Civilization Online not coming to the U.S


It breaks my heart to say this but apparently North America isn’t going to see Civilization Online for quite some time. 2K Games PR Brian Roundy released a statement earlier this month saying it will be exclusive to Korea for the time being and there is no official release date for this game.

2K Games is currently negotiating with XL Games on when Civilization Online will be ready for an North America release. I for one am highly disappointed that I probably won’t have a chance to play this game for another year maybe even two years from now. Image

I do however have some other news to share about the gameplay mechanics of Civilization Online. Civilization Online is like every other Civilization game. You progress through time discovering new technologies, and Great Wonders until you win or the lose the game. When you start the game you may only choose from four different civilizations.  I honestly don’t like the sound of that but they said they’ll be adding more after launch. I can only hope we won’t have to pay real cash for all of them. Civilization Online will have a new building system added in. In the Civilization games building things has always been quite simple.

Xl Games announced that in order for you to build something you must go out and gather the necessary materials in order to actually begin production on it. I’m going to hold judgement on that one until I learn more about it. If they do it right and don’t have it feel like a chore than I won’t have any problems with this new feature being added.


Another feature that has been added is a career system. It doesn’t really sound like a “new” feature. You can start wars, do some espionage, and be diplomatic. We can already do this in Civilization V but i’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each chosen career if there are any at all. One thing that I really like the sound of is being able to actually customize your city in a unique way. You can now choose where you want your buildings to be placed, and even decorate them on the outside. There has also been a new level up feature added in the game. I’m not quite sure how this works yet but what I do know is when you level up you’ll get skill points to spend. So if you want to produce buildings faster than you’ll have to invest your skill points in that specific set of skills.  It sounds very interesting and when I learn more i’ll be sure to keep this up to date.

I for one am really looking forward to this game. I have high hopes and at least for now I don’t see any reason to be worried that this game could suck. It’s been in production for three years now and I love when developers take their time making games. I like the art direction they took the game in and it’s running on CryEngine 3 which we should all know by now how powerful that engine is.  If you’re interested in reading the full article and I recommend that you do just click here I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.


Total War Rome 2 and Splinter Cell Blacklist Review coming soon


I love the Total War series to death. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time and in a little over two weeks i’ll finally have a chance to play it. I’m expecting this to be my game of the year. Total War Shogun 2 was an amazing game but i’m not a huge fan of samurai’s but playing as the Roman Legion fighting hordes of barbarians is going to be freaking awesome!

Until Total War Rome 2 comes out i’ll be working on Splinter Cell Blacklist and should have a review for it after I play through it a few times. I’m curious to see how the new voice actor for Sam Fisher handles his role. Alright now that, that’s out of my system i’ll end this by saying I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Marvel Heroes Review



When I heard about Marvel Heroes I was excited. I love Marvel and I was hoping it would be better than DC Universe. Well… it is and it isn’t. Let me explain… The gameplay in Marvel Heroes I actually really like. It reminds me of Marvel Ultimate Alliance but instead of everyone generally attacking the exact same way they each have their own fighting style.

 For example the black widow would unleash a fury of bullets from her guns as your normal basic attack, and Scarlet Witch will shoot energy rays at you. I really like this because it makes me want to see how every character in the games plays. Leveling up is quite easy. I went through the whole game with Scarlet Witch and I didn’t die until I fought Magneto. My second death came at the hands of Doctor Doom himself. After you level up you’ll have a choice to choose from three different skill trees. I personally mix and match them all and i’m happy to say my Scarlet Witch is a badass.

There are also a lot of other players around and it’s easy to form a group and go questing together. Everyone also gets their own loot so it’s not a race to pick up rare items that drop because only you can see them. I love this mechanic and I wish more mmo’s would do this. Now let’s get to what’s bad about Marvel Heroes. Shopping in this game is completely useless.

I have so much money and nothing to spend it on. If you want something useful for your character you have to spend real life cash on. I hate it when games do this. If you want a new character you can either grind for days at a time and collect eternity splinters for the character that you want or you can spend up to twenty dollars on a SINGLE character.

To use someone like Spiderman is expensive. I flat out refuse to buy characters because I feel I shouldn’t have to. Collecting eternity splinters is a cool aspect of the game but the characters are way to expensive to get in any reasonable amount of time. You’ll get tired of this game rather quickly because of this and I can’t recommend it for everyone. Only hardcore Marvel fans would go through the grind of getting new characters.

My final verdict for Marvel Heroes is a 7/10. I thought about giving this a 6 but I loved my playthrough of this game. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Warframe Review


Warframe is a unique mmo. I’ve never played an mmo like it. Basically you and three other people join a squad and do missions together. You can go on assassinations ,capture, sabotage, and various other missions. There are two ways to do this on every stage. Stealth, or guns blazing. I have yet to get on team that actually wants to do it the sneaky way and hell I don’t blame them!

You’re practically a space ninja. You have two guns. A primary weapon, and secondary one, but you also have a kick ass melee weapon. The game feels like Mass Effect in a way. You get to do special abilities and pretty much kick all sorts of ass. At the end of every mission you get experience points for your chosen Warframe, guns, and melee weapon that you decided use.

I like this mechanic in the game a lot. You can further customize your chosen Warframe by adding mods to it. Some mods increase your maximum health, other mods grant you new skills that you can use against the enemy but you have to choose wisely because you have a total amount that you can use until you lv your Warframe up more. The same thing applies to all your weapons. You can put a fire mod on your shotgun and run around with a fire shooting boom stick.

