Dark Souls 2- My Thoughts, Fears, And Hopes


I absolutely love the Soul series. I was introduced through Dark Souls then later on went back and played Demon Souls which in my opinion is the easier game. So now we have Dark Souls 2 and it looks awesome. The graphics are amazing and I love the amount of work they put into the surrounding areas. Hardcore Dark Souls fans are scared that this game is going to be too “easy” or that it won’t live up to expectations and it’s going to flat out suck.


Think about this though… Dark Souls isn’t a “hard” game to begin with. It’s a game that has you constantly thinking ahead of your enemies. If you rush into a building and try to Dynasty Warrior them to death then yeah you’re going to die a lot but if you take your time and study your opponents every move then you can get quite far without dying and don’t say that’s not true because I have literally went through the entire game and only died twice. Dark Souls will punish you for the mistakes you make.


Am I afraid that Dark Souls 2 might suck? Of course I am but it’s not the first time i’ve been scared that a game I really love might not be as good as the first one. Dark Souls 2 is gorgeous and the gameplay looks so much better than any of it’s predecessors. It looks very fluid, and responsive. Gone are the days of trying to win a duel with a backstab.  The magic in the game looks badass and i’m considering going through my first playthrough as a mage and that’s a class I usually avoid playing in every game. I’m more of a in your face guy and i’m damn good at it too. I personally don’t think we have anything to be worried about in Dark Souls 2 but I do have somethings I want improved with the game that I really didn’t like about the first Dark Souls game.


Finding friends or anyone in general to play Dark Souls with has always been hard. When you do find someone to summon you’ll frequently get the connection lost sign time and time again until you eventually give up and go on alone or you get lucky and manage to get a single partner out of the ten or so you tried to summon before them. I would like to see some sort of drop in and out system or a matchmaking lobby of sorts for the multiplayer. I think it would make the game more fun to playthrough with your friends without having to hunt for their sign.

Another thing I really hated was trying to play Dark Souls on the PC. PC gamers got the worst port ever with this game. I had to plug in my Xbox controller just to play and i’m glad I originally brought Dark Souls for the PS3 because if you don’t mod Dark Souls then you’re going to have a hard time enjoying it on the PC. The frame rate was terrible on consoles {i’m looking at you Blightown} and just as bad on the PC. Thankfully I was able to download a mod that fixed that problem along with the resolution so I had a much more enjoyable experience. That still doesn’t excuse the crappy PC port but it made it easier to play.

And there you have it my thoughts on Dark Souls 2! I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon. Below are some links to various articles related to Dark Souls 2.


GTA V Online Details and GamePlay Footage (link included)

Here are some details about GTA V that a friend of mine posted. It’s interesting and has me considering to actually buy my first GTA game. Check it out and be sure to like, and comment if you think it’s interesting.

The Cursed Son

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Firefall First Impressions


Firefall is now in open beta and the first thing I noticed shortly after I started playing was the similarities to Borderlands. The graphics, the new you stations when you die. They’re not actually called new you stations but they might as well be because they’re the same. Image

Aside from that Firefall is it’s own game and I enjoyed what little time I put into the game. You can switch your base class at anytime by visiting your battleframe station. So you don’t have to worry about being restricted to the class you choose. Firefall is a TPS/FPS hybrid and the controls for each mode is actually very fluid and well done. I don’t mind playing in either mode. In FPS mode you can aim down the sights and pretty much play it the way you’ll play any FPS.


I really enjoyed my time in Firefall and I can’t wait to get back in game start kicking some ass. It’s fast paced combat is nice, fluid and I recommend you give this game a shot. After I play enough of the game i’ll post a review of it up until then i’ll see you guys later and as always I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Bioshock Infinite’s return to Rapture!

images (3)

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea takes us back to Rapture! I can’t wait to see Rapture in Infinite’s engine. It’s going to be beautiful. Going up against Big Daddy’s and whatever else they’re going to through at us is just awesome. There is no official release date as of yet on when we’ll get to play this beauty but I have a feeling that it’s going to be soon.  This is going to be a two part series and I can only imagine what’s in store for us in the months to come.

