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Hello, everybody.

To start off, this isn’t a game that you would need to play part one to understand part two. In fact, this is the perfect example of a game with no story; At the beginning of this game they get you all excited with the live-action cutscenes and the menu looks pure awesome and just knowing that this is a sequel gets anyone excited but no, please sit down if you started jumping up and down before reading this review and take off your excited hat that says excited in red letters. I was not looking forward to this game like I’m looking forward to GTA 5, I thought this game needed a second chance and they got one sure enough. The only reason I tried this game was that GameFly sent this to me because I left it in my GameQ.


First off let’s cover what the game is about; It’s about guns, drugs, money, robbing banks, money, cooking meth, money– oh, I’m sorry, did I put money too many times? Well, that’s because this game is about making a quick buck. Here’s the problem with that, the quick buck isn’t so easy or fast to make. I remember when I got this game and I got Splinter Cell: Blacklist, let’s just say it attracted me more than Payday 2 so I played as Sam Fischer first instead of some low life trying to make money. When I finally played Payday 2, I started off as a rookie in the game. You have no choice but to play in the safe house which hasn’t been released yet because they will when they’re comfortable (whenever they want to) and that the safe house will have features to enhance your ”heisting skills”. The first time I played the game, I played it for 10 minutes then I stopped but only because I was bored already going into the game. I robbed a jewelry store which is called a “smash & grab” in the game. This heist was so hard that I was just sitting in the back office deciding when to risk my life and go for the truck. I couldn’t figure out how to bag up the money when later in the game I figured it out, you have to pack a certain amount of money in each bag and throw it so you can fill up another bag. The worst part about this game is the fact that they purposely messed up aiming, in the skill tree you are allowed to upgrade aiming with certain characters.

Despite all the bad things I’ve said so far or I’m about to say, I actually enjoy the concept of this game. Payday 2 has a great leveling up system, it’s also fun to level up but you’ll have to see that for yourself. When you pick what class you want to be (such as Ghost, Enforcer, Mastermind, and Technician) you get 1 skills point starting off and these classes only need 1 skill point to start investing into (1 skill point/500 dollars). Once you choose you class you can start heisting and making money. Now when you make money you get paid basically twice; once for your spending cash and once for your offshore account. What’s the offshore account? I’ll tell you what that pointless feature is for right now: The offshore account is basically off limits for skill points, guns, making mask (please note that you cannot make mask, it’s just something they call it when you win mask and put them together.) or even buy weapon mods. The offshore account is said to be for the safe house feature in the game, you know the one they’re not comfortable with yet, and anyways you use it to upgrade your safe house. One thing I absolutely hate about this game is that some things you can’t buy no matter how much money you have, you have to win them. After each match you successfully complete, you get to play blackjack which is basically just you picking a card (1 out of 3). You have to win weapon mods, mask and suit patterns.  When you go to level up which is very easy, you need money which isn’t so easy to come by. Let’s say me and you rob a bank and the loot is said to be gold, so we pack the gold that’s worth 700,000 (if we grab it all) and we get away with all that gold, we might only get 87,000 dollars in spending cash. Yeah I know it sounds like a lot but things you buy are 12,000-69,000 dollars so you can spend that with one item.


With this games bad aiming, it’s hard to even complete a mission, not to mention that the more you level up the harder the enemies are and I’m not just talking about health bars getting bigger. I’m talking about bigger and badder enemies coming your way. For example, let’s say that you’re robbing a jewelry store like I did (I died) and you alert the police but once the they are aware I immediately start packing up the jewelry and when they arrive I have 4 bags packed up. Before I go on, I just want to state that the police in real life take forever to finish their donuts and come to rescue our dead bodies. So when they show up I have 4 bags and I’m still bagging up the jewelry and Bain tells me that we need 6/6 bags to leave and we can take more if we want. While I am trying to put jewelry in bag number 5 I hear a bullet fly past my skull– yes, a bullet! I go to shoot the 4 cops outside and please remember I was a level 19 so after I kill those 4 cops I see swat already here sneaking around the corner. We’re talking about shields, tasers, heavy armored guys and even heavier armored guys trying to kill me.

Let me explain to you what went wrong on that heist:

  1. Bad aiming.
  2. You basically need real online partners to even pass a heist.
  3. Enemies are too hard starting off.
  4. The cops showed up too fast.
  5. Swat shouldn’t have been involved.
  6. It’s almost impossible to do a heist without triggering alarms.
  7. Bad A.I.
  8. Every shot an enemy takes at you hits you.

Like I said I like the concept of this game but ,unfortunately, I just don’t like this game. By the way, even if you manage to control hostages inside a building, people outside will see you or hear you and call the police which were apparently right around the corner. This game is so generic and must have been so easy to make for game designers but not easy enough. If you really sit down and read this carefully you will already know what I am about to bring up. This game purposely messes itself up, they had a great project and I don’t know if there was one idiot in the corner saying, “I think we should mess up the aiming and make the heist impossible for single players and have them play blackjack to upgrade their equipment”. I know what I’m saying sounds harsh but, please, see for yourself how great of a game they’re messing up. What if in Red Dead Redemption you started off walking funny and rockstar said to walk better you have to upgrade your walking skills. Oh, you mean something everyone can do like aim decent?

If you want to know what I rate this game then let’s go over the facts:

Terrible A.I., bad aiming, you barely make money, pointless safe house, the enemies are ridiculously hard and can’t miss a shot and you can’t upgrade that revolver you spent 69,000 dollars on unless you play blackjack and you can’t play unless you do a few mission impossible heist. When I rate this it will be bad but remember that I would really like to enjoy this game but it’s hard to play it so maybe when they change a few things I’ll update you guys on what their new rating is. So I rate this game a 40/100 but with the safe house I would have to try it but I would probably raise that to a 50/100 but for now I stick with what I said.


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