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Pokemon Moon First Impression

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Pokemon Moon finally arrived at my house today and I’ve been attached to it since the opening scene. 

Pokemon Moon is a revamp of the Pokemon series. The opening text was short, thankfully, and I was able to start my game in about a minute when compared to the wall of text that we usually get with every new Pokemon game.

Instead of seeing a professor behind a static screen Pokemon Moon brings everything to life and it’s a breath of fresh air for the series. The animations are the best I’ve ever seen for a  3DS game and the graphics are phenomenal. Every character in the game has their own unique way of walking, throwing pokeballs, and behavior in the game. Little things like that brought so much life to the game when compared to previous Pokemon titles.

There is a lot of cutscenes at the beginning of the game. I literally just got finished with the opening sequence and caught a bunch of Pokemon before I decided to quit and write this.

The way Pokemon battles work are the same as they’ve ever been, but they’ve been revamped a little too. When I walk up to a trainer my screen would shade out except for me and the trainer that I was looking at. This means that the person near me is a Pokemon trainer and that could be used to my advantage if I ever need to heal and avoid a battle or two in the future.


This game is pretty heavy on the dialogue. I’ve already read more text at the beginning of this game than I have in any other Pokemon game I’ve ever played in my life. The UI also got a really nice makeover. More information is shared during battle. If I have a attack boost on my Pokemon I’ll see it in the stats on the bottom screen. It also tells you which move is effective against Pokemon in battle. Veteran Pokemon trainers will already know this, but it’s a awesome feature for newcomers to the series.

The difficulty, so far, is just right. I’m not battling level 3 trainers and Pokemon. I leveled my whole party between levels 5-7 and the trainers that I’m fighting are exactly at that level. I really like that and I hope it continues as I play through the game.

I’ve been waiting a really long time to get my hands on this game I’m having a  lot of fun right now. I’m in love with  Rowlet, but I don’t really like the other two starting Pokemon at all. In just two hours Rowlet has already become my favorite grass starter Pokemon.

I love how this game actually showed the bond that you’re supposed to have with your starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game. Instead of just choosing a Pokemon and starting your adventure they gave us a cutscene of Rowlet, or whoever your starter is, slowly approaching the trainer and being lifted up into his/her arms. It was a awesome moment and immediately got me into the game.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this game has hidden away. If my 3DS didn’t die on me I would probably still be playing it right now. Pokemon Moon has started off really strong and I hope it continues that momentum throughout my journey in the region of Alola.

What do you think of the new Pokemon games?

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