On a side note I want to thank everyone that’s shown an interest in my blogs. I appreciate the views and hope you keep coming back for more. I’ll end this by saying I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Borderlands 2, Saints Row 4, and GTA 5


Gearbox has no intentions of slowing down with their dlcs with Borderlands 2. They’re adding even more dlc in the upcoming months including an increased lv cap to 72. I for one am glad to see that more content is being added to one of my favorite games. Borderlands 2 is a great coop experience and it’s showing no signs of slowing down even though the next gen consoles are right around the corner.

Thank you Gearbox for showing us how much you care for you consumers and continue to release great dlc. I for one can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Borderlands 2. That’s enough about Borderlands now lets talk about Saints Row 4.


What the hell is wrong with Saints Row 4? I mean are they serious?

You’re a freaking super hero now. Really? How can they say Saints Row 4 is a fan service to old Saints Row fans when you can fly around town fighting aliens? The game is more like Crackdown than anything. Everytime I learn something new about this game I laugh a little inside. The good times I used to have with this game appear to be long gone. R.I.P. Saints Row you’ve officially been killed with no hope for redemption.


GTA V is literally pushing the Xbox 360 and Ps3 to their limits. This game is beautiful there’s no denying it but will it be fun? I’m not a fan of the series but I have to admit even I am considering buying this game when it comes out. I think the most surprising part about this game is the fact that it’s releasing on the current gen consoles and not the Xbox One, and Ps4.

Rockstar hasn’t announced a official release date or even acknowledged the existence of a PC port but come on guys… we all know GTA V is coming to PC’s as well as consoles just like GTA IV did. I think they’re not saying anything because they really want the current gen consoles to be the center of attention so they don’t lose out on sales because of the next gen consoles coming out during the fall season. That being said I honestly don’t think they have anything to worry about. We all know this is going to be a game of the year contender. The amount of detail that i’ve seen in this game is amazing, and the customization options are outstanding.

And there you have it… my thoughts on Borderlands 2, Saints Row 4, and GTA V and I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll more for you real soon.

My top 10 MMO games

These are my top 10 MMO’s as of right now. I’m usually very picky when it comes to trying out these types of games and choosing these ten games was hard. Enjoy…


War Of The Roses is a really fun game that i’ve poured hours into. It’s a nice change from the generic mmo with it’s nice graphics, and very nice character customization. I love the amount of detail that’s been put into this game. The only thing that held it back was the actual gameplay. It’s slow and sluggish and that’s why it’s number ten on my list.

#9 Image

Continent of The Ninth Seal is a great game when it works. I’ve never had so much trouble connecting to a server. They’re always unavailable or i’ll randomly get kicked out of the game. There’s also a constant lag when i’m running around the villagebut other than that this game is a lot fun to play and fast paced, fist pounding action is exactly what I was looking for.

#8 Marvel heroes 1

Marvel Heroes isn’t a bad game by any means. I enjoyed my playthrough with Scarlet Witch. I just wish it was easier to unlock new characters instead of spending a fortune on them. Other than that this game is fun and it has my recommendation.

#7  Image

Planetside 2! I had a blast playing this game. I’ve easily put over 100 hours into it. I love the massive battles and trying to take control of the map while constantly being under fire from the opposing side. Planetside 2 is a good game if you’re into games like this and I highly recommend you try it out and see for yourself.

#6 Image

Chivalry is awesome. I enjoy it so much more than I do War Of The Roses. The first person perspective on things makes the game that much more intense as you hack and slash your way to victory. The character customization is weak but the gameplay is awesome and I highly recommend this game.

#5 Image

I put so many hours in Tera. I absolutely love this game to death. The graphics are amazing, the character creator is detailed, and it has awesome gameplay. What it lacks in story it definitely makes up for in gameplay. This game is based off player skill other than who can hit their hotkeys the fastest and watch their characters perform the selected action. Tera is a breath of fresh air for people looking to get away from all of that.

