights can get pretty tricky if you don’t have the right loadouts and partners backing you up. 

   One of my favorite parts about this game was going into an alternate reality that only hackers, and deckers and get to. You’re basically in the internet itself and you’re hacking into security trying to find out what to do next while fighting off other hackers, and viruses, at least that’s what I call them. Investigating crimes, bribing cops, talking to civilians, and the amount of options you get in dialogue are all amazing and is easily my favorite part of the game. I talked to everyone I came across for information and if you’re good enough at the game you can even make people think you’re a cop which is awesome if you’re trying to get information out of them. To make things even better you can mod Shadowrun Returns, this adds a limitless amount of replayability to the game and makes it that much more fun to see what people can come up with. 

   There are already quite a few mods available on Steam, and the nexus so you can jump right in if you wanted to. My final verdict for Shadowrun Returns is an 8/10. This game was worth every cent and It earns my recommendation. If you’re a fan of strategy games or a fan of Shadowrun in general then try this game out. You won’t be disappointed by the results. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.


Mars War Logs First Impressions


Mars War Logs came out a while ago. I never had a chance to play but I remember being highly curious about it at the time. I decided to give it a shot and it’s not bad so far. I’m only 20 minutes into the game right now and it’s very dialogue heavy right. That’s not a bad thing but if you’re not into games that have a lot of conversations then this might not be for you. After watching a lengthy opening cutscene about a boy explaining how hard life on Mars is, he’s soon taken to a war prison camp. As soon as he gets there he’s almost raped by a fat guy and his friends, our main character steps in and stops it from happening. That was probably the first 5-10 minutes of the game.

The way the dialogue is set up reminds me of Mass Effect so I had no problem getting used to the system since it was so familar. The voice so far is decent, and sometimes just bad but i’m only 20 minutes in and I can’t judge the game to harshly for that just yet. There are a nice selection of skills to choose from when you level up, I haven’t had a chance to look through all of them yet but from what i’ve seen it seems like your average warrior, rogue, mage build ups. The graphics are average, i’m not one to judge a game by it’s graphics but you can clearly tell that Mars War Logs has very dated graphics.

The gameplay is a little sluggish for my tastes but I don’t have any skills yet so i’m going to withhold judgement on that until my review comes out. So far i’m having a decent time with Mars War Logs and at the moment i’m also recording my playthrough of the game. I literally just uploaded my first 2 videos of the game and they should be done in a few hours. I’ll post a link when it’s ready and you guys can watch me play through the first 20 minutes of the game. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

My New Blog

   I have just recently created a new blog, Family Life, and i’ll be regularly posting on it. I’ll post a link below and I hope i’ll see you there soon. This doesn’t mean I won’t be posting here anymore, this new blog has nothing to do with what I currently write about so I thought it would be a good idea to start a new blog and share it with my wife. 

Here’s the link:

Fable Review

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I have very fond memories of this game, I also have some bad ones of it too. We were promised so much content by Peter Molyneux but as usual he failed to deliver. Fable is a great game, no doubt about it but it doesn’t live up to the hype. Then again, does any game? Fable takes place in the world of Albion, you start off as a kid, which is great by the way, it’s your sister’s birthday and you have to buy her a present. I really loved running around as a kid and I wish it lasted longer then 10-15 minutes. After you go around town getting enough gold to buy a present and take it to your sister the town is attacked by bandits. Your sister tells you to hide, and you watch as the bandits slaughter everyone and burn the town to the ground around them. When you finally get control of your character again you follow the trail of bodies to your own home and find your mother, and father killed and your sister missing.

A bandit charges at you and before he can deliver the killing blow he’s shocked by a bolt of lightning and an old wizard, Maze, rescues you and takes you to the Heroes Guild. The Hero’s Guild is easily the best part about this game. You come here to train your skills, get new quests, and go adventures throughout Albion. Just about every quest had a unique story, and the game itself is quite humorous. For the time period Fable had good graphics, and even today the graphics really don’t bother me. You get access to a huge skill tree, there’s strength, stamina, and will. The first Fable game had the largest amount of spells you could choose from, 16 spells that you can upgrade to become more powerful by spending your experience. When you upgrade your strength your character gets bulkier, and does more damage in melee combat, when you upgrade skill your character becomes more efficient at ranged combat and learns how to pick locks, and sneak around, and finally when you upgrade you will you get strange markings all over your body and you become more proficient at casting spells.

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You age in Fable, not many games has this mechanic in it. Your character can age, and even die. Every time you spend experience on a new skill you age one year. You officially start the game at 18 years of age and by the end of the game you’ll probably be in your late 50’s early 60’s. There are ways to counter this by donating money to the gods and in return they’ll make you younger. Elixirs of Life also make you younger but there are only a few of them scattered around Albion and finding them are difficult if you don’t know where to look. I loved the creativity in Fable, the entire world was so interesting and had so much potential that was sadly never realised but that’s a topic for another day. There are a lot of things for you to do in Fable besides go on quests and become a legendary hero. You can get married, buy houses, or shops, and talk to demon doors. Demon doors are magical doors that’ll open for you if you perform a task for it first.

The easiest door to open is the first one you come across in the game, it wants you to perform an act of great evil in front of it. Just slaughter a few hundred people, get some horns, go back and it’ll open, or kill your wife/husband in front of it and that’ll do too. I don’t like the way you communicate with people in this game. You perform some stupid pose for them and they’ll start to like you for it. Some of the quests are really, really dumb, and the game itself is too linear. In a world with this much potential it’s a shame that I can’t go out and explore. Fable is a great game and even though it didn’t live up to the hype I still enjoyed the hell out of it. My final verdict for Fable is a 7/10. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon. I used to love the Fable series but with each new installment something was taken out of the game and that’s never a good thing.