My very first kill with my dark elf

My very first kill with my dark elf


Dead Island RIptide- Infinite zombie spawning area

I’ve been playing Dead Island Riptide for a little over a month now and i’ll admit that it’s addictive. I love killing zombies. Especially with friends so when it’s four of us running from a never ending horde of zombies it’s pretty intense. There one location in particular that I think of when I say never ending horde of zombies. I don’t exactly remember the area but I know there’s a guy who won’t open the fence for you to go in and restock on supplies. He tells you to go rescue his friend first then he’ll open the gates for you. 

  There is an area in this village that keeps spawning zombies non-stop. They spawn from a rooftop in groups of four or five. As soon as you kill the the first group a second group immediately appears and charges you. This is a good area to lv up your skills, and character. I recommend a group because once your equipment starts to break your friends can cover you while you repair, and upgrade your stuff. Things can get out of hand if you’re overwhelmed because the zombies spawn so fast. 

  I don’t know if this is a glitch in the game or not but I thought I should let you guys know about it regardless. Have fun gaming and as usual I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you soon.

Man Of Steel

This is my first official review and what better way to start it off then by talking about my favorite superhero… Superman!


I had high hopes when I saw the first teaser trailer for this movie. My heart was pounding in my chest and for a moment I felt like a kid again with a red pillow case tied around my neck and was flying through the hallway pretending I was Superman. Well i’m happy to say that I felt like that while I was watching the movie too. Man of Steel is the best Superman movie I have ever seen. I didn’t think walking into this movie that I would enjoy it more than I did the original Superman movies but I did.

I didn’t think Henry Cavil could be a good Superman. We all know the story of Superman by now so there’s no point in telling you who Superman is, and where he’s from. The beginning of the movie starts off on Krypton. Kal El {Superman or Clark Kent} is just a newborn baby. His father Jor El who is played by Russel Crowe who broke kryptonian laws and had a natural born baby instead of growing him. He wanted his first child to have freewill so to speak.


I’m not going to get into anymore detail because I don’t want to spoil the whole movie for you. General Zod is played by Michael Shannon and I thought he did an amazing job. Everyone brought their A game to this movie. I was a little disappointed in Louis Lane but I eventually started to like her as the movie went on. I loved seeing how lost Kal El was during this movie. Being the only one of his kind and not being able to fit in really tore away at him in the beginning and that’s something Superman needs.

We need to be able to relate to Superman and I think they pulled it off just fine in this movie. The visual effects were in your face and Zack Snyder didn’t pull any strings with them. Man of Steel was action packed, and at times brought a tears to my eyes at least three times during the movie. The destruction that happened when Superman finally went up against Zod was mind blowing. This is the kind of destruction you would see if two superhuman forces clashed against each other in real life.


I like the fact that Superman was inexperienced and made mistakes in the movie. I loved the way they showed his life through flashbacks instead of making the movie an extra hour long to explain everything. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were perfect as Kal El’s parents. I can go on and on about how awesome this movie is but i’ll simply say that if you’re a Superman fan I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t like this movie.  Superman needed this revamp and I for one can’t wait to see the sequel.

My final verdict for Man of Steel is a 9/10. I loved every minute of this movie and saw it a few more times and enjoyed every single time I saw it. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

My favorite Zombie game

As we all know zombies have been in just about everything. They have been overused time and time again but sometimes games just go too far. {I’m looking at you Resident Evil}. Zombies aren’t really zombies anymore. Now they sprout all sorts of things out of their body and grow new limbs while you’re trying to blast them to pieces.

I can think of a few games that actually use the traditional zombies that we all know and love. Well… actually I can only think of three at the moment. Left for dead, Dead Island, and Dead Rising. I’m not a fan of Left for Dead for one reason. You can’t aim down the sights. I don’t mind it being linear as hell. I’m just there to kill zombies. I didn’t like the first Dead Island game. There was just something about it… I just couldn’t make myself like it. So that leaves Dead Rising. I’m not really a fan of that game either. I mean it’s ok for a while and you can get a few laughs out of it but seriously it gets repetitive fast. Dead Island Riptide in my opinion is better than all of the those I just mentioned.

I know it’s not really different than the original Dead Island game but I guess I just prefer the new island over the old one. I like walking through zombie infested villages with only three bullets left in my handgun and diving knife to back me up. It makes me have to use whatever is around me until I can either find some ammo {which isn’t going to happen right away} or a decent weapon that I can upgrade and kick some zombie ass with.

I like how the survival element is implemented here. You have to scrounge around for materials  you need to make a new weapon or some much needed ammo. I like fighting the traditional zombies again. Yes they added new types of zombies in the game but the traditional slow, and stupid zombies are there and it’s a lot of fun fighting them with friends.

That being said Dead Rising 3 looks like an amazing game and I for one am looking forward to trying it out when it releases. I’m also hoping that we get to see a Dead Island 2 in the mix one day. Until then whenever I get the urge to slaughter some zombies I know what game i’m going to play and as usual I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you soon.

Upcoming Reviews

There are a lot of really good games coming out pretty soon.  I know everyone’s opinion of good games are different but this is my blog and these are what I think are really good games that i’m really looking forward to. Witcher 3 looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it out next year. Dark Souls 2 looks equally good and challenging and I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to sequel as much as i’m looking forward to this game. Dragon Age 3 Inquisition is another great game that’s coming out next year {hopefully}. I’ve been dying for another Dragon Age game and the time has finally come.

I figured since these games are coming out next year I should review there predecessors. For those of you that don’t know i’m talking about Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2 The Witcher 1, and 2, and finally Demon Souls.  This isn’t all i’m looking forward to but these three games are at the top of the list as of right now. In the next day or two i’ll have my very first review posted up. Until then I hope everyone has a safe, and happy day.

Upcoming stuff

My first official post is more of an introduction. I’m Drakulus23 and i’m a hardcore gamer. I love to play games of all sorts. My favorite genre are Rpg’s. In the near future i’ll be posting game reviews of all sorts. New games, old games, classic games, and movies too. So I’m looking forward to blogging quite a bit. I see you soon.