#4 Image

I had to add Warframe to my list of favorite MMO’s. It’s addictive, and a hell of a lot of fun. I love blasting things away or chopping them to pieces if they get to close to me. While the game relies too much on the cash shop. You have to grind a lot to get the good stuff but when the grinding is as addictive as this I don’t mind doing it whatsoever.

#3 Image

Star Wars The Old Republic truly is an amazing game. I loved every moment I spent in it. Does the game have a lot of restrictions to free to play players? Yes it does. But does that make the game any less fun to play? I don’t think so. Honestly i’ve been subscribed to this game for over a year now and it doesn’t bother me because I love it. The different stories you experience with good voice acting is worth it.

Being a kickass Jedi Consular, or Bounty Hunter is just freaking awesome. Star Wars The Old Republic deserves to be number 3 on my list.

#2 Image

Vindictus or as I like to call it Vindictive because this game is fucking addictive. It’s like Dynasty Warriors, and UFC had a baby and this game was born. I absolutely love this game.

#1 Image

Guild Wars 2 is the best MMORPG I have ever played hands down. It has a nicely written story, good dialogue, an awesome quest system, and great gameplay. Is the game perfect no what game is but my wife and I had a great time playing this game together and I would recommend this game to everyone.

So there you have it my top 10 MMO’s and as usual I hoped you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

The Elder Scrolls Online and my thoughts on it


  When I first heard about the Elder Scrolls Online I’ll be honest… I didn’t like the idea at all. Elder Scrolls games has always been a single player experience and I don’t see the reason why it needs multiplayer yet alone a MMO based on it. After watching the gameplay footage {i’ll post it below} I’ looking forward to it even less than I was before. The game itself in my opinion reminds me of Kingdoms Of Amalur a lot. The only difference is Kingdoms of Amalur has better gameplay. I can tell the first person mechanics in the game wasn’t the main focus. They’re terrible and I mean terrible.

When you shoot a bow at something or hit something with your sword there’s no impact. It doesn’t seem like you hit anything at all. The enemies in the game have increased health and questionable a.i but the game itself just doesn’t feel like an Elder Scrolls game. I hope the gameplay that I saw today isn’t the finished product and they add some impact in your swings and make the bow gameplay better. The magic looked fine but like I said before the game reminds me of Kingdoms of Amalur and while that’s not a bad thing at all. I love Kingdoms of Amalur but this is the Elder Scrolls. I shouldn’t be reminded of another game when I play the Elder Scrolls.

I’m trying not to judge the game too harshly before it comes out next year but it’s really hard not to.  I’ll be the first one to say how awesome this game is and I want to say that but I can’t because I don’t feel it. Here’s the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWXjzLEGV9U. Let me know what you think and if you think i’m wrong than give me your reasons on why you think this game is awesome and as usual I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Dragon Age Inquisition news and screenshots

Dragon Age Inquisition has been pushed back to October of next year. This is both good and bad. It’s good because this means that they’re taking their sweet time in making this the best Dragon Age game to date. It’s bad because I want to freaking play it! I have to wait a whole year just to get my game. Seriously though the game looks amazing and I have very high hopes for it.


The reason for the year delay is because Bioware has finally decided to add different races in the game. That’s right Elves, and Dwarves are coming back to Dragon Age. I don’t know why they ever left but this is great news and I can’t wait to see them in action. Another good thing in my opinion is Dragon Age Inquisition at least from what I can tell from the screenshots isn’t as graphically compelling as games like the Witcher 3, and Crysis 3. Image

Bioware claims that choices you make actually matter this time around. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they deliver this time around. They also said that playing as a Dwarf, and an Elf is a lot different. Personally what I want to see is actual differences in the races and not just in an origin story. I want to be treated differently the entire game if i’m an Elf because we all know how elves are treated in the Dragon Age universe.

Another awesome feature that Bioware has talked about adding in is the ability to change the color of your armor or clothing to your hearts intent. A few things that I should address is the Grey Warden from Origins. As of now he/she has not been confirmed whatsoever or even hinted at being in Dragon Age Inquisition.


