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Phantasy Star Online 2 First Impressions

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Signing up to play this game took awhile but it was so worth it. Phantasy Star Online 2 is the sequel to the highly successful Phantasy Star Online that originally released on the Sega Dreamcast way back in the day. We have patiently been waiting for Sega to port Phantasy Star Online 2 over here for all of us to get our hands on but it sadly hasn’t happened yet and I’m starting to doubt that it ever will. Phantasy Star Online 2 feels just like the first one did but with way better graphics. It was a bit confusing at first but the game itself is actually quite simple. Your main base is located on a gigantic ship in space and that’s where you’ll find all of your shops, quests, and your own personal quarters. When you sign up for quest you’ll have the choice to either play with a group of people or try and do it alone. One thing I noticed as soon as I started playing the game was how long it takes to level up. I’ve been playing for almost 2 hours and I’m only a level 3. Phantasy Star was always a hard game to level up in but I don’t remember it ever taking this long to level up.

thI don’t really mind because the combat is so much fun. It’s like I’m playing it on the Dreamcast or Gamecube all over again. The character creator is really in depth and you can do a lot with it. You can literally spend hours creating the perfect character before you hop into the game. I spent quite a lot of time on my character’s face and he really turned out great in the end. I like the changes that I’ve seen in the game so far. Now instead of you only being able to use a single weapon you can have up to three of them equipped to your character and you can switch between them by simply pushing up or down on your d-pad. Phantasy Star Online 2 plays great with a Xbox 360 controller and it feels natural. I didn’t have to configure it or go through a long process to try and get it to work.

Graphically this isn’t the prettiest MMO out right now but it’s still a beautiful game. It still looks like a Phantasy Star game and more importantly it feels like one too. The gameplay had me feeling nostalgic and I can’t wait to jump back in this amazing game. Hopefully one day this game will be ported so everyone can have a chance to experience this game and I’ll be there to cover it for you guys when it does. Until then I’ll keep everyone informed on what’s going on and if you want a chance to jump into this game I can even teach you how to get started.

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  • Reply
    The Otaku Judge
    Mar 11, 2014 9:18 am

    I sunk many hours into the original game on the Gamecube so I am gutted that Sega haven’t localized the sequel. They even removed Phantasy Star Portable on PSN so I cannot play that either. Sigh.

    • Reply
      Mar 11, 2014 9:41 am

      I actually have PSO2 in English and I play it on my big screen tv everyday. It does suck that I run into very few English Speaking people though.

      • Reply
        The Otaku Judge
        Mar 12, 2014 12:46 pm

        An English patch that allows foreigners to play on the Japanese servers is nice, but not being able to interact with most of the other players is a deal breaker for me. Hopefully an official release will come here some day.

        • Reply
          Mar 12, 2014 3:54 pm

          There’s actually an entire guild with hundreds of English speaking players on it and so far I’ve met nothing but nice people.

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