After you do enough missions you’ll be able to try and get a promotion. You’ll need to promote your Warframe if you want to use the better equipment later on so this important. You must go through the promotion alone and if you fail you’ll have to start over. There are a few things about the game that I really don’t like. In order for you to be as effective as other players you’ll need to pay real cash or grind for hours trying to get the necessary ingredients that you need in order to make your new piece of gear.

If you want a new Warframe it’s the same way. Almost every item in the game cost real life money and to me it makes no sense. I also seem to get paired up with speed demons that like to rush all the way through the stage and skip all the enemies leaving me alone against dozens of them. Other than that this really is a great game and I recommend you try it out.

My final verdict for Warframe is a 7/10. This is a great game and if they work on adding some more innovative missions in the future, and implement a new way of purchasing items I could easily give this game 8. As of right now doing the same things over and over does get repetitive after a while and as usual if you enjoyed reading this i’ll have more for you real soon.

Batman/Superman movie and what I hope I won’t see

I love Superman. He’s my favorite hero of all time. I also love Batman. He’s my second favorite hero of all time. That being said I have some concerns about the Batman/Superman movie that was announced. My main concern is will Batman fight Superman? All of us know that Superman can destroy Batman in the blink of an eye. We all know it even though hardcore Batman fans won’t admit it.

If Batman beats Superman in a fight I think Superman fans would react badly to it and with good reason. Batman, and Superman shouldn’t be fighting in the first place. Popularity always wins in the movies and right now Batman is the more popular hero. Superman has finally gotten a revamp and is back in the spotlight only to be shot down under Batman.

They should release the second Man of Steel movie {or whatever they want to call it} before this one. In my opinion DC is rushing the Justice League out because Marvel has the Avengers and they want to compete. It’s awesome that they want to make a Justice League movie but take your time. Don’t rush something like this because you’re bound to make mistakes. Make another Man of Steel movie, then introduce Batman again. We still have a lot of heroes that haven’t even come into the picture yet like Wonder Woman. Where is she? Who’s going to play her? Aqua Man, The Flash, Green Lantern? Are they keeping Ryan Renolds or moving on? There are still a lot of heroes that has to at least have a cameo appearance to even have a Justice League movie.

I have high hopes for first Justice League movie. I would love to see one, one day but I don’t want to see a rush job. Take your time, find the right actors/actresses and make one kickass movie. As for Batman/Superman please don’t screw this up. I’m a big fan of both of them and I would love to see them on the big screen. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you soon.

Dead Island RIptide- Infinite zombie spawning area

I’ve been playing Dead Island Riptide for a little over a month now and i’ll admit that it’s addictive. I love killing zombies. Especially with friends so when it’s four of us running from a never ending horde of zombies it’s pretty intense. There one location in particular that I think of when I say never ending horde of zombies. I don’t exactly remember the area but I know there’s a guy who won’t open the fence for you to go in and restock on supplies. He tells you to go rescue his friend first then he’ll open the gates for you. 

  There is an area in this village that keeps spawning zombies non-stop. They spawn from a rooftop in groups of four or five. As soon as you kill the the first group a second group immediately appears and charges you. This is a good area to lv up your skills, and character. I recommend a group because once your equipment starts to break your friends can cover you while you repair, and upgrade your stuff. Things can get out of hand if you’re overwhelmed because the zombies spawn so fast. 

  I don’t know if this is a glitch in the game or not but I thought I should let you guys know about it regardless. Have fun gaming and as usual I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you soon.

Man Of Steel

This is my first official review and what better way to start it off then by talking about my favorite superhero… Superman!


I had high hopes when I saw the first teaser trailer for this movie. My heart was pounding in my chest and for a moment I felt like a kid again with a red pillow case tied around my neck and was flying through the hallway pretending I was Superman. Well i’m happy to say that I felt like that while I was watching the movie too. Man of Steel is the best Superman movie I have ever seen. I didn’t think walking into this movie that I would enjoy it more than I did the original Superman movies but I did.

I didn’t think Henry Cavil could be a good Superman. We all know the story of Superman by now so there’s no point in telling you who Superman is, and where he’s from. The beginning of the movie starts off on Krypton. Kal El {Superman or Clark Kent} is just a newborn baby. His father Jor El who is played by Russel Crowe who broke kryptonian laws and had a natural born baby instead of growing him. He wanted his first child to have freewill so to speak.


I’m not going to get into anymore detail because I don’t want to spoil the whole movie for you. General Zod is played by Michael Shannon and I thought he did an amazing job. Everyone brought their A game to this movie. I was a little disappointed in Louis Lane but I eventually started to like her as the movie went on. I loved seeing how lost Kal El was during this movie. Being the only one of his kind and not being able to fit in really tore away at him in the beginning and that’s something Superman needs.

We need to be able to relate to Superman and I think they pulled it off just fine in this movie. The visual effects were in your face and Zack Snyder didn’t pull any strings with them. Man of Steel was action packed, and at times brought a tears to my eyes at least three times during the movie. The destruction that happened when Superman finally went up against Zod was mind blowing. This is the kind of destruction you would see if two superhuman forces clashed against each other in real life.


I like the fact that Superman was inexperienced and made mistakes in the movie. I loved the way they showed his life through flashbacks instead of making the movie an extra hour long to explain everything. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were perfect as Kal El’s parents. I can go on and on about how awesome this movie is but i’ll simply say that if you’re a Superman fan I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t like this movie.  Superman needed this revamp and I for one can’t wait to see the sequel.

My final verdict for Man of Steel is a 9/10. I loved every minute of this movie and saw it a few more times and enjoyed every single time I saw it. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.


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