The only confirmed companions so far are Varric, Cassandra, and Vivienne. Hopefully we’ll know more soon. As of now Dragon Age Inquisition looks like an amazing game and I just can’t wait to try it next year. Until then i’ll keep updating this as I find out more information. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon. Enjoy the screenshots below… Image





Top 10 worst games of 2012

We all have them and even though everyone’s list is different than one another everyone has games that they flat out hate and regret ever playing. This is my official top 10 worst games of 2012!

#10 Image

Expendables 2 is a terrible game. Why did I waste my money buying this? The truth is I don’t know. It was just there and I decided to get it. The only reason why this isn’t higher on the list is because I knew it would suck.

#9 Image

I honestly don’t know what all the hype is about Journey but it’s a two hour long borefest. There’s nothing to do. I played it, hated it, then deleted it.

#8 Image

I Am Alive is an interesting idea but it failed at actually delivering what matters in a game. Good gameplay… everything I did felt so stiff and unresponsive and the game itself was quite boring. It’s too bad since I was really looking forward to this game after the amazing trailer I saw.

#7 Image

I walked into Binary Domain with high hopes. I had no reason to think that I wouldn’t like it but the game itself is one big mess. The controls aren’t the best but you get used to them after awhile, the story is awful, and the voice acting is just terrible. I tried my best to like this game but the further I got the more I didn’t like it which is why Binary Domain gets a number 7  spot on my list.

#6 Image

Realms of Ancient war had the potential to be a decent coop experience but it fell flat on it’s face. Whoever your coop partner is doesn’t have their progress saved which really sucks for player 2. Follow that up with some stiff character animations, bad graphics, and crappy resolution and you get Realms of Ancient War. This game was just one bad experience after another. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.


This is another game I had high hopes for. Soon after I started playing it I realized just how broken the combat system really is. This game punishes you for not playing the way Bethesda wants you to and that really shows. In order to get the “good” ending you have to go through the game killing as little as possible. If you get caught sneaking around and you’re forced to fight good luck because the combat in this game is terrible. I expected a lot more from this title and it earned a place on my list.

#4 Image

Prototype 2! I didn’t like the first one at all so i’m not surprised the second one is on my list. Prototype 2 doesn’t feel like a sequel at all. The crappy graphics, gameplay, and story does it’s best to ruin what fun you can try and have in this game. Add a generic main character and there you go. One of the worst games i’ve played in a while.

#3 Image

When Malicious first came out people were raving about how hard the game was. Honestly this is a two hour long borefest. Two freaking hours! The gameplay honestly reminded me of Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce and I love that game. The only hard thing about Malicious was trying not to fall asleep while I was playing it.

#2 Image

Capcom actually had the balls to call this game Resident Evil. There’s no story to speak of and all the characters in the game suck. I think if this game was called anything else other than Resident Evil it might have done well but the game is repetitive and boring and I didn’t get any enjoyment out of it at all.

#1 Image

Final Fantasy 13-2 is one of the worst games i’ve ever played. I’m not a fan of the series but i’ve never hated one of them this much. Staring at menu and choosing an action is the way you play this game. Then you watch them act out the animation you chose. You have no control over your character in battle at all. You can’t dodge, or attack when you want so you’re forced to stand there like an idiot and take the full force of their attacks. That’s not even the worse part. The soundtrack is terrible and I mean terrible. It sounds like i’m in a cheap pop concert in game and it gave me headaches at times. Final Fantasy has always been a series I ignored and after this game it’s going to stay that way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Top Ten games of 2012!

I’ve thought long and hard about this list. This is my official top ten games of 2012!

