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Pete’s Corner Episode 15 – Xbox Handheld Rumor, A Warning To New and Old Bloggers, Fan-Made Pokemon Game and More!

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I originally recorded this episode on the 16th, but since Saturday was my birthday I held off on editing it until after the weekend. 

In this episode, I talk about whether or not I think video games cause violence, a possible free to play Call of Duty game, an Xbox handheld rumor, Astral Chain, Fallout 76’s latest update, Anthem’s Cataclysm, The Division 2’s last update, Alien Isolation on the Switch, and multiple games that I’m currently playing through.

Fire Emblem Three Houses, The Witcher 3, Madden 20, and Pokemon Phoenix Rising.

I also gave a shoutout to The Game and Watch Podcast. I was a recent guest on their show and we all had good time talking about video games. You can find that episode here

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!