Peyton Manning Should Retire This Year

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As a lifelong Colts fan and Peyton Manning fan I can’t help, but hope that Peyton Manning retires at the end of this season. 

I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan. I grew up watching him throw bombs to Marvin Harrison and I watched as he changed the way the game of football is played. Peyton Manning has been something special to watch every Sunday and it’s painful to watch him go out there and play.

We get glimpses of the old Peyton Manning on certain plays. The whole Green Bay game was like watching the good ole Peyton Manning from a few years ago, but injuries have really impacted his game. He can’t stay healthy anymore and it’s really impacting how he plays the game. The Denver Broncos should be putting up at least 30 points a game and they’re not. They’re barely averaging 20.

Peyton Manning will always be my Quarterback. I don’t care what team he plays for. He gave us Colts fan a Superbowl ring and he’s made some hall of fame caliber wide receivers what they are today. Everyone he’s ever played with has come out better and he is an offensive coordinator playing  at the Quarterback position. I love this man so much I named my daughter after him.

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There’s my baby Peyton :]

I am not writing this to hate on Peyton Manning. This man’s legacy will not ever be tarnished in my eyes. The things he’s done will never be done again, but I hate to see how bad he’s struggling out there and I think it’s finally time for us to say goodbye to Peyton Manning.

Maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe Peyton will come back sharp as ever and throw 30+ TD passes and finish the season off strong. I doubt it, but it’ll be one hell of a way for him to go out if recent rumors are to be believed.

Whatever happens next for Peyton will be interesting. If he is trying to get into football politics I wish him nothing, but the best.

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    Nov 21, 2015 12:42 am

    I know one thing for sure: we Vols fans at Tennessee would just love to have him return as a quarterback’s coach. Hell, even as a head coach! I could see the guy coaching!!! But yeah, it’s a shame seeing him endure these injuries. I’d really be sad to see him retire, but if it’s not this season it most definitely will be next year. . . .

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