#10 Image

The Walking Dead surprised me. I didn’t think I would like it at all but I got completely immersed in the game and didn’t want to put it down. This game even got me into the tv show. I absolutely loved this game and I would recommend it to anyone. What it’s lacking in gameplay it makes up for in story. This is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

#9 Image

Kingdoms of Amalur really is a great game. A long one too. My first playthrough took me 100 hours and I still had a ton of quests piled up. I was disappointed in the level 40 cap that was in the game but I’ve never played RPG with gameplay this fun. The only reason why this isn’t higher on the list is because of the quests. They’re forgettable at best and at times I thought the game was a little too colorful at times. The gameplay alone is the reason I think you should try this game.

#8 Image

Hitman Absolution! I waited years for another Hitman game to finally be released and i’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. Agent 47 is back and is more badass than ever. Sneaking around and trying not to be spotted for that perfect silent assassin rank is back and at times is harder than ever. The game does have flaws but that didn’t make me love it any less and I can’t wait to see what the future has for the Hitman series.

#7 Image

Dead or Alive 5 is a great game. Once you learn the movesets of your favorite characters the game isn’t all that hard. I would never play online because I suck but I still had a lot of fun with this. Kicking ass with gorgeous women has never been so much fun and lets face it the women in this game all have huge boobs that bounce. If you can look pass that {no pun intended} than this is a solid fighting game with excellent controls, and awesome gameplay. If you’re a fan of fighting games in general give this one a try.

#6 Image

Two fighting games on one list? What’s the world coming too? I’m a huge fan of the Soul Caliber series and Soul Caliber V is awesome. I have put over 200 hours in this game. Soul Caliber V is the best fighting game out right now for one reason. You have complete control over the fight. I love the fighting mechanics in this game. It’s not super fast and flashy like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and it doesn’t need to be. You control the outcome of the match. The create a character is some of the best i’ve personally ever seen. With beautiful graphics, and very solid gameplay Soul Caliber V earns it’s number 6 spot on my list.

#5 Image

Spec Ops The Line! I loved this game. The story was amazing and I never saw the twist at the end.  It caught me by surprise and that doesn’t happen often. While the gameplay is generic and the shooting mechanics and use some tweaking Spec Ops The Line is truly a gem. I never expected to love this game as much as I do and I highly recommend this game.

#4 Image

Is it really a surprise that this game is on my list? Far Cry 3 is amazing. The graphics are some of the best i’ve seen, and the game itself is huge. You get to explore a tropical paradise filled with all kinds of animals. Each of them behave as you would expect them to. Lions stalk you and strike when you’re not expecting. You can choose how to take on your enemies in each encounter. Are you going to go in guns blazing, or are you more a stealth guy? It’s things like this that make this game great.


Borderlands 2 is my coop game of the year. My wife and I had a blast playing it from beginning to end. Handsome Jack is the best villain i’ve had the pleasure of going up against in years. With all the expansions, and new characters that Gearbox keep adding there’s still plenty for us to experience in this awesome game. Borderlands 2 is one addictive, gun looting game that I have no intentions of putting down anytime soon.

#2 Image

Xcom Enemy Unknown! This is the Xcom game I always wanted to play. Not the first person shooter or the Mass Effect ripoff that’s coming out in three days. This game is a true Xcom game and it’s an outstanding game. If you’re not a patient person and you rush a unit into a building that you haven’t properly scouted out yet you most likely just got that poor soul killed. I loved just about everything about this game and I’m hoping we see a true sequel one day. The only thing I wish they would’ve added was aliens attacking your headquarters and completely fucking up your process in the game but that doesn’t take away anything from this game. Xcom Enemy Unknown proves that strategy games can still compete in this era of gaming and do it well.

#1 Image

Mass Effect 3 got a lot of hate. More hate than any game in recent memory. I wasn’t one of those people that hated the ending. Yeah it was a weak ending but that didn’t take away the experience of the game. Watching the conflict between the Quarians, and the Geth. Deciding the fate of the entire Krogan race, and watching the outcome of the Reaper war was touching. The entire trilogy led up to that moment and I loved it. Mass Effect 3 did have a weak ending but I can’t judge an entire game on five minutes. I loved every moment of this game and deserves to be number 1.

So there you have my top ten games of 2012. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll more for you real soon.