Playoff Predictions – Steelers VS Bengals And Chiefs vs Texans

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If you would’ve asked me 10 weeks ago if I thought the Texans, and Chiefs would be in the playoffs I would have laughed in your face while holding my Colts jersey…

Chiefs vs Texans

Both the Texans and the Chiefs are playing pretty good football right now. Well… the Chiefs are playing great football right now and they’re riding a huge winning streak into the playoffs. They’re on fire, but can they stop J.J. Watt and the Texans?

My answer is yes. I don’t think Brian Hoyer can shred this Kansas City Chiefs defense. I don’t think he has the skills to play like an elite QB in the playoffs. I think Alex Smith will have a good day. I think he’s going to throw a INT, but settle down and lead his team to victory like he’s done all season long.

If Kansas City can slow down J.J. Watt and stop that pass rush from destroying Alex Smith they’re going to win this game.

The Winner – Kansas City Chiefs

Steelers vs Bengals

This is the game I’m really looking forward to today. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Cincinnati Bengals. Can the Bengals win a playoff game? That’s the big question here. They don’t have Andy Dalton and they’re going into today’s game with a backup QB, but this isn’t the Steeler’s D of old. This Steeler’s defense is a shadow of it former self. The Bengals are going to score points in this game, but I don’t think it’s enough to stop Big Ben and his Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers

Those are my playoff predictions for today. Unfortunately my Colts are sitting at home right now, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying the playoffs this year.

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Share Your Thoughts!