Percy Harvin Injured Again

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percy-harvin-seattle-03122013It’s starting to seem like the only thing Percy Harvin is good for is getting hurt. He makes one or two really big plays a season before he’s out with a concussion and sits the rest of the year out. He finally comes back, makes a few catches and then gets hit and is walked off the field. Apparently he has another concussion and if I was Pete Carrol I would really consider cutting this man for next season. What good is a wide receiver that doesn’t play? Percy Harvin is a great football player when he’s healthy but staying healthy is the problem. He’s always hurt and doesn’t really contribute enough to the team to justify keeping his job. There are plenty of other receivers you can get that aren’t as injury prone as Percy Harvin.

By the way things are looking Jimmy Graham will be in the free agency if the Saints can’t offer him a sweet deal. Jimmy Graham plays like a wide receiver and is a major threat down the field. He’s always drawing double coverage which could lead to a man being open and making a big play. What about Hakeem Nicks? He’s made some big plays for Eli Manning and i’m sure he’d do well in Seattle. He’ll probably be a better fit then JImmy Graham because he’s a lot cheaper and because the Seahawks has Zach Miller. I’m not saying he can compete with Jimmy Graham but he has put up solid numbers for them this year by scoring 5 TDs.

I think Hakeem Nicks would look good in a Seattle uniform and he would be an extra weapon for Russell Wilson to throw to. You can’t throw to Percy Harvin because he’s never there when you need him. He’s always injured. That’s just my two cents on the subject. Get rid of Percy Harvin and go with someone else. Percy Harvin has officially joined Rob Gronkowski on my avoid at all cost list. Rob hasn’t played a full season in two years.

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  • Reply
    Jan 18, 2014 1:08 am

    Great insight man. I’m not as in-tune with football as I need to be, but this sounds as logical as anything I’ve read on the matter. Harving can’t stay healthy, and yeah, the same with Gronk. Great players, but man these two teams could really free up some space on the bench. But hey, at least they keep the medical staff busy. . .

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 18, 2014 8:36 am

      Lol. They’re paying Gronk over 50 million bucks and he’s only played two full seasons in the four years that he’s